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Updated on September 1, 2012


Does Hollywood Blogger Artist Have Something More Than Collages?

I came across a wonderful new artist who goes by the moniker "HOLLYWOOD BLOGGER ARTIST". She possesses imagination and has been around the town on a merry-go-'round. She's not a famous person, but more like some rebel who missed the Sixties and I am not talking about a child of the 1990's (X Generation), I am speaking of a woman who has experienced a lot of little things on a larger level, meaning she's been there, done that, as far as her blogs say.

If you go to Google and type "Donald Trump shares vision as ...", just like that, she is usually posts 1 and 2, which is so amazing to see. How does she do it? I hope we are going somewhere with this.

Her travels have brought her acclaim for infamous, not famous stints. For example, Sammy Shore who is connected with Mitzy Shore who owns The Comedy Store once told her "you got it, take it on the road". This was at a night class at Beverly Hills High School and he was sitting in the back of the class.

When this blogger artist was a child, her mother was affiliated with many celebrity types like old funny men George Burns and Jack Benny, whose agent was her mother's pal back then. They said, "Kid, you got it, take it to the limit,!"

Rick Kurtzman, a big agent at the agent Mecca CAA in Beverly Hills, once took a keen interest in this girl, but at that time she was green around the ears, and was too hyper, now she is just too old? I mean, he told her "not to quit her day job", and he simply moved on.

Hollywood Blogger Artist seems to have a need to be noticed. In the past she's launched many blogging campaigns, starting with herself in the mid 1990's, when people were first discovering the Yellow Pages online. This woman was already on the Internet (And there WAS an Internet back in the early 1980's).

This Hollywood Blogger can be mistaken for "crazed" "insane" "not of this Earth's thought processes", but if you dig deep enough you can see why. If you put "Train Hop Video lady" in Google, you'll see she takes up the whole first page Google and beyond!.

It's not a specific word anymore, just juggle some of the main words in this article and you might stumble across her! Or try "Blogger novelist artist" "Blogger better than Perez Hilton" "Blogger Queen writer artist"or just "Blogger Queen viral video artist" you'll get her. Oh, okay, you can try "Leslie Siegel Blogger", and you might do better, especially how this article makes some feel dizzy with syntax technique... Sorry!

The bottom line for Hollywood Blogger Artist is that she can be just about any character she wants on the net though she wouldn't pretend to be someone like First Lady Obama, LOL --- and no schemes! It's just to get her blogs blogged, her story seen and read, or her cool interesting viral videos noticed, maybe not by Lady Gaga or Simon, but smaller groups of people, perhaps the Train Hopping community (Hmmm, maybe not Lady)!

The Hollywood Blogger Artist did get the attention of Train Hoppers, and it was not a pretty sight. She decided she was going to make a blog of the Train Hoppers Secret Crew Change guide, a virtual storytellers booklet to riding the railroads free all over the US/Canada and Mexico! Somehow this crazy hippie lady got a hold of the Crew Change and caused havoc with the Train Hoppers who started leaving messages on her Internet message phone.

She immediately posted the offensive Train Hopper messages along with a funny message back at them, through YouTube, then a blog. The Train Hopper's sometimes raunchy messages are not edited nor bleeped. Take a listen here:, or click the link in this article at the top.

The Hollywood Blogger Artist decided to do her Blogger first page Google thing for anyone who asked. She barely charged or rarely, especially now, it's a free service she offers. She is happy with her theater director husband living in Beverly Hills CA for the last 20 odd so years now. She also blogs people that have a message or product, but she never charges anymore. It's not worth it and it has become easier to make the blogs with no pressure, then spread them to Facebook, My Space and Yada Yada Land... Hollywood Land for a better name.

This Hollywood offbeat cool blogger artist can be found on YouTube, Zimbio, and most search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yatado, Bing, and many others, too many to name, but the major Google engines do pick up the Blogger Artist.

Just type TOP BLOGGER ARTIST VIRAL VIDEOS and see what you get, it will most probably be her on the first page. Already if you type "COOL HOLLYWOOD BLOGGER ARTIST" you get this girl's collage video on Youtube, and some viral stations like Front Page, and the usual "read 'em and skim" sites. is the best bet now for Blogger Artists like her. Anyhow, if you dig a bit you will find out more on her.

