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My Secret Life as a Hip Hop Line Dance Geek & How To Be One Too

Updated on June 6, 2013

Introduction to Soul Line Dancing

I never had any intentions of being a hip hop line dance geek. It's just that when I went looking for country line dance lessons in the Washington, DC area, I stumbled upon a Craigslist ad for soul line dance lessons instead.

I was kind of nervous about going to my first class because although I've danced before, I don't know how to rump shake my booty like Beyonce and was wonderin' if I could even keep up. But the thing about soul line dancers is that they're a friendly bunch and willing to help out first time dancers.

Before you know it, in less than a year, I even nervously performed in my first dance showcase. It was a disaster. I lost my place about half way through the performance and so did a bunch of other people in my group. However, what was great is that a big cheer went up from the crowd when we got back on track which encouraged us to press on. Good thing no one ever dies from embarrassment. We survived and have since gone on to perform many more dances.

If you're interested in soul line dancing, check out some of the videos below. You'll find it a little less rigid and not so formal compared with regular country line dancing. It's all about the "flava" and just enjoying yourself. Just like regular line dancing, soul line dances have choreographed routines but the music is all soul, r & b and hip hop with music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and today.

Besides, you may already be a soul line dancer and don't even know it if you've done the "cupid shuffle" or "booty call", a couple of more common hip hop line dances you'll often see at weddings or clubs. If you wanna dip your toe into soul line dancing, you can even teach yourself at home. You're just a click away as there's a lot of hip hop/soul line dance instructional videos on YouTube.

Or come join me at class with Dee and Reggie in Temple Hills, Maryland. You'll also see me teaching a dance or two at Denise's Music2YourFeet classes in Glenarden. Lunchtime on Tuesdays & Thursdays, I'm at the D.C. Therapeutic Center in Anacostia from 1-3 pm with Vicki & Rita. I'd also look forward to seeing you at any of the line dance events and socials throughout D.C., Virginia & Maryland. See ya on da wood!

- Adrienne

Soul Line Dancing at the Southwest Waterfront in Washington, DC

Source: Adrienne Jenkins

Updated 5/15 & 6/6/2013

Your First Hip Hop Line Dance Song

"The Wobble"

Easy Beginner Soul Line Dance - "The Wobble" Music by V.I.C.

If you check out YouTube you'll see entire wedding parties getting down to "The Wobble". You could say that "The Wobble" is today's hip and happening "Electric Slide" that continues to provide just as much fun as what the "Macarena" did for parties in the 90s.

This dance is so easy, even a kid can do it. Check out the little kid up front groovin' out in the video below. You may also see this dance out in clubs where it's also known as "Nasty Girls" being done to a dance re-mix of an Aretha Franklin song.

A Couple Beginner Soul Line Dances to Try

"Booty Call" - Music K.C. Miami Mix by Blackstreet

Hip Hop Soul Line Dances

From Chris Brown to

From Chris Brown to Fat Joe - Videographer: Adrienne Jenkins

When I'm not dancing, I'm often behind the camera trying to videotape as much of the action as possible as there are so many awesome dancers and I want to be able to upload to YouTube and share their love of dance around the world.

"Call It Fonkee" - Filmed in Baltimore

Baltimore has some of the best hip hop dance mixes out there and the soul line dance community takes advantage of all the great dance music here on the East Coast to choreograph some thrilling dances.

"Baltimore Good Foot" - Videographer: Adrienne Jenkins

"Let's Get It Poppin'" - Choreographer: Bernadette Burnette

"Soul Food" Soul Line Dance - Music: "Collard Greens & Cornbread" Fantasia

This soul line dance, "Soul Food" choreographed to the Fantasia song "Collard Greens & Cornbread" by choreographer Lorenzo Go Lo Evans was at the top of the line dance charts on Carol Craven's "World Line Dance Newsletter" and has spread virally worldwide.

What's Kind of Video Camera Do I Use? - Flip Video MinoHD

Believe it or not, all the videos above were simply shot with a Flip Video MinoHD, not some fancy schmantzy camera that needs a tripod or is bulky. What I love above the smaller Mino size is that it's easy to schlep in your purse and thin enough to have handy in your pocket. Because it's not heavy, I can easily move about the dance floor to catch all the action. Plus with the small size, no subject I'm shooting gets too self conscious that they're on camera.

Flip MinoHD Video Camera 4 GB, 1 Hour (3rd Generation) - Silver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Flip MinoHD Video Camera 4 GB, 1 Hour (3rd Generation) - Silver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Surprisingly, the 60 minute Mino HD is sufficient time. I have attended 4 hour events and the 1 hour camera was just fine for taking 4 minute videos. I would never tape longer than that amount. Think about it -- being stuck behind the camera for longer than 2 hours is almost like a job and if you anticipate taking long videos, you might consider a different video camera. For the cheaper price, one hour was more than fine especially since you can delete videos immediately to free up disc space. So for catching dance videos on the fly, it works great.


When Country Meets Hip Hop Line Dancing

Hip Hop Soul Line Dancers Often Take a Classic Country Line Dance & Put Different Music To It To Give It A Whole New Twist

"El Paso" The Original Country Version - "Neon Moon" Brooks & Dunn

It's also a couples dance.

"El Paso" The Soul Line Dance Version - "Just Fine" Remix Mary J Blige w/Lil Wayne

Check out how much fun the dance becomes when you put an upbeat song to the same dance.

Me With My Luv2Dance Line Dance Family - Dances: "Rollout", Zoomba, "Island Life", "The A-List"

Soul Line Dance Luv2Dance
Soul Line Dance Luv2Dance

Photo Source: Adrienne Jenkins

Where to Take Soul Line Dance Classes

In the Washington DC Area


Just Us Every Monday & Wednesday

4410 Stamp Road just off St. Barnabas Rd.

Temple Hills, MD 20748

6:30pm to 8:00pm - Cost $5 per class

Visit our YouTube Channel

Our Facebook Page

Part of my joy in writing for Squidoo is that I'm location independent so I'm able to work and dance wherever I'm traveling. I've had the pleasure of line dancing in Barcelona, Spain and I hope to dance in even more countries some time soon to share my love of soul line dancing. Plus part of the year, I spend summers in Vancouver, Canada where I get back to my roots as a country line dancer and dance with Ember at the Marpole Community Center.

What are you some of your favorite hip hop soul line dances or country favorites?

Confessions of a Soul Line Dance Geek - I Love All Kinds of Dancing

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    • profile image

      mumsgather 5 years ago

      You've gone from losing your way halfway through to teaching a dance or two. Way to go!

    • youthministry profile image

      Paul Turner 5 years ago from Birmingham, Al.

      You are a brave soul. I am partial to the Cupid Shuffle.