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HD Wallpapers and High Quality Pictures - Cats and Kittens - Part 1

Updated on March 17, 2011

A picture paints a thousand words!

Do you know that the cat may be the most popular pet in the world, with over 600 million in homes all over the world. In the US, the cat is the second most popular pets with about 69 million of them in American homes.

The common house or domestic cat (Felis catus), is valued by many of us for its companionship and its ability to hunt vermin, snakes and scorpions. We keep them as pets and pamper them dearly.

Instead of just hearing their meowing and purring, I have searched and found loads of adorable and beautiful cat pictures that you can use as wallpapers to decorate your desktop or share them among your family and friends. All of them are free downloads from reputable websites and should be okay to use for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Because of their small size, domesticated house cats pose little physical danger to adult humans. However, many cat bites will become infected, sometimes with serious consequences such as  disease or rabies.

Many people have allergic reactions to cats and usually have hay fever, asthma or skin rashes. However, interactions with cats may improve one's  health and reduce physical responses to stress. It can also provide emotional support and dispelling feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Most important reason for owning a cat is it can provide companionship and friendship.

Many studies have shown that cats develop affection towards their owners. However, the effect of these pets on human health is closely related to the time and effort the cat owner is able to invest in it, in terms of bonding, playing and buying accessories for their pet

I'm sure you will love this collection. As I can only load not more than 8MB of pictures on one hubpage, I'll have to share them with you on several hubpages. They are all high definition or HD pictures in .jpg format with sizes ranging from 800x600px to 1600x1200px. Click on each image to open to full size and right click to save image as..


Check out my next hub for more great pictures for your enjoyment.

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  • profile image


    8 years ago

    well, i was hooked to the pics from the start. and your hub reads nice. God bless.


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