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Flix Pix: Good Boys

Updated on October 3, 2019
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I've been an online writer for over six years. My articles often focus on parenting and art inspired by parenting.

These boys are anything but good in this humorous romp through childhood growing pains.
These boys are anything but good in this humorous romp through childhood growing pains. | Source

Boys Will Be Men

Movie magic definitely stretched this story a bit, but the reality of how young people interpret and misinterpret the world around them was definitely accurate. From the main character Max boldly stating tampons keep babies from falling out of girls, then adding confidently he learned this credible information from an eighth grader, to Lucas telling the crew to tell a policeman they were in possession of Molly and would be absolved of punishment because they "told the truth", this movie is a true reflection of the idiot truths we believed as kids and clung to as the gospel truth. Even Thor's lack of security due to a not-so-popular love for musical theater resonates with the adult crowd. The crew ends up on a mission to retrieve a drone that was not supposed to be touched in the first place, only to end up on a wild and dangerous excursion, all for a stupid girl.

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

The Bean Bag Boys in full effect
The Bean Bag Boys in full effect | Source

Flirting With Disaster

The Bean Bag Boys, as they call themselves, because, duh, they have bean bags, like to think themselves much heroic until they find themselves entangled in a deceptive surefire plot to retrieve the drone Max almost immediately activated after being forbidden to touch it by his father, who was on his way out of town. This movie is filled with moments that are the definition of "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". I couldn't help be remember some of my own sixth grade kerfuffles exacted with the sheer that can only come from being an ill-informed youth. But for the grace of God and helicopter parents, who knows where I would have landed? Our stupid annoying parents knew something after all.

Fair Warning

In addition to cursing profusely (well, Lucas is pretty tame until things get exceedingly rough), these kids are constantly in some disgusting situations. This movie is not for those with a weak constitution. Seriously, if you are not here for the gross physical comedy, this may not be for you. Also, I know this is just a movie, but I couldn't help thinking, these people should be better about the storage of their, um, unmentionables. I mean, there's kids in the house! Another cringey aspect of the movie that stands out to me, is how well these 11-12 year old kids navigate Al Gore's internet. I have a 7 year old, and youtube and Roblox scare me. I have taken to online gaming just to be in the loop, and I must say, it is hard for me because I am not a gamer but it is so important to me I am ever vigilante. This movie really brought that point home for me. I literally was pondering what more I could do to make sure my daughter isn't too involved in the online world without my knowledge. She reads really well, and pretty soon I will not know every platform she may be on. This struck a nerve with me more than the body fluids and near death experiences.

Everything Works Out in the End

My favorite part of the movie was seeing the boys grow in ways they didn't see as possible while finding ways to support each other. I do see the youths in this generation having more freedom to express when life has taken an unexpected turn and they aren't coping well. In the year of our Lord 1996, (I was 12) I do not recall the social climate permitting such a change. It did my heart good to see a scenario where little boys, in particular, were evolving into different individuals and yet there was no love lost. I give the movie a 7 out of 10. I would recommend it to others. The kids did a bang up job of portraying the victories and defeats of adolescence. I would love a sequel where they reunite for one more hoorah before prom. I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure a sequel would turn into an LGBTQI campaign. It's not that I have a problem with the alphabet gang. I just think more stories should be told where a person happens to be whatever they are, and are allowed to be complex. The movie world needs more gay villains and jerks. The two-dimensional loveable gay who just wants love and does no wrong (i.e. Poussey, Orange is the New Black) is kind of trite at this point. Other than that, I'm game for a part two in the distant future. It would be cool to see an unexpected shift in social standing for the boys.


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