Okay, so she compromised with the brusque Train Hoppers and took down the Video Secret Crew Change Guide, but kept the messages they left, which you can find if you put "TRAIN HOPPERS MEAN PHONE MESSAGES!" on Google. Or just listen to them here......!

Any questions, check out the links! Thanks, and have fun, she is talented, but has a BIG MOUTH, as Eartha Kitt, her mother's best pal (R.I.P. EARTHA KITT) said when this Hollywood comedy artist was a kid.

Maybe fame was never meant for her, so she craved the attention, and, at times made an impact. If you Google her name, you'll see she's been razzed, appraised and put on Amazon all in the same period of being on the net since 1984, when it was in its infancy.

Blogger Artist chick has written many books, coffee table types, and they've sold here and there, but there seems to be a blockage. Even when she met her idol David Carradine, and had a chance to get her first lover back, even met the man of her dreams, and finally met a nice theater director who is quiet, laid back and inward, living a quiet life on the outskirts of Beverly Hills CA, some may wonder: Who is she? Why is she doing it? When is her time coming? Some have hinted that she'll be hitting the comedy circuit as soon as she gets off her arse and takes the Comedy writing work shop with Jerry Corley.

Look for this chick to reinvent herself before 2012 is out. In the meantime, check out her antics in these links. She's a riot. But to many, maybe a fly in the soup, stupid or even Jackass-ish, not Warhol-ish, as she is being type-cast as. You be the judge, and the public can be a mean angry judge, so she is ready. Geez, after those train hoppers (in this article) left those messages of hate and mean spirited jest, Blogger Artist decided to hide herself away, but not for long. STAY TUNED FOR MORE!


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    • profile image

      Captain B 6 years ago

      Very talented lady. Excellent collages.

    • Leslie_Siegel profile image

      Katie Seagal 6 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      James Tall · Friends with Jeff Jancarek and 11 others

      I don't know what is going on here...

      3 hours ago via mobile · Unlike ·

      Elayne Boosler I know!

      Trish Rodolff

      I'm just confused.

      Carole A. Parker

      I'm scared.

      Elayne Boosler Haha.

      James Tall

      Who's Mom?

      Rob Marinko


      Elayne Boosler Just the syntax in the article had me dizzy. My favorite, "Look her name up on google, but I can't tell you what it is".

      Glen Fleetwood r

      She hit me up for a dollar outside Whole Earth Foods. Anyone NOT KNOW it was Traveltown?

      James Tall

      I feel like I dropped some window pane!

      Elayne Boosler I feel like I fell out a window.

      Trish Rodolff

      If you watch it slow it's not bad. At least i'm not confused anymore. :)

      Rob Marinko

      Who killed Paul?

      Trish Rodolff

      ?@Rob,The Walrus done him in.

      Leslie Siegel OMG, I don't know what to make of all these comments. @Elayne what do you mean dizzy? @James What do you mean? @Glen It wasn't her who hit you up for cash, why say such a mean thing? @Elayne This was an experiment, did it fail, it supposed to be a bit confusing.

      Trish Rodolff

      ?@ Leslie, This is only my observation but it was unclear to me as to what it was as I was watching it. It seemed like the collage was almost a puzzle or mystery to be solved such as something out of a crime novel. I mean no offense this is just my opinion.

      Leslie Siegel ?@Trish, no offense taken, it says in article, the public can be a cruel mean judge, but I don't take it wrong, but what you said about the collage is what effect it was supposed to give. So don't worry, just as though Elayne doesn't mind I have it here. I take no offense, only can get better and as was said in article "...get off the arse and get to the comedy workshop, then up on stage to explain myself better!"

      Trish Rodolff

      ?@Leslie, I did not originally see it on this page but the internet and I believe what I had originally seen was not the actual article in context. I had only really seen just the collage so it made it difficult to figure out. It was something I had seen on the plane on the way home from the film festival. I had missed your article so I will read it now since I am finally home.

      Leslie Siegel ?@Elayne Syntax???? OMG, Boo hoo to me, but I said to judge it, I can take it: syntax - definition and examples of syntax In English grammar (1) The study of the rules that govern the ways words combine to form phrases, clauses, and sentences. (2) The arrangement of words in a sentence. What is really that bad, would it be okay if I said it was written to make you say that??? LOL!

    • profile image

      HOPE HOLIDAY 6 years ago