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Updated on May 4, 2018
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Alive and Inspired by them

formed in 1995 in Boston Massachusetts, & originally called 'The Scam'

After playing the Drums for 23 years including 2 in the band Strip Mind (defunct) Sully Erna founded Godsmack in February of -95 which was originally under the name of 'The Scam' with the line-up of Robbie Merrill on bass, Lee Richards on Guitar & Joe D'arco.

Lee after finding out he had a six-year-old son left the band in 1996, Enter Tony Rambola.

The Scam quickly changed to Godsmack after one demo.

Somewhere between 2001 or 2002 (when the Band released I Stand Alone and Speak Tommy left from what I've heard as Professional differences, which I found to be because in his opinion the band wasn't taking off 'in the business'

The Name of the band some have a conflicting opinion on. Robbie Merrill in the 'Smack This! the home video said it came from the Alice in Chains song "God Smack" Sully Erna back in 1999 was making fun of someone that had a cold sore on his lip & the next day he had one himself & someone said, "It's a Godsmack" & the name stuck. (&That' the one I go by, and recently answered via twitter..see facts)

2010 Godsmack have their fifth album "the Oracle' ready to rock. I LOVE the track Whiskey hangover, War & Peace & the Rhythmic 'Devil's Swing" which makes me want to dance! Sully seems to be mad again & to me, that's when the albums sound best. In its first week, Oracle sold 117,000 Debuting at Number 1 on the Billboard Top 200! It is the Band's third consecutive release of an album debuting at number 1. Following Faceless and lV in 2003 & 2006, and on iTunes, it released with an excess of 23,000 digital copies.

GODSMACK remains one of the most popular modern hard rock acts. Since their self-titled debut in 1998, the band has sold over 15 million records worldwide and racked up 19 top ten rock radio hits with 15 songs hitting the Top Five and 5 reaching number 1

the New Album


Bulletproof video (new album available April 27)

GODSMACK is hard as nails and cranked to eleven

GODSMACK is hard as nails and cranked to eleven

The Band Members

  • Sully -Vocals @SullyErna (February 7)
  • Robbie Merrill -bass @Robbie_Merrill (June 13)
  • Tony Rambola -Guitar (November 24)
  • Shannon Larkin -Drums (April 24)
  • Tommy - former Drummer (may 26)

    (from Self Titled Album then Shannon took over starting on the Faceless album)


New Album (when Legends Rise)

A legend comes to Derry: Godsmack's Sully Erna visits Hood Middle for release of new album 'When Legends Rise' featuring Derry singers

loudwire article on godsmack-when-legends-rise-title-track/

#WhenLegendsRise featuring the new single #Bulletproof pre-order now

Godsmack albums ranked

The guys have started writing for a new album to be out in 2018

Godsmack's Sully Erna Embraces His Troubadour Side

Previous band members when they left and who came in is not exactly in order:

Tony Replaced Lee, while Joe D'Arco was the Original drummer, and was replaced with Tommy Stewart, who left in 2000 or 2001 (give or take a year or 2) and was replaced with Shannon. (Tommy was the Drummer when I went to the first show the band was in) Sully also did the Drum battle with Tommy when he was in the band.

as for the bit of the Things, you didn't know... all that is old news, and in some way or form should be mentioned on here.

news annex page

Sully Erna ~ Hometown Life

Godsmack Approved! - They've seen it

Sully Erna Vs Jacoby Shadoxx bowling

(& I still have the ORIGINAL 80s FUNSHINE Bear!!)

Enough about my Opinion on them here's some from the pros & Wolverine!

Disclaimer all right to any lyrics noted are the soul property of Godsmack (and whoever else needs to be noted.) Any lyrics herein are noted for reference for the Fans of Godsmack mostly new ones looking for the proper lyrics to the songs.

I've even posted the tweet from the band they like the lens!!

Aussie Interview with Sully Erna

Music, personal, & Godsmack Day!

Godsmack has released 6 studio albums and 21 singles, a half-dozen of which hit No. 1 on Billboard's mainstream rock charts. One of the most popular rock bands in the world, Godsmack has sold 17 million albums. Its last three albums - 2003's Faceless, 2006's IV and last year's The Oracle - have debuted at No. 1.

