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A Brilliant Time Travel Paradox By The Spierig Brothers

Updated on August 20, 2016

Predestination directed by The Spierig Brothers, is said to be one of the finest time-travel movies ever made. The film is an adaptation of Robert Heinlein's short story "All You Zombies". Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook played the key roles in the film.

Ethan Hawke(As a barkeep) , Sarah Snook

A brief introduction of the film is as follows. Ethan Hawke's character works for an organization which is able to travel through time to prevent atrocities and human disasters that would be happening in future. After the title rolls, Ethan Hawke is shown as a barkeep, a guy starts describing his story to him. Later they travel back in time to change things that had happened. It would be a spoiler if I reveal more than this. The film is more interesting due to its thriller-elements.

The Spierig Brothers handled the film well even though it has a script that is too complex. The way they cast-ed the roles is apt for the film, Sarah Snook definitely stands out of the crowd by her performance. Her role has many tricky scenes, that the film could have been a disaster if not handled carefully. Moving on to the technicalities, the whole film is crafted well with enough production values and good background scores despite of its low budget.

Predestination, is a unique kind of movie in it's genre. It invokes thinking in the audience about its world. I would rate the film 9/10. It is definitely more than a one-time watch

Here goes the trailer

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