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Disappointed by How I Met Your Mother Season 5?

Updated on December 18, 2012

Has How I Met Your Mother Season 5 disappointed you?

I am huge fan of How I Met Your Mother. A lot of people say that it is the new "Friends", and I could not agree more; actually I consider it even better. The whole idea of the father telling his kids how he met their mother is just original. I have really enjoyed this sitcom since the very first episode, and with time it just kept getting better and better... until Season 5 arrived.

Now it seems to me that the writers are not really giving their best. I am not getting the same excitement I used to feel with the other seasons. The first episodes I did not make a big deal of it, but now we are on episode 9, and I am still disappointed.

So, How I Met Your Mother Season 5: is it disappointing you? were you expecting more? Maybe is everything you wanted and more. But not for me!

Just to remember you how great this sitcom was, I give you my review of all the seasons. Any HIMYM fan out there? I would love to get your feedback on this!

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How I Met Your Mother Season 1

Kids... let me tell you this story!

The beginning of a great sitcom on September 2005. The five main characters were introduced: Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky.

We can see a Ted Mosby stealing a blue French horn for Robin (Purple Giraffe), Marshall and Lily trying to do "classy grown up things" and then escaping from them from their third-floor bathroom window (The Sweet Taste of Liberty) and Barney being the Master of disguise! (The Slutty Pumpkin). Ted and Marshall sword fight for the appartment (The Duel), Lily learns the secret recipe for "The Ericksen family seven-layer salad" (Belly Full of Turkey), Ted wakes up with a pineapple (The Pineapple Incident) and Lily kicks Korean Elvis in the nards! (Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM).

How can we forget the office war between a guy named "Clark Butterfield" and Barney/Marshall? (Milk) or Ted performing a rain dance? (Come On)

Robin Sparkles
Robin Sparkles

How I Met Your Mother Season 2...

Let's go to the mall... today!

Where were we? Oh yes, Season 2!

Marshall finds a "special" friend to join him for brunch, concerts and musicals (World's Greatest Couple), Barney gets a cool new name (Swarley), the Slap Bet is introduced and we see the first video of the teenager pop start Robin Sparkles, Let's Go to the Mall (Slap Bet). We meet Barney's black gay brother James (Single Stamina), Ted invents the "Sensory Deprivator 5000" (Monday Night Football), Barney runs for the New York City Marathon (Lucky Penny) and Marshall shaves his head minutes before his wedding (Something Borrowed).

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How I Met Your Mother Season 3

It's going to be Legen ... wait for it...

dary! This season is Legendary!

Robin comes back from Argentina with her new exotic boyfriend "Gael" (Wait for It), Ted and Barney pose as tourists to pick up girls (We're Not from Here), Ted goes for "The Belt" (Third Wheel), we get to know the crazy / hot scale (How I Met Everyone Else) and presence the birth of a new holiday! (Slapsgiving).

Not enough? Ok... Ted gets a tramp stamp (The Platinum Rule), we get to see Britney Spears hitting on Ted (Ten Sessions), learn about the base of Corporate America (The Chain of Screaming) and see Ted and Barney surviving from 2 different accidents (Miracles)

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The Playbook: Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome.
The Playbook: Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome.

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Marshall Eriksen
Marshall Eriksen

How I Met Your Mother Season 4

Works 2 out of 3 times!

The gang and Regis Philbin going for "The Best Burger in New York", 80-year old Barney hitting on 22 year-old girls (Intervention), another new holiday is introduced (Not a Father's Day), and we get to know a technique that works two out of three times! (The Naked Man). Ted and Barney get an opportunity to run their own bar (Three Days of Snow), they prove they are not too old for that "stuff" (Murtaugh), Barney and Marshall seduce Ted SMS style (The Three Days Rule) and Ted gets an offer to design a murder house (As Fast as She Can)

This is for the ladies!

Don The Duck
Don The Duck

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How I Met Your Mother Season 5

What happened here?

It was a good start. We all wanted to see Robin and Barney as a couple, and I personally was very excited about this new season. After 4 awesome seasons, I never thought this could happen.

Don't get me wrong: I'm still a huge fan. I wait for every Monday night to watch the new episode, and I enjoy it. Just not as much as I used to.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of episodes that I did enjoy very much: "Bagpipes" and "The Playbook".

We see for the first time Lily's dad (who I actually do not find that old to be her dad...), and Marshall maniacally plans his next slap to Barney (Slapsgiving 2 Revenge of the Slap). We get Barney to wear an overall over his suit (The Window), the gang tries to quit smoking meanwhile Lily gets a "sexy" voice (Last Cigarette Ever), Barney has to take a tough decision (Girls vs. Suits), and Marshall "almost" has an affair with another woman (Jenkins).

So, from these last episodes, I actually liked: The Window (Barney landing on girls wearing an overall!) and Last Cigarette Ever.

Barney's Perfect Week, starring "Cook Poo" was pretty nice (Perfect Week), we also get to know "Teddy West Side" and a different future awaits our beloved Robin (Rabbit or Duck).

Back to episode 16... Can you stand up against a teacup pig? (Hooked), Barney says NO to Jennifer Lopez (Of Course) and always looks good on pictures (Say Cheese). Instead, watch episode 19 to discover wether Marshall was mugged by a monkey! (Zoo or False), Ted buys his first dream? home (Home Wreckers), Ted and Barney try to win Robin back (Twin Beds).

The fourth doppelgänger comes into scene (Robots Vs. Wrestlers) and Tony publishes one of the best movies of all times (The Wedding Bride)

And.... Finally... the last episode: Doppelgangers

We finally find the last doppelganger... (sure about that?). If you were wondering how Ted would look blond just watch this episode, and are Robin and Don heading to a dead end?

Do you agree or disagree?

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