In 2002 Sully was asked to write the title song for the Scorpion King soundtrack, which spent a straight 14 weeks as the most actively played rock song. The song was also used on the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within game. Besides The Scorpion King soundtrack, their work has been on other various Movie Soundtracks..Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis, Mayor of the Sunset Strip a documentary has the song Bad Religion on it.

A Man Apart has Straight out of line, as already mentioned The Scorpion King with I Stand Alone.

The One & Any Given Sunday.

Their music has also popped up on Tv shows & Video Games

Wrestling's Summer Slam fittingly with The Enemy, the song Touche was played during Wrestle Mania xx,

and in the (MTV or VH1) Cartoon series Daria, & Roswell.

Video Games include WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007, Madden NFL 2006, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 & the aforementioned Prince of Persia.

Sometime between after making the I stand alone video & The faceless album's Straight out of Line music video coming out, drummer Tommy Stewart left the band due to what I know as Professional differences & Shannon Larkin formerly of bands, Ugly Kid Joe (which he joined in 1994 and remained until 1997 when the band broke up), Wraithchild America, Souls at Zero & MF Pitbulls replaced him in the drum kit. . In 2003 Faceless the first album featuring Shannon on the drums was released and the album debuted at number 1; beating out west coast nu metal rival Linkin Park.

Shannon Larkin has now so far been in the band for 9 years (as of 2011). He knew Sully way before Godsmack when Sully was a drummer and in ( check the news on mini bio page) Says he hooked Sully up with a band called Milah Rage (sp?) and so Sully got the gig,& Hooked Shannon up later on with Godsmack. Shannon was also in Wraithchild America who would have the band Lex Luthor (Sully's former band) open for them. Shannon says "He & Sully remained friends all that long, until He became part of Godsmack, now they're not friends anymore. ...nah Just Kidding"

Shannon Started to play the drums when he was 8 & his sister turned him on to Rush Hemispheres, & the Drums spoke to him & the next album she gave him was Led Zepplin 2 and that's when he asked his parents for a drum set for Christmas. After that, he started playing with the same 3 guys Terry Brad & Jay who became Wraithchild. Who toured with the likes of Testament (around 20 years ago) & Pantera on the Cow Boys from Hell tour. hen because of the Thrash seen I guess going out of style the band broke up, joined ugly Kid Joe, and then a band called Amen.2 weeks after he quit Amen he got the call from Sully to Join Godsmack.

Sully has a daughter Skylar with his partner (I can't remember her name).His mom is a hairdresser, and thinks that if he didn't become famous in the business might enroll for hairdressing school so he could have this "heavy metal hairdresser thing where I could cut Ozzy's hair or something"

While Sully tours with his Solo project (when Godsmack is off), The remaining members of Godsmack have a Side project with Ugly Kid Joe frontman Whitefield Crane called Another Animal (which put out an album years ago, but have made a new demo & says its real heavy stuff

Sully has played in the World Series of Poker Event in 2006 where he placed 713 out of 8,773 contenders & again in 2007 came in 237th of 6,368 entries

In the year 2014 on August, the 6th Boston Mayor Marty Walsh proclaimed the day to be Godsmack day. The day after their sixth studio album release 1000hp (horsepower) Listen to an interview with the mayor or the Official proclamation (I am working on finding a photo of the proclamation. For now I hope this will work, just click to enlarge so you can read it)

The Shannon Sunset

Band Stats

Resides in: Boston

Religious affiliations: Sully=Wiccan

Previous bands

Sully = Strip Mind

Shannon = Wraithchild America, Souls at Zero & MF Pitbulls

Personal interests/hobbies:

Sully Wrote Paths We Choose a memoir, he also plays poker (I forget which Tourneys he takes part in) so look out for him at a casino near you

Sully's back tattoo reads "no Justice" below the 'Triple X' with Flames engulfing that & Playing cardsOther projects of the Band

Sully 's debut Solo album... Avalon "It's 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,'",

