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Enjoying Gone With The Wind-Bonding Time For A Mother and Her Daughters

Updated on June 3, 2014

Bonding time in our family has always been special and one of my favorite moments are the time we spend watching Gone With The Wind. People may call us a bit crazy but as a teacher I had special moments with my daughter and one of those times was spent watching our favorite movie. Each time we readied ourselves to start school, we began it by watching Gone With The Wind.

From the time the girls started their educational careers we would watch this movie the day before school started. So that meant at the end of Summer Vacation, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Spring Break and Easter Break. It became a custom we did to make the restarting of school.

We sat in front of the television with our popcorn, cold drinks and whatever snack we could find. My husband chose not to participate in this event. He would quietly find something else to do when his girls bonded over a movie he just couldn't understand. He never made a fuss and knew it was something we needed to do.

Our bonding time was special and as I think back on those time we really celebrated our lives together as women. Now the girls are grown with families of there own and on occasion we have the opportunity to bond together over out favorite movie. We love the drama, the clothing and the storyline it was a time for sharing and a time for just us girls. I will always remember these moment with my beautiful daughter and cherish the quality time we spent together marking our moment together.

Some Of Our Other Favorites

Wizard of Oz: 75th Anniversary
Wizard of Oz: 75th Anniversary

Adapted from L. Frank Baum’s timeless children’s tale about a Kansas girl’s journey over the rainbow, The Wizard of Oz starred Judy Garland as Dorothy, Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow; Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion; Jack Haley as the Tin Woodman and Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch.

Somewhere in Time (Collector's Edition)
Somewhere in Time (Collector's Edition)

For devoted fans of Somewhere in Time, the exclusive documentary on this DVD will provide welcomed insight, background history, and poignant validation. The film was virtually saved from oblivion by a combination of cable TV exposure and grassroots fandom, and this engrossing documentary benefits from the participation of the film's principal cast and crew, all of whom remain as fond of this production as its legion of fans. Taped in 2000, the interviews are highlighted by the perspective of Christopher Reeve, whose fond recollections gain a certain profundity when combined with the physical impact of his paralyzing injury in 1995.

Walt Disney Treasures - The Chronological Donald, Volume One (1934 - 1941)
Walt Disney Treasures - The Chronological Donald, Volume One (1934 - 1941)

Our favorite Donald Duck classic was called Donald's Lucky Day. It depicted Donald as a delivery boy on Firday the thirteenth and of course we watched it every Friday the thirteenth.


A Memorable Movie-Timeless Entertainment

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    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 4 years ago

      It's a great movie that everyone should see.