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Songs of the Earth

Updated on October 2, 2013

Rock Music

Geology and earth science are addicting and make surprisingly good subjects for songs. The shaking of earthquakes, the explosiveness of volcanoes, and other aspects of the natural world are all around us, often influencing our lives. It makes sense that someone would write a song about them, but it is surprising just how many songs there are that are about geology. Check out these songs of the earth and recommend any you know of that I haven't found yet.

Great Geologist or Geology-Lover Gift

Geology Songs as Gifts

Have a geologist that rocks your world? Give them the gift of song!

Get some of the geology songs mentioned on this lens, then burn them onto a CD or place them in their mp3 player. It'll be a fun and creative gift they'll remember every time they listen to the songs :)

About This Lens

I'll be adding more songs about geology and the earth sciences as I find them. I tried to put the lyrics when I could find them. Also, some songs are only available on Amazon or only on YouTube, wherever I could find them I added them. When the song was both on YouTube and Amazon I put both in case you want to own it for yourself. I know a lot these are on my download list. Hope you enjoy, and rock on!

General Geology Songs

General Geology Songs

Whether about rocks, minerals, the rock cycle, or geologists, songs about geology are all gneiss

The Geologist Song - By Lesley Littlefield


Sweet Geology (Aka the Mineral Song) - by The Akkademiks


Amy - Jaspar Lepak

Rock Song

Plate Tectonic King - by The Dna Vibrators

Alfred Wegener, what do you know!

Universally despised not long ago.

Naysayers' ideas withered and died,

But your ideas made worlds collide.

By comparative analysis of fossil flora and fauna;

Pangea, subsequently, Laurasia and Gondwana;

Continental drift, and polar wandering,

Makes you the plate tectonic king.

The plate tectonic king

Some of Wegener's ideas were wrong---

Like ocean floors which continents plowed along.

He couldn't explain how the continents moved

And so his theories were ignored or disproved.

But new evidence provided by paleomagnetism

Rock matches on each side of the Atlantic schism

Along with new theories, like seafloor spreading

Makes you the plate tectonic king.

The plate tectonic king

Ridge push, slab pull, convection in the lithosphere

Magnetic reversals and anomalies,

Divergent, convergent, and transform boundaries

Ocean drilling and satellite photos seem pretty clear

That convection currents in the mantle rock

Brings the hot mantle up to the top.

Mid-oceanic ridges are caused by rising flow

Ocean trenches plunge the cold rock below

The distribution of volcanoes and earthquakes explained

Mantle plumes and hot spots raising islands in long chains

The theory of plate tectonics remains especially appealing

Which makes you the plate tectonic king

The plate tectonic king

Alfred Wegener, what do you know?

The plate tectonic king

Alfred Wegener, what do you know?

The plate tectonic king

Alfred Wegener, what do you know?

Rocking Around the Silicates - By Dr. Richard Alley

Geology Rocks

High up on a mountain

Looking down upon this earth.

All the treasures lying there.

I wonder what they're worth

People put a price on all the elements within.

All I know-


Geology rocks

Geology rocks

Geology rocks, rocks, rocks,

Geology rocks.


The mantle of the planet is replete

With minerals and elements so deep.

Geologists are digging underneath our very feet.

For diamonds and gold

And silver, I'm told


We get things for burning like coal and petroleum.

Metals made of iron, copper and uranium.

Precious gems are sitting there like quartz and onyx stone.

Sing it again-



Sulfur, helium, chlorine,

Phosphates, zeolites and clay.

The list is just so long that we could go all day

With rubies and pyrite.

Some jasper and chrysolite



So before you head out to go hiking down a trail

Don't forget to bring along a shovel and a pail.

Dig up just a little of a sampling of dirt.

It can't hurt-


Geology Rocks - by Jasongs

Get the song above, Geology Rocks

Geology Dance - by Steve Kusaba


Rocks Rock Harder - By Bill Nye the Science Guy

Seismology - by 10 Minutes Down


California Earthquake - by Norman Greenbaum


We Watch the Line - By Dr. Richard Alley

Earthquake Rumble - By Bill Nye the Science Guy

Peaceful Easy Obduction - By Dr. Richard Alley

Dinosaurs Will Die

Geothermal Betty - By Grass

Geothermal Betty - by Grass

Get the song above

Submarine Beaches - By Dr. Richard Alley

Hard Science - by The DNA Vibrators

You've got a heart of stone

As hard to crack and fragile like an ancient bone

Your granite smile tries to hide the faults of your rocky facade crumbling inside

I can't chisel through the layers deposited by you

To protect the delicate impression of the feelings you've fossilized

I didn't expect that my degree in paleontology would come in so handily

I like your Geology

I would like to graph the equation that would map the curve of your spine

Your hips, your lips, your fingertips trace a perfect ellipse

Which contradicts the tangents in my mind.

You know my angle, I'm deriving your cosign, and my solution is your change over time.

I like your Geometry, I like your Geometry, Pythagoras, he would agree

You spin the world, not gravity

And then it happened, I won, and she was mine, and that special place in my mind that she occupied really did change over time, so that she was no longer who I loved, but what I defined.

I don't need you to analyze, or synthesize, or criticize, the thousands of ways the things I say or think or feel is wrong.

My house of cards rests precariously upon the shards Of the glass one that I built and shattered, and scattered through the pieces of my life,

To the winds of the world, which have battered them, for so very long.

I don't need psychology, Astronomy, or Biology, to give you what I see you need,

So I'll leave with my apology.

Other Geology Related Songs

These songs weren't listed on YouTube or Amazon yet, so I can't add them directly to this lens but here's links to where I found them. Hopefully these song writers will put these songs out soon so we can all enjoy their "rockability" :)

Crust - By Bill Nye the Science Guy

Causing The Erosion - By Bill Nye the Science Guy

Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous (from Birdsong of the Mesozoic EP) - by Birdsong of the Mesozoic


Wonderful World

Fossil Man - By Bill Nye the Science Guy

Geology - by Blair Tefkin


Terra Lumina - Songs about Our World

Terra Lumina
Terra Lumina
Contains songs: Return to the Sky, Shifting Light, If I Were a Lowly Photon, Rocks, Breathe In, A Dance of Light, From Old Creating New, A Beautiful Thing, The Tree of Life, The Smallest Things of All, and Ode to Pluto Especially check out Rocks, it's one of the best songs out there.

Let me know what you think of this lens and if there are any geology songs I should add.

What do you think of this lens?

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    • DuaneJ profile image


      9 years ago

      Great lens! Interesting topic!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I wihs my physical geology teacher sang my class the rock song! Fun lens, thanks!


    • Ann Hinds profile image

      Ann Hinds 

      12 years ago from So Cal


      Who would have thought there would be this many songs? Great lens.


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