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I Am Proud to Have Been a Band Geek!

Updated on August 9, 2016

If you couldn't find me check the music department.

In this I am not kidding. More than once there was a call that they were looking for me and the first place that they checked was the music department. The teachers know that during study hall I had an open pass for the music department. It was interesting to say the least. I was part of every group but one. As you will see as you look down this page there were a few of them. This paid off when I went to college. My two year school had only a jazz band. When I left they also had a chorus started. So take note when it comes to music it is something that I enjoyed doing and still enjoy. With that said please enjoy this lens.

This image I had found a few years ago.

Can I play 4th position?
Can I play 4th position?


I started playing trombone in fifth grade. That was back in the 70's for those of you interested in how old I am. Also how long I have been playing and interested in music. It was interesting each year and through out the school year people were challenging each other. Trying to take the first seat. I was the weird one. I went for the 4th position because I preferred the lower notes. So I didn't get solos. That was not important. Playing was. A good example of this type of challenge is in the movie Drum Line. Where you had one drummer challenge another.

Look I can carry a note
Look I can carry a note


There were three chorus groups. I was in two of them. So as you can tell this was the only group that I was not part of. There was one time that our chorus had done several songs from Fiddler On The Roof and I was the one who did the dad part of Sun Rise Sun Set.

Sunrise Sunset

Sing for the day

Sing for the moment

Sing for the time of your life

— Sing For The Day by Styx
Yes I have played my trombone in bed
Yes I have played my trombone in bed


Yes I know that this picture does not match the others but it is the one that came into my head when I listed this category. The orchestra needed trombone players too. So I said sure. It was music related I was there. Did I get credits? Didn't know, didn't care.

Sorry with this picture I had to add the video.

Music is fun - Smile
Music is fun - Smile

Jazz Band

Oh look another chance to hang out in the music department. This also helped bring out another memory and goal. That was from watching the Lawrence Welk show with my grandfather. The trombones were there and looked like we did when we were in concert. This goal was met. Add into that the Glenn Miller Story. Seeing someone becoming popular by playing the trombone.

What most of the pictures are about
What most of the pictures are about

Marching Band

OK Trombones in the front line. Everyone will guide to the tallest one in the front row. Hmm that was me. I was good and only misbehaved once. Slow down speed up move back and forth. Only happened during a rehearsal not while actually preforming. I also had a scarf that was long enough to cover everyone in the row across - there were five of us.

Marching in parades was easy. Performing at games or in competition that was hard. We understood that if someone got in the way go through them or you would get marked off. Trust me with a trombone you had a lot of room that you had to work with. I only hit one judge.

Final note. My wife was a drum majorette. Not for my school but still another thing to help bring us together.

Bring back the Dewie Decimal System
Bring back the Dewie Decimal System


Yes I helped organize the music for the whole department. It started with one, the chours and migrated through out the whole department.

Music related movies

If you liked the pictures used on this page,then you will love the show that they came from. Not much of a SpungeBob fan. But this is the the exception to the rule.

The Glenn Miller Story

This is one that I have watched many times. Starting with TV then VHS and now DVD. And as the trombone player how could i not love this one.

Little Brown Jug

Feel free to leave me a note.

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    • KandDMarketing profile image

      KandDMarketing 5 years ago

      I was more of an "orchestra" geek, but I guess that's pretty much the same thing ;) I've always kept music as a huge part of my life and will do so, even if all I can do is to twitch a finger to some inner song in my mind! Thanks for the great lens!

    • MargaritasWorld profile image

      Margarita Boettcher 5 years ago from Morrison, Colorado

      Band Geeks Unite! My middle