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Get a Barbie Soundtrack: Music from the Barbie Movies

Updated on June 25, 2013

Love the Movies? Then You'll Love a Barbie Soundtrack

Barbie, Mattel's most famous doll, is also a movie star. She has starred in 26 movies to date, with more on the way. Many of these animated straight-to-DVD movies have been musicals and feature catchy songs. Some of soundtracks you can buy. If you've been looking for a Barbie soundtrack, here's a list of currently available CDs and music downloads featuring songs from the Barbie movies.

(Image of Barbie soundtrack cover provided by amazon)

Barbie as the Island Princess - Barbie sountrack 2007

The Barbie soundtrack for the movie Barbie as The Island Princess was released in 2007. The audio CD includes all the songs in the movie, as as well as the pop version of "I Need To Know," which is performed by Cassidy Ladden. Ms. Ladden was also the singing voice of Alexa in Barbara and the Diamond Castle.

Barbie as The Island Princess
Barbie as The Island Princess

Track listing: Here On My Island"

"Right Here In My Arms"

"A Brand New Shore"

"I Need To Know"

"Love Is For Peasants"

"Right Here In My Arms - Greenhouse"

"At The Ball"

"The Rat Song"

"Always More"

"Right Here In My Arms - Reunion"

"When We Have Love"

"I Need To Know (Pop Version)"


Barbie: Songs from Fairytopia - Fairytopia soundtrack has 14 songs from the movie

Barbie: Fairytopia was the first of four movies about Elina, a wingless fairy who lives in Fairytopia. The 2005 movie was followed by Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia, Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow, and then finally Barbie: Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends.

Barbie:Songs from Fairytopia
Barbie:Songs from Fairytopia

Track listing:

1. I'm Flying

2. The Friends You Haven't Met

3. Laverna's Formula

4. Goin' to Azura's Cottage

5. A Rainbow in Your Eyes

6. Risa Above It All

7. Laverna's Checklist

8. Stay Awhile

9. The Friends You Haven't Met (Reprise)

10. Goin' to Laverna's Castle

11. Azura's Necklace

12. Laverna's Exit

13. I'm Flying (Reprise)

14. Rise Above It All (Dance Mix)


Barbie & The Diamond Castle Soundtrack - Also includes songs from other Barbie movies

The soundtrack for Barbie and The Diamond Castle came out in 2008 and includes tunes from the movie and also from Barbie as The Island Princess and Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses.

Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Barbie & The Diamond Castle

Track listing:

1. Connected

2. Two Voices, One Song

3. We're Gonna Find It

4. Believe

5. Two Voices, One Song (Movie Version)

6. Wonderful Me

7. We're Gonna Find It (Movie Version)

8. Double Vision

9. Connected

10. I Need To Know

11. Shine


Sing Along with Barbie

Sing Along with Barbie
Sing Along with Barbie

Barbie in a Christmas Carol Soundtrack - Songs from and inspired by the movie

The soundtrack for "Barbie in a Christmas Carol" includes songs from the movie, as well as other holiday songs. It includes the fun tune "A Barbie 12 Days Of Christmas," which includes Barbie-inspired lyrics such as "my true love gave to me a dream house in Malibu." "A Barbie 12 Days of Christmas," as well as "California Christmas" are also featured on the Barbie: A Perfect Christmas soundtrack.

Barbie in A Christmas Carol Soundtrack
Barbie in A Christmas Carol Soundtrack

Track listing:

1. "O Christmas Tree"

2. "Deck The Halls"

3. "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"

4. "Joy To The World"

5. "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

6. "Jingle Bells"

7. "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"

8. "Silent Night! Holy Night!" (C. Butler)

9. "A Barbie 12 Days Of Christmas"

10. "I Love This Christmas"

11. "California Christmas"


Barbie A Perfect Christmas Soundtrack [5 Holiday Songs 6 Bonus Tracks]

The Barbie: A Perfect Christmas Soundtrack was released in 2011. It includes the five songs from the movie Barbie: A Perfect Christmas, as well as six bonus tracks.

Barbie A Perfect Christmas Soundtrack [5 Holiday Songs 6 Bonus Tracks]
Barbie A Perfect Christmas Soundtrack [5 Holiday Songs 6 Bonus Tracks]

Track listing:

1. "It's Gonna Be Amazing" 02:54

2. "Wrap It Up, Stack It Up" 03:02

3. "The Wish I Wish Tonight" 02:49

4. "Perfect Christmas" 02:49

5. "Deck The Halls" 02:00

6. "The Greatest Time Of Year" 03:39

7. "A Barbie 12 Days Of Christmas" 02:29

8. "Christmas Wrapping" (C. Butler) 04:34

9. "Snow Angels" 03:38

10. "California Christmas" 03:10

11. "Holiday" 03:41


Love the movies? Then you'll love one of the Barbie soundtracks.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle Trailer - A peek at one of the Barbie movies featured here

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