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Updated on May 15, 2010


HEATSEEKER:the definition

If you're actually reading these words,I'm surprised!Anyway heatseeker is a missile  that is drawn to heat.This hub is nothing more than a VISUALATION TOOL that I use to help me ATTRACT the things in my life that I want.Nothing more.This hub is a tool that helps me with my attraction process.I am the Heat Attracting the missile,That is the meaning behind the title HEATSEEKER.If you have read this far I hope you enjoy the Hub.But know that this is a random hub with no real subject.JUST THINGS I AM PULLING IN TO EXISTENCE WITH MY MIND.sounds crazy don't it?

Oh where will the path lead me to?As I stand at the crossroads which direction will I take?As I stare at the blank canvas called life what will I create?As a I add on build and build and expand my universe what will I manifest?As I walk the walk and talk the talk blinded by faith what will I make? 

There is no fate but which I make.My destiny is what I choose it to be.I can,because I am.My life my world my creation.I take action,I create opportunity,I complete my goals.I manifest dreams into reality,I patiently complete step by step tasks that move me closer to my larger goals.I complete my goals.This is my life.And I will live it the way that I want to.limits don't exist.I am independent,and I am financially free.I do what I want when I want because this is my life,I decide what my future will be.I am blessed,I am thankful to be alive and healthy.I am a force of powerful will power,that shapes my reality to my will.I can because I am.My needs are easily met.I am a positive force,I have a positive effect on the people around me.I see my visions clearly.My plans are strong and clear.I set goals.I accomplish one goal and then move to another.I am creative,I am original.My concentration is focused like a laser.In my life my will be done.I am happy, successful and friendly.I am,that I am.I am unstoppable.I am a juggernaut of creativity,and original ideas.I am a force of knowledge and wisdom.I am a man of action.I make it happen,because I am,that I am.I find a way to achieve my goals.I make something out of nothing.I make it happen.I design my life.I create my world.I shape my reality by sheer force of will.Success is guaranteed.I am a money magnet.I am, that I am.

raise capital

order products,probably clothes,shoes,hit the flea markets on weekends,find things to sell on ebay, probably e-products,bonding insurance,cleaning contracts,find two helpers that will work parttime for 8 bucks an hour,new work van,new equipment,find more cleaning contracts,streamline my websites add content move towards e-products,ringtones,music,wallpaper,games,etc set up a seperate account just for future investment ideas set aside 10% of weekly income,finish book this year,finish pin-up book this year,organize,dedicate to the workout plan 5 days a week early in the morning before breakfast,stay positive,focus on simple goals first move steadily towards the pot at the end of rainbow.stay on track.keep on pushing.keep moving TO BUDGET!!!!! 


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