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How to Create Eye-Catching Whiteboard Videos with VideoScribe?

Updated on October 3, 2013

WhiteBoard Videos and VideoScribe (Sparkol)

It's time to go expert and use VideoScribe that's accessible in the iPad or just as a Desktop application. You'll manage output of your films to Quicktime, mov or flv format. As a Pro Member take advantage of your Video output that will probably be accessible for you to resell your work or mark it as your personal.

Sparkol's aim is to offer a simpler but extremely creative and innovative way to really get your own message out across thousands of people. At this point you don't have any idea about how to create a video. You may not have created a single video before using this tool. You can learn how to create a video like the one above by simply going through the tutorial videos in the member's area. And it will just take a few minutes of your time to create a video. Sparkol has made its video demos extremely simple, so that a newbie can even take the maximum advantage of all its features.

Listed below are a few tips that will assist you in understanding and following your viral video creation and marketing concepts.A Lot of information is also available on the sparkol site on resources to create engaging videos

  1. It isn't sufficient to produce a video without considering, branding, within your viral video advertising techniques. Be certain that in every video you generate there's something which identifies you inside the video itself.
  2. Your branding must be non-intrusive but simple to recall. It must show up during your video to make sure that even if a piece of the video is performed your business name is observable. Together with a brand for the creative movies remember these suggestions to make your viral video advertising a success with those you mean to target.
  3. To begin with, be certain you understand your audience. With this you need to give consideration to what your market is searching for and use language and images proper for them. Then you'll not be inclined to share your videos in your social networks and consequently your audience if you're not confident about your own message for your intended goal will not possibly.
  4. Hold your audience interactive by offering a challenge they could finish, either by a reply or finishing a job. Interaction will aid your audience remember your movie as they employ lessons learned.
  5. Finally, constantly keep this hint in head in order for the viral video advertising to, properly, go viral, and make sure to keep it social.
  6. A fire to talk about your message, innovative videos with Sparkol, and an audience prepared to share and receive that, now, that's a combination.

Example of a Video Created with VideoScribe

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