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Who is buried in Grant's tomb?

Updated on September 20, 2014

Questions of my Youth

I started following quiz games and quiz questions when I was very young. I used to watch all the quiz shows with my mom. I particularly remember "College Bowl" originally with Alan Ludden and later with Robert Earl. I even recall the first question I got right. (I remember this, not just because my Mom didn't know the answers and the 8 college students on the show didn't know the answer -- I was a 14 year old HS Sophomore at the time -- but because it was part of the lesson I had chosen to "teach" to my World History class -- our teacher had an assignment for each of us to teach a short lesson to our classmates) ps -- I was VERY excited that I knew this (my Mom knows it now).

Once upon a time, there was a program (I don't remember the name) where, for the bonus round, they had a wheel where they had some strange categories of hard questions in 5 of the 6 slots and in the 6th slot they had "Easy Question".

[By the way, I never saw anyone on the show get any of the hard questions right -- I did answer one question right in the category of "Incredibly hard topography" -- not because of any knowledge I have of topography (I have precious little) -- the question was: "The city of Dallas was named after Vice President George Dallas. What would the city be named if they used his Middle Name?" (I'll include the answer below) -- I other words, I knew the answer NOT because of knowledge of topography but because I was a presidents and vice presidents geek of sorts.]

Let them win something!

Many years ago, Groucho Marx hosted the game show "You Bet Your Life". It had several formats (one of which was the contestant had to answer 4 consecutive questions correctly without answering 2 incorrectly). In some formats, it was not uncommon for a contestant to end up with no money. The "powers that be" on the show decided that it wasn't nice to send someone home with no money, so Groucho would ask them one of those easy questions like "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?" (BTW, no one is buried in Grant's Tomb -- Ulysses and Julia Grant are entombed there -- sorry to split hairs...) or "What color was George Washington's white horse?"

These sorts of "Easy Questions" have reached their height, in my opinion, in the Jeopardy category "Stupid Answers". While they aren't as easy as the questions from "You Bet Your Life", the "question" appears somewhere in the "answer".

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Groucho was a real wit (as were his brothers). Check out some books about the most well known of "Minnie's Boys". (Minnie Marx, Groucho's mother, was the sister of Al Sheen of "Gallagher and Sheen" vaudeville fame and their father, Sam Marx, a tailor who never measured, was the subject of the song, "Sam you made the Pants too Long".)

(For more on Groucho and his brothers, watch some of their movies. Despite what the critics say, I liked "Go West" (there is a great scene that was duplicated in "The 7% Solution") and "The Big Store" (there's a chase scene inside the store and a few other very cute scenes)) but I also like the critic favorites "Horse Feathers" and "A Night at the Opera". Actually, in my humble "Marx Brother's" fan opinion, the only movie that really doesn't do the brothers justice is "Room Service" (which was NOT originally written for them) -- too much plot and not enough shtick.

The Answer to the "Dallas" Question

The Answer to the "Dallas" Question
The Answer to the "Dallas" Question

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