"That's what it is. It's an extreme change to jump from one to the other

-Sully on going from A Godsmack tour to Avalon tour

Sully's solo record debuted in 2010 & hit #24 on the Billboard top 200

Shanon was a Guest reviewer on

My love for the genre (Horror) far exceeds my modest collection of horror films, but I'm sure that if it is a movie that has made (or will make) my collection, it must have that something that makes the mind take the undeniable journey to the darkest and most uncomfortable place in the human psyche - fear. Horror. The bloodier the better. Shannon Larkin on -

Shanon & Robbie Both have instructional videos out

'Defining'Songs: Whatever Voodoo Awake

Best movies: Scorpion King Title Song "I Stand Alone

Labels: Universal & Republic Records

I Would Love a REAL one

Follow Godsmack




Instagram = Official_godsmack

2015 Rock on the Range

So what do I think of Godsmack?

Well, I've been a fan a long time, I can't remember the first time I heard them other than It was love at first listen! They have a song for every occasion and forget about Anger Management therapy just listen to a Godsmack song between the hard rock & Sully's voice well it Gets rid of the aggression & Calms me

How their peers feel

1000Hp review

1000hp [Explicit]
1000hp [Explicit]

Knock you on your 'arse' Can't wait to get to a show 1000hp must be killer live & the Mosh pit psychotically sick! Unlike with some bands each song here has, it's own sound, though there is one or 2 that to me sounds like the 2nd or 3rd coming of a previous Godsmack song..

FML- just think about it as to what it could me? and AHI dedicates this to all the D*bags that have given me problems through my life.

Something Different- exactly just that through the first few notes or chords I think I had the look of terror on my face. SOrt of Pop sounding maybe a little country/folky sounding as well.

What's Next-Thrash-y sounding at least at the start

Generation Day- trippy as if sneaking around tight base-y intense

Locked and Loaded- Anyone who gets bullied.. play this loud in their face!! My 2nd fave song after 1000hp sofar.

Living in the Grey- Strong in the music but the lyrics for me not so much. It lacks something or maybe it's just the 'strained' way Sully sings it. So far the weakest song to me

I don't Belong- and In the wish, I wrote that category (well the lyrics anyway as they look more like a poem which is what I mean by wishing I write) 3rd fave.

Nothing comes easy- Oh creepy 'intro' dark and love the fade in. Not sure what I think of this one though

Turning to Stone- at the start, I thought it was going to be the new Voodoo and then the chorus. GOes from Mellow to metal.

*Bonus Tack... LIFE IS GOOD-

I'd say in a way party anthem at least their version but I think 1000hp fits that mold better.

Grade B

on first listen

Here's a review from artist direct


Godsmacked by Kim Marie Ostrowski - using the song titles I wrote a poem

The Otherside 2004 acoustic album with Awake & previously unreleased songs

Loudwire Top 10 Godsmack Halloween songs

Being as Hubpages only allows 1 link per site, I've noted the countdown here, and you can check out the annex page (previously noted in this) for the official link.

10. Make me Believe

9. Vampires

8. Living in Sin

7. Saints and Sinners

6. No rest for the wicked

5. Bad Religions

4. Devils Swing

3. Bad Magick

2.Releasing the Demons

1. Voodoo


Few creatures of the night have captured our imagination like Vampires What explains our enduring fascination with Vampires? What is it about the vampire myth that explains our interest? Is it the over tellings of sexual lust, power, control? Or is it a fascination with the immortality of the undead

Faceless Album Cover

Oracle Album cover


I will add a link where to find the right lyrics just Please bear with me the band took the page on their site down)

You can find their discography here on their official site with links to purchase as well


Released August 25, 1998

July 28, 1998, RIAA Certified Triple Platinum

Moon Baby Written by Sully

Whatever Written by Sully & Tony

Keep Away Written by Sully

Time Bomb Written by Sully

Bad Religion Written by Sully & Tommy

Immune Written by Sully, Robbie, and Tony

Get Up, Get Out! Written by: Sully

Now or Never Written by Sully

Stress Written by Sully

Smack this DVD


Released October 31, 2000

RIAA Certified Double PlatinumReached #5 Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart

Sick of Life Written by Sully

Awake Written by Sully

Greed Written by Sully

Bad Magick Written by Sully

Going Down Written by Sully & Robbie

Mistakes Written by Sully

Trippin' Written by Sully & Tony

Forgive Me Written by Sully

Vampires Written by Sully & Robbie Instrumental

The Other Side

Acoustic performance release (EP)

