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How to Build a Lightsaber

Updated on December 21, 2013

So you like Lightsabers.... Personalize your Lightsaber here

If you are here, then it means you are a great lightsaber fan. That is not a big surprise. A survey shows the lightsaber is the most popular weapon in film history.

But this lense isn't about lightsabers in general - it's how to build them. So, my young padawan, I'll teach you how to build a lightsaber, how to make sure you got the right parts and the right method for it being personalized just for you. Yeap, that's right, using the info from this lense you will find out which crystal to use, and all the specifications to make a lightsaber of your own.

If you are curious on how the saber can be personalized.

Just read on through.

LENS UPDATE: Wow, this lens became my most visited one! Thank you everyone!

Understanding the Lightsaber - The blueprint - Energy Cell, Emitter, Lens, Crystal... so many dept

Take a good look at the scheme above, It's the blueprint of the lightsaber, you can pretty much get all the info just by reading, as the description is very straightforward. It may seem scary at first because of all the components, but remember - the hilt is just to hold the 4 main components of a Lightsaber, which are:

- Energy Cell

- Emitter

- Lens

- Crystals

Beneath, I'll teach you how to choose the proper parts, I will not focus on the hilt because its just a stock component you can customize the way you want and its available throughout the galaxy - it will not influence your bond with the lightsaber or its performance.

Ignition and Retraction of All Lightsabers in the Movies

Choosing the Right Energy Cell

Carefully think about what are you going to fight...

Im going through the most used energy cells - based on their properties, choose the one you think will work better for you.

- Diatium Power Cell:

The Diatium Power Cell is powered through massive concentrations of trumponium gas. Basically speaking, its power is such that it allows the plasma beam to be highly concentrated so your blade will be extra "sharp" and focused.

Its ideal to fight other Jedis or Sith, as you want your blade to stay focused - not dissipating its power on contact with your opponent saber...

Due to the power cell's natural recharging abilities (a recharge socket was usually required), it was ideal for a melee weapon such as a lightsaber. If assembled correctly, a power cell could last indefinitely and require no further maintenance from the operator.

- Telgorn Jolt Cell:

The Telgorn Jolt Cell is a cell that electrifyies the blade. Your lightsaber will be less focused, but it will unleash a strong jolt upon contact, electrocuting your opponents and sometimes killing them instantly. This is a good option if you are going to fight in wars, as many soldiers use vibroblades or energy defflectors - your jolt enters here, being conducted through the blade of your opponent or bypassing the energy shield.

- Ion Energy Cell:

The Ion Energy Cell is the perfect choice for the Jedis that know they are going to do some droid killing. The Cell adds an Ion pulse to the lightsaber, making unleash EMP energy on impact - which badly disrupts any electronic circuits, disabling security systems and droids alike.

The blade has a bigger dissipating rate but that also allows for a more efficient blaster fire defense and reflection.

Energy Cells - They are all good and have different properties, which one do you find better?

Great Stuff on Amazon - Lightsabers, some with FX and everything

Choosing the Right Emitter - Think about your Fighting Style

The Emitter is a vital component, because this one is where all the customizing starts. Different Emitters influence a LOT so you have to be careful to choose the right one.

- Disrupting Emitter:

This Emitter creates an unsteady beam that is capable of wreaking havoc on your victim's nervous system. However and because of that unsteady beam, attacks are harder to parry.

Choose this Emitter if you are a quick style fighter, able to dodge better than you parry. If you can compensate the parrying difficulty with your agility, this emitter will surely help you by sabotaging your opponents ability and providing you with a great advantage.

- Phobium Emitter:

The Phobium Emitter is extremely powerful and is used by the Fourth Form Jedi/Sith Fighters - The Aggression Form.

Its very heavy and the hardest to wield, it requires a lot of strength, but if you are the muscle powerfull-agressive type this is the Emitter for you.

- Fencing Emitter:

There is not much to say about this emitter rather than - Easier to Parry Lightsaber attacks, but harder to deflect blaster bolts. Use if you are going to be in close-ranged combat - avoid it if on an open war.

- Deflection Emitter:

This Emitter is the favourite of the Third Form Fighters - The Resilience Form. Its built especially to deflect incoming blaster shots and its the emitter you should take if you are going to war. Its bearers are known for withstanding whole battery cells of discharging proton and blaster fire.

So, choose your emitter and add it to the Energy Cell and hilt.... your lightsaber is gaining shape by now...

Choosing your Lens

A Lightsaber's lens, not a squidoo one

The lense is another of the 4 main components of Lightsaber Construction.

- Dragite Lens:

This lens is an enhacer lens. Though the focusing crystal has the job of focusing your blade light and intensity, the Dragite Lens helps it to get focused even better.

- Byrothsis Lens:

This lense enhaces the focusing even better than the Dragite Lens, but at the expense of Blaster Deflection Ability. Choose it if planning to challenge a Jedi/Sith.

- Vibration Lens:

The Vibration Lens is a lense that vibrates at high rates, making the blade scatter to deflect blaster shots better - losing power.

- Kunda Lens:

Made from the Kunda Stone, this lense made the blade light appease the nervous system and calm you down. Good for great stressers and anxious persons.

Choosing the Right Crystal

The color choice is pure aesthetics theoretically speaking. But in the moment it affects you, how you get percieved and can influence the outcome of battle. Id advise you not to stick with one color, as there are few individuals that are a standard of any of these values. Combine two crystals to form the perfect lightsaber for your personality.

Red Crystal:

The Red Crystal makes the lightsaber red, like the one most sith lords possess. Red Lightsabers inspire fear in the opponents heart - because its the symbol of the fallen jedi, and fallen jedis always have lots of death in their hearts. Anger, Hatred, Power, Brutality - These are the values the color represents.

Green Crystal

The Green Crystal is usually used by Jedi Consulars. It Makes an Enemy fearfull of your Force Powers and mind altering abilities, so many of them think twice if they have a weak Force Control. Green represents wisdom, manipulation, self control, intelligence.

Blue Crystal:

The most common crystals. These are usually worn by Jedi Guardians. Jedi Guardians are specialized in Lightsaber dueling and overall fighting. Honor, Courage, Strength - these are the values the Blue Represents.

Purple Crystal: These crystals are used by the Jedis that want to be different, as they are very rare. The bearers needed to go on long and hard journeys to retrieve it so it symbolizes determination, persistence, motivation. Pride is a value here, and that is why most purple lightsaber bearers tend to fall to the darkside.

Yellow Crystal:

These crystals were usually worn by Jedi Sentinels, They represent Dexterity, Agility, Cunning and Stealth.

I remember my young padawans there is no harm in combining two crystals.

So - this is my result

My Lightsaber has the following components:

Diatium Power Cell

Disrupting Emitter

Kunda Lens

Blue + Green Crystals

Thanks for reading

Comment below and tell me yours!

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