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Pacific Northwest rock song : "Just One More" by girlpower

Updated on April 13, 2016

girlpower and her honey

Musicians on the song
Musicians on the song

Books by Diane DeVillers Eugene Oregon

Deep in the Wallow Mountains in northeastern Oregon a group of foresters live in their tents near the Coyote Springs. Have a view of the unique life of Eve a self reliant, counterculture woman of the 80's.
Deep in the Wallow Mountains in northeastern Oregon a group of foresters live in their tents near the Coyote Springs. Have a view of the unique life of Eve a self reliant, counterculture woman of the 80's. | Source

Two versions of "Just One More" song. And you decide on which version is better, acoustic or rock version by voting below

"Just one more" was written when the band was very new. Vinnie and girlpower wrote this song together when girlpower came up with an easy chord song. It is a song about excess, about the pitfalls of modern times in an age where reaching the next pinnacle of hipness, the next trend whether it be through champagne, chardonnay or ones drug of choice. The song is fast paced and speaks of many aspects of the modern world. From "third grader with a gun, everybody's on the run" to "Just one more cigarette, just one more last regret," it runs through with true Nervous Rex clarity. It was written during a time of change and rebellion a time after Y2K and all the uncertainty. An American theme with American players, a time the band had its strongest players, before the changes that sent many of the members of Nervous Rex to different destinations and arrivals at the terminal called life. Many late night practices and weekend jams created a tone for more than several songs and the birth of The Jungle, Frustration, Save our Planet. We are working on getting more of these songs onto the myspace site.

Listen to both versions of the song, the first is the acoustic version the second is the band version. Which one do you like?

The lyrics: JUST ONE MORE

Just one more cigarette, just one more last regret, just one more search for fame, just another girl on champagne.Just one more traffic jam, a line in which I stand. Just one more hungry for power, one more break down rush hour.

Just one more social bore, another tedious chore, just one more litigation, another sticky situation. One more answer machine, one more preacher coming clean, Third grader with a gun, everybody on the run.

Just one more overpriced care, another overpaid star. One more irritation, one more useless conversation. My boyfriends got a Mohawk, he four wheels on my sidewalk. He's from the lower east side, he comes and takes me for a ride.

Just one more cigarette, just one more last regret, a search for fame, I' just another girl on champagne.

Just one more Mr. Clean, come on put another quarter in the machine. One more menthol, one more last call. One more Mr. Right, another he's very uptight. Another down on his luck, just one more fantastic fun . Copyright Nervous Rex 1998..

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Watch Just One More video by clicking on the link below. This song is also on the song list on the myspace site under SmartyPants196. This is a live recording with some flaws, parts of the first lyrics are not recorded, it was at the John Henry's Snake and Monkey show, which further explanation could not express the weirdness of the evening. Then check out my studio version of the song that I did acoustically some time after the live version, where you can hear more of the vocals, (yes, finally, said by a true vocalist).

The acoustic version has girlpower playing acoustic guitar and The Vinster played bass and electric guitar, done rather well I must say, playing softly behind. The studio version was produced by Riff Raff Productions in Eugene, Oregon.who also produced my first CD called Camas Swale. Craig was the best producer ever, he made me feel like a big star. May his star now shine brightly in the heavens above. And keep an eye out for his beloved TK.


Vote for the best version of girlpowers song "Just One More" Acoustic or band version. Which did you think better expressed the song?

Which version did you like of girlpowers song "Just One More" the acoustic or band version?

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    • MentalDribbles profile image

      MentalDribbles 7 years ago

      It is a great musicians perspective in this article.It's good to see where the inspiration comes from.

    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 3 years ago from Australia

      I love the lyrics of your song, girlpower. I discovered that to listen to the music I'd need to sign up with myspace and I'm really not into signing up for anything else ... but I'm guessing I'd prefer the acoustic version. :)

    • profile image

      Javier 2 years ago

      First of all, congratulations on the ainamzg blog!I am merely getting started at Audio Branding, and after reading several different definitions of what is included in the management of a brand's sonic identity, I must ask: Don't you think that all acoustic interactions with the product/service are relevant to a brand, hence should be carefully thought out and purposefully applied from ground up?if it's a product rather than a service, for instance. Shouldn't the sonic experience of opening the product up, of pulling off the lid, or cutting, ripping the package be seriously taken into account? The sounds that the product makes are of great importance in the consumer's process of brand perception and significancy of brand experience from the purchase to recall. Typing on a Mac keyboard, or even the sonic feeling of a MacBook in your hands after unpacking It surely sounds different than a Dell keyboard or notebook even when both are turned off. Am I being absolutely nonsensical, or just poorly articulated? I haven't seen much discussion about these matters, and I can't distinguish a particular place for this in the responsibilities of an Audio Branding Manager from what I have read so far. Does this matter in audio branding literature? Where would it fit in the process, nevertheless, in this glossary?I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this subject.thanks in advance for the attention and patience

    • girlpower profile image

      girlpower 2 years ago from eugene oregon

      Thanks I agree the acoustic music sends a true, warmer sound, I don't know anything about how Mac keyboards feel, but i type on dells, e machines, acers and laptops which are harder for me as the keys are all flat. Typing on my dell keyboard has more groove to the keys which keep you lined up so your fingers don't go to the right or left. Your other comments are somewhat over my head.

    • profile image

      Nana 2 years ago

      Thanks Matt isn't that that totally great? Beautiful, yes. Can't wait to play it again with you. Two more weeks maybe, and I'll be up. I'm geinttg my bass voice tuned up more technically, according to my voice teacher, I'm a . I'm settling into and tuning to the low, low seems to fit just right with the blackness. Can't wait to see you all. xoxoxo

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