RIAA Certified Gold

Reached #5 Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart

Running Blind




Keep Away



aLIVE concert DVD July 19, 2001


Released April 8, 2003

RIAA Certified Platinum Debuted #1 Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart

Straight Out of Line



Make Me Believe

I Stand Alone


I f** Hate you

Releasing the Demons

Dead & Broken

I am

The Awakening


lV (4)

Released April 25, 2006

Debuted #1 Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart

Living in Sin


The Enemy

Shine Down


No rest for the Wicked

Bleeding Me

Voodoo Too

Temptation Mama

One Rainy Day

Good Times Bad Times

Released Dec 4th, 2007

1.Good Times Bad Times

2.. Whatever

3. Keep Away

4. Voodoo

5. Bad Religion

6. Awake

7. Greed

8. I Stand Alone

9. Straight Out Of Line

10. Serenity

11. Realign

12. Running Blind

13. Touche

14. Speak

15. Shine Down

16. Enemy


Released May 4, 2010

1. Cryin like a B***3:23

2. Saints & Sinners 4:09

3. War & Peace 3:09

4. Love, Hate, Sex Pain 5:15

5. What If 6:35

6. Devil's Swing 3:20

7. Good Day to Die 3:55

8. Forever Shamed 3:23

9. Shadow of a Soul 4:44

10. The Oracle 6:22


*Delux/Limited Editions

11. Whiskey Hangover 3:47 LISTEN Now

12. I Blame You 3:08

*songs are include on the DVD with the 'Making of The Oracle Feature'

Changes Dvd (forget what order it came out but I thik a bit after the Faceless cd

Avalon (This is Sully's Solo project NOT a Godsmack album )

April 2012 Avalon Dec 16 2011 Live Performance DVD

Live & Inspired

Released: May 15 2012

universal Record

1000hp August 5, 2014 (U.S. release date)

1000hp single lyrics

Sully Erna pre- Godsmack

Sully Erna pre- Godsmack
Sully Erna pre- Godsmack

Live & Inspired

I am VERY leery when it comes to live albums regardless of who it is. I'm hesitant usually to purchase the album unless I hear a track or 2 off of it as most of the time I end up being disappointed. I think about 9x out of 10 I don't like the recording from whatever concert they did it at or the way they did the songs. Sometimes the vocals don't sound right or sound muddy or whatever the case. Some bands sound better in concert others should just stay on the album. With that, I have to mention I've been to 8-10 Godsmack shows most of them in Hammerstein Ballroom, a couple in S.P.A.C. and one in Mohegan sun as well as Times Union Center way back in 2000. The first SPAC show I went to being my favorite, which was a 10. I've never been disappointed with Godsmack at a show (only the seating at Mohegan Sun) So I'm judging this by the concerts I've been to

Review: While bouncing off the walls of my room, and almost flinging my wireless headphones off a couple times I'm Halfway through listening to the album & I realize something I have a complaint (yeah I'm crying like a bitch because of it ) this is the one real disappointment I have with the album There's not one song off of the Oracle album on here. War & Peace, Devil's Swing would have been great additions, Shadow of a soul, as well. But hell if not those... WHERE THE F* is Whiskey Hangover? There are maybe 3 songs on here that seem a bit off to me. The others a good but just didn't sound as strong, heavy & energetic as they do when at the show itself. On voodoo Sully's voice sounds different kinda small9 like he was sucking on helium or something. Other than these few minor bits Its worth a buy. (I'd say an 8 ½ out of 10) BONUS COVERS Disk- Well at least with Godsmack I don't have to worry about when they do covers of songs. Good Times Bad Times was great (maybe even better than original) Rocky Mountain Way. Godsmack's version is definitely better than the original! Come together- one of my favorite classic rock songs gets a refreshing (needed?) remake that rocks so much more than it did before.

