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Gangnam Style Dance

Updated on January 17, 2017

Gangnam Style Dance

Heard about the Gangnam style? It is the latest dance craze by South Korean pop sensation, Psy. His YouTube video has become the first video to hit one billion views on YouTube.

Gangnam Style won best video award at Europe's MTV awards 2012 and has been number one in 28 countries. So why the craze for Gangnam Style? Maybe you can tell me!

The Original Gangnam Style With Psy


About Gangnam Style

Are you wondering what exactly is this "Gangnam Style" craze? Well, "Gangnam Style" is actually a song released in July 2012 by Korean singer, Psy.

Psy whose real name is Park Jae-Sang brings his sense of humor to the trendy lifestyle of the Gangnam District in Seoul where the people there are trendy and have a certain "class". He pokes fun at people who put on airs and try to be something they are not.

One of the reasons it is such a big hit is that the dance moves have inspired many YouTube parodies including notable celebrities, sports personalities and even politicians.

Wonder which are the best 11 fan parodies of Gangnam Style?

Gangnam, Seoul, Korea - Meaning of Gangnam

Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

Gangnam is one of the 25 districts which make up the city of Seoul. Gangnam in Korean means "South of the (Han) River" and is one of the third largest district in Seoul. Today it is one of the most affluent and influential areas in Seoul.

Psy Doing The Gangnam Style - Wins MTV Video Award

Psy dancing Gangnam Style
Psy dancing Gangnam Style

Top Fan Parodies Of Gangnam Style

Roy Hibbert Gangnam Style

Baby Gangnam Style - I love the crazy moms and babies Gangnam Style

Who Else Is Doing The Gangnam Style Dance

Marriage Proposal Gangnam Style

Malaysian Joshua Wong proposed to his fiancée, Nancy Lim with some of his friends in a flash mob, Gangnam Style. As most of his friends were busy, he had to videotape the choreography and uploaded it for them to practise on their own. Need less to say, Nancy accepted his proposal.

How To Dance Gangnam Style

A personal dance tutorial by Psy

Psy Shows How To Dance Gangnam Style - Simple steps and you are on the way to dance Gangnam Style


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