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How to play the harmonica for beginners

Updated on June 20, 2013
Harmonicas my favorite:)
Harmonicas my favorite:)

The many styles of harmonicas

  • Some things to remember about harmonicas when buying one
  • Each type of harmonica brand varies in it's own price.
  • There are two types of harmonicas diatonic and the chromatic
  • Two types of music that you can play are the blues and the folk

The diatonic harmonica- it is one of the most similar harmonicas as well as also being one of the cheapest to buy. It tunes to a certain key that cannot be changed even if you wanted to for the least bit they can also be tuned by the C key.

Some of the types of harmonicas that a diatonic harmonica can have are the.....

  • Blues harmonicas
  • tremolo harmonica
  • Octave harmonica

Being it a perfect example that can distinguish the tremolo and the blues harmonica are that the tremolo comes from East Asia and the blues belongs to the Western region.

For starters the harmonica is a small and unique musical instrument that anyone can learn how to play with a certain amount of practice it plays a variety of different types of music from all over the world within different cultures. At first if you are watching somebody else play the instrument it may seem confusing and challenging to play it but if you ever decide one day in your life to play it it becomes fun and interesting to learn.

In this article you can find out about the certain steps that require for a person to master the instrument of the harmonica.

Chromatic Harmonica

This harmonica contains a mechanical apparatus which controls the holes that make the noises when making music the easy chromatic harmonicas with 10 holes they work with one whole key all-together. Otherwise the chromatic harmonicas can come with 12 - 16 holes they can be tuned with any type of key they are known to be much more expensive in price than the diatonic harmonicas that is one of the differences.

- Chromatic harmonicas are musical instruments with flexibility interestingly the ones with 12 holes are known to play jazz music.

- Another name that you can also call the harmonica is called the harp.

Some other names for a harmonica are....

  • French harp
  • blues harp

Learning the easy playing techniques

When playing the harmonica you have to learn how to blow in your new musical instrument in order to make a note select a hole any hole you want that is into the mouthpiece and try to blow as slowly as possible. The neighboring of holes is what rather causes a harmony right away another thing that you can do is to blow three holes at the same time to start a sound of music make sure to change from one hole to another to play chords with multiple holes. The type of playing that I just finished mentioning to you is named the straight harp or another name for it can be first position.

So when you are doing blowing movements in your harmonica something that you will realize is that your lips are the ones that do all of the work to make music however it's best to have greater control over the amount of music notes that you play and so that you learn to use the blade of the tongue in order to cover the holes.

The amount of air that you make is how the notes change

If you always remember to get air across the reeds in a soft mode then breathe in to get a note up the step and also if you breathe in and out in the mouthpiece then you have a better chance of getting all of the notes your harmonica is tuned for.

  • Now this type of play is known as the "cross harp" or the "second position" meanwhile the notes made for the cross harp sound good for blue riffs.
  • When you own a chromatic harmonica you can practice pushing and sliding the button so that you can control the different musical notes you produce.

Another playing technique that you can practice doing to become a harmonica player expert is by using a C tuned diatonic harmonica to create a playing a scale the C scale has to be up 4 and then climb up 7 where the pattern of the scale is repeated but not on the 7th hole where it is switched draws in first then on the outside. One thing to understand is that the scale is only finished correctly when it is only on the C diatonic tune harp a good thing is that you are also allowed as a player to play other types of music when using the other scales and another second great thing about this is that you might not need some of the lost notes that might not be on the scale of the instrument.

Practice makes perfect

Finally do not stop playing the notes over and over again until you feel truly satisfied with them but go from one note to another and when you feel that you are doing good in controlling the level of playing in the harmonica then that is when you can feel free to play easy songs and go over the songs to get better at them. You can search for some sample of tableture songs such as: California dreaming,Bye Bye Love, and Amazing Grace.

As you are playing a few of the several notes make sure to add some texture the other process in the harmonica playing is to maintain your control calm when making three to two chard playings from a song any song that is by practicing to play two to three music not chords it will help you to maintain your mouth and breathing at a certain level while using the instrument and otherwise making the songs more exciting to hear and not boring.

Something to remember

Use a chord after every phrase or verse and one of the main important things is to feel good as you are changing from one note to a bunch of notes at the same time. One other thing playing the harmonica is not only about learning to play it but also about having fun and enjoying along the way.


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