Time- Done with Perfection & Metallica's Nothing Else Matters- I've never been much of a fan of the song but unlike the Metallica version this has a lullaby effect on me (not sure if that's good or bad) but then Sully's voice usually has a calming effect on me. Covers CD A Total overall 9

Army of the Damned

Army of the Damned
Army of the Damned

Why do I have a movie on here? Well, that's because Sully STARRED in it! He didn't do too bad in the acting department, maybe a little in the beginning of the movie but I could have just been looking to hard for anything. Once I relaxed I got to enjoy things better (but still trying to be 'professional' and fair about the acting and everything else. I enjoyed the movie. Is it great, no but its enjoyable. I'd say its worth a C grade (3 stars) I did buy it so I would watch it again...


Ugly Kid Joe 's "I'm Alright" feat. Shannon Larkin

Facts smackdown

* it is tradition with band & crew at 8:15 they have a Tequila shot (Usually Pura Vida brand)

*Dimebag Darrell used to call Sully, Stoli...

*Their first song ever was called 'Eat the Sky' -"it wasn't very good and I was F'n terrible... to the point Robbie walked out

* when he was 13 Sully remember's being in his basement, he had a little black-light room & scared the %&*# outta himself listening to Black Sabbath's song "Black Sabbath'

*You'd be surprised Sully actually listens to Hip-Hop acts like Nelly, Has a lot of respect for Eminem Alicia Keys "She's F'n Amazing" I Love Christina Aguilera I really do ("I don't want to Poke the girl--ahem Fred Durst" ....)

*Shannon's Love of horror movies came from watching Creature Features (which had the Hammer horror movies like Dracula, THe Mummy, Godzilla et all) with his dad when he was a kid. So he'd go to sleep and later on when it was about to come on his dad would wake him up.

Then, when I was 11, my dad showed me Jaws for the first time and that was the first horror movie experience where I had nightmares. I love nightmares to this day because it's basically a free horror movie [laughs]. (AWESOME!! The 1st horror movie I ever saw, well part of was Jaws & that started me in horror movies)

Shannon frequents the site

Shanon is also a "Gore Guy" (he likes a lot of gore) (we'd get along well movie wise)

Sully drinks Canada Dry Ginger Ale the only 'soda' he drinks (see Cribs clip in Sully scene)

Sully's family is from Melilli Sicily

Tony Loves Golf

* "Our music has nothing to do with drugs, Have you heard of the Cold sore story (in response to a fan asking what the naming of Godsmack was from Via a tweet)

*Sully wrote the Book The Paths we choose

*How Many tattoos does Sully Have? -(via Twitter) "Too many to count, more like one big one"

*Tony used to be a Carpenter

*Sully comes from a musical background. His father has a band and plays Italian feasts all over Boston, and a great uncle was a famous composer in Sicily.


Godsmack's Awards & Honors

Year Award Category/Recipient(s) Result

2004 Grammy Awards Best Hard Rock Performance(Straight out of Line) Nominees

2003 Grammy Awards Best Hard Rock Performance ("I Stand Alone") Nominees

2003 Grammy Awards Best Rock Song ("I Stand Alone") Nominee


Grammy Award Best Rock Instrumental Performance ("Vampires") Nominee

Billboard Music Award -- Rock Artist Of The Year Winner

Boston Music Awards Act of the Year Winner

Boston Music Awards Album Of The Year (AWAKE) Winner

Boston Music Awards Outstanding Rock Band Winner

Boston Music Awards Male Vocalist of the Year (Sully Erna) Winner


Boston Music Awards Act of the Year Winner

Boston Music Awards Outstanding Rock Band Winner

Boston Music Awards -Outstanding Male Vocalist (Sully Erna)Winner

Boston Music Awards Outstanding Song/Songwriter ("Keep Away") Winner


Boston Music Awards Rising Star Winner

Boston Music Awards Outstanding Debut Rock Band Winner

Boston Music Awards Single Of The Year ("Whatever") Winner

Boston Music Awards Debut Album Of The Year (GODSMACK) Winner

AWESOME ALexey cover (love the doll)

Churning, Riff-driven Hybrid of All That Is Heavy, past and Present.

— Alternative Press praised the band

10 Years Of Godsmack To Arrive .....

mailed to me via official email ML

10 Years Of Godsmack To Arrive on December 4th!! UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC ROCK ICONS GODSMACK


Good Times Bad Times.Ten Years of Godsmack

Band Includes 16 Seminal Godsmack Songs

Delivering The Year's Most Riveting Rock Retrospective

Universal Republic band Godsmack will release their widely anticipated Greatest Hits album, Good Times Bad Times.Ten Years of Godsmack on December 4. The 16-track collection is loaded with career-defining milestones and seminal Godsmack classics. Among the groundbreaking songs included are the band's clarion call "Whatever," their breakthrough 1 rock mainstream smash "Awake," "I Stand Alone" (2002's most played rock radio song of the year), "Speak," (the 1 rock cut from their 2006 album Godsmack IV), and a rare, bristling Godsmack cover of Led Zeppelin's classic 1969 debut single "Good Times, Bad Times."

Considered one of the definitive alternative hard rock bands of the modern era, the Boston based group stormed on to the music scene in 1998 with their masterful self-titled debut album, and have never looked back. The only rock band to have scored 13 Top 10 hits in the Active Rock format, their most recent album, Godsmack IV, became another platinum-plus trailblazer for the formidable foursome, debuting at 1 on the Billboard Top Albums chart (their 2nd 1 debut following 2003's Faceless) and harking back to the thunderous arc of multiplatinum masterpieces like their 5 million selling breakthrough debut album and 2000s Awake, as well as the more subtle flexing heard on their 2004 acoustic EP The Otherside.

Fronted by charismatic and uncompromising singer/songwriter Sully Erna, 2008 will mark the tenth anniversary of Godsmack's self-titled debut album; in honor of that occasion, Good Times Bad Times….Ten Years of Godsmack encapsulates some of their most captivating and enduring hits. In the past decade, the unflinching Godsmack has enjoyed an incredible run, selling more than 12 million albums - highlighted by scores of sold-out international concerts, stages shared with legends, a remarkable 16 hit singles, 4 platinum records, 1 gold EP and three Grammy nominations.

Known for their fierce touring regimen, Godsmack also established one of the most memorable live arsenals in rock, having been regulars at past Ozzfests, appeared at Woodstock '99, toured with Metallica, and headlined their own arena juggernauts throughout the world.

Godsmack's releases include Godsmack (1998), Awake (2000), Faceless (2003), The Scorpion King soundtrack (2002), Otherside EP (2004), and Godsmack IV (2006).

Good Times Bad Times Ten Years of Godsmack

1. Good Times Bad Times

2. Whatever

3. Keep Away

4. Voodoo

5. Bad Religion

6. Awake

7. Greed

8. I Stand Alone

9. Straight Out Of Line

10. Serenity

11. Realign

12. Running Blind

13. Touché

14. Speak

15. Shine Down

16. The Enemy

(Disclaimer I know this is old news, but I wanted some way to highlight the Hits album. And I find it, being as it was mailed to me, I can post it)

They're out of their minds - Sully Erna Avalon Bloopers

3 fold I told you it comes back with laughter, Over & over Again.. Its coming back

from the song Releasing the Demons on the Album: Faceless

& my fave line

Flapping yer yap


Its a yin and a yang. You need to be mellow to want to be wild and when you're wild too long you need to be mellow. I need this (solo work) as much as I need Godsmack- Sully to Boston Herald about solo album

I don't know, I'm letting life take me where it takes me. I love Godsmack, I love the guys, I love what I do with that band. But I also love this. I think this is more about branding Sully Erna as a name and not just having a band all the time. If I brand my name, then I'm a lot more open to whatever I want to do. For me, there's so much I'd like to do. I'd like to explore like scoring a film, collaborating with others... -Sully Erna (6-2011) on Where he sees himself next

At, first, when I started out I was just trying to capture some memories and some of the wild stories I had from growing up in Lawrence. I just wanted to put it down so when I got older I'd have something to share with my grandchildren...that kind of thing, just so I wouldn't forget as I grow older. after a while, it kept evolving into this memoir. What Motivated Sully to Write 'The Paths We Choose'


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    • alienbritt profile image


      4 years ago

      Godsmack is amazing!

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @SimonJay: What song did they have in the Prince of Persia (I don't recall if I mentioned that in the bio etc. page on them plus it's been a long time)

    • SimonJay profile image


      5 years ago

      I found these guys because of the prince of Persia their music really suited the game well.


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