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9.Halloweentown 2 (TV) 2001 USA Colour Disney

Updated on April 2, 2013

ALSO KNOWN AS: Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's revenge

Disney's family fantasy adventure


From Disney's channel original movie sequel made for TV- comes Halloweentown 2 a delightful spooky fantasy adventure, Our Halloween family adventure begins with some narrative dialogue about Halloweentown. It has been two years since Marnie Piper (Kimberly.J.Brown) first discovered that she was a witch and that there was this cool magical place called Halloweentown, Halloweentown is a place where many forms of creatures such as witches, ghosts, goblins, ogres, giants, trolls, vampires and werewolf's can all live, play and work together in harmony side by side just like i do from the mortal world.

However some evil warlock Kalabar (Robin Thomas) who used to have a thing for my mother, Gwen (Judith Hoag) and still does tried to takeover Halloweentown and the mortal world because of what happened a long time ago. Halloweentown was created to protect the creatures from harms way and vice-verse for the mortals, in the past creatures and humans use to live, play and work together in harmony side by side but the humans started to dislike the creatures became afraid of them then turned upon them, there was nothing but wars breaking out all the time and because the creatures wanted peace they were forced to create a place off their own.

Anyway thanks to my grandmother, Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) mother, sister Sophie (Emily Roeske) my brother Dylan (Joey Zimmerman) and I we defeated the evil warlock, so that the rest of Halloweentown could go back to living in peace once again. Also mother allowed grandma to come and live with us, My grandmother says that Halloweentown continues to change all the time, well I wish things would change here grandma and mother are fighting again.

It's halloween once again, two new strangers Alex (Wingfield Peter) and Kal (Daniel Kountz) moved into the neighbourhood both Gwen and Marnie were smitten by the arrival of Alex and Kal, Marnie shows Kal around the place including her grandmother's bedroom where Kal steals the spell book. Both Alex and Kal have a hidden agenda and are not who they claim they really are Alex is a golem and Kal is really a warlock and is the son of Kalabar.

Sophie and Aggie were handing out Halloween gifts to the neighbourhoods children when Sophie says the magic's all gone, Aggie gets worried and wants to visit her home,she wants to take her grandchildren Marnie and Sophie with her but Gwen says Sophie can not go. Aggie and Marnie set off for Halloweentown only to find that strange things have began to happen like the bus stop not being there, having to open up the portal for themselves, on arriving in Halloweentown we find out that there is no jack o' lantern, and everything and everyone has turned grey.

Aggie and Marnie bump into Astrid (Xantha Radley) they get talking to Astrid to find out what has happend when Luke (Phillip Van Dyke) bumps into Aggie and Marnie, Marnie is shocked to find out that Luke is human again, Aggie explains it is a spell that turns creatures into humans, so all they had to do was to reverse the spell by reading a spell from her spell book.

After contacting Dylan and Sophie and thinking about everything that has happened Aggie believes that they have walked into a trap and needs to get to her place and fast. Kal appears and reveals his true identity to Aggie and Marnie, Kal also explains his plans, he shares the same hatred towards humans as his father did. Kal's plans are to turn humans into creatures at midnight. After looking for Aggie's other spell book at her place and not finding it there, Marnie tries to get her grandmother to think of words to undo the spell, not realizing she changed Luke back into a goblin.

Aggie and company travel to gort's (Blu Mankuma) place. Gorts place is the best place to go to when you lose things it is the largest lost & found property of the universe. Back in the mortal world Sophie and Dylan tried to explain everything to their mother, but the mother was not having any of it especially weird explanations when there could be a logic one.

At Gorts place Aggie, Marnie and Luke had no luck in finding her other spell book, suddenly the grey spell started to effect Luke again and Aggie, Aggie explains that the grey spell weakness her powers, Aggie wanted Marnie and Luke to escape but they find out that they are trapped by Kal's dark magic. Marnie tries to get her grandmother to think of a powerfull spell to break the spell thats trapping them, Marnie comes up with time travel but she needs her grandmother's help. Marnie only just manages to get her grandmother's help before she is lost to the grey spell.

Marnie and Luke time travelled to gorts place before the grey spell and asked Gort about the spell book, unfortunately we learn that the spell book had been sold to Kalabar 50 years ago. Luke encourages, Marnie to think of what she said when the grey spell wore off him, after remembering what she had said they were ready to head back to the present, only Marnie had lost the time travel spell.

Meanwhile back in the mortal world Dylan and Sophie went to find their mother at the local high school Halloween party, to tell her about Alex, their mother was not going to believe them till Sophie made a fly appear by magic and Alex ate it. Dylan and Sophie explained everything to their mother, Gwen asked Dylan and Sophie to stick together they were going to look for Kal to try and stop him, Gwen Told Dylan and Sophie to look for Kal and if they find him, to come and get her.

Back in Halloweentown Marnie felt despaired she just could not remember the time travel spell and time was running out, Gort kindly showed Marnie a wizard's lost time-line which helps speed up time travel, Marnie thanked Gort grabbed Luke and headed back to the present to rescue her grandmother,Halloweentown, and the mortal world from Kal's scheming plans. Time was running out for Gwen, Dylan and Sophie they knew that Kal was close by, meanwhile Kal had cast the first part of his spell making all masks stick to people's faces.

Marnie and Luke get back to the present day to rescue Aggie her grandmother from the grey spell then head back to the mortal world to prevent Kal from turning humans into creatures unfortunately Kal had already turned humans into creatures and had closed the portal up for good trapping Aggie and Marnie in halloweentown forever . . . But are they? Make sure you don't miss the grand finnah show down between Marnie and Kal can Marnie and her siblings save the day again? tune in to find out for yourselves.

Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's revenge Is an enjoyable spooky family comedy entertainment that's suitable for all the family although it may appeal more to children rather then grown-ups. This Disney channel original movie made for TV contains some happy & sad occasions that will make you laugh and cry, plenty of team spirit from family & friends about working together and some scary scenes portraying magic.

Directed by: Mary Lambert Created by: Paul Bernbaum based on characters

Written by: Jon Cooksey Ali Marie Matheson

Brown.J. Kimberly Marnie Piper Dubois Casey little boy Hoag Judith Gwen Cromwell Piper Judovits Danielle (voice) (uncredited) Kountz Daniel Kal Lucas Jessica vampire girl Mankuma Blu Gort Mawson Blake (fly) (uncredited) Owen Scott announcer Radley Xantha Astrid Reynolds Debbie Aggie Cromwell Roberts Wren caveman Roeske Emily Sophie Piper Side Richard Benny Smith Andrew Marc trick-or-treater Thomas Robin Kalabar Van Dyke Phillip Luke Wingfield Peter Alex Zimmerman JoeyDylan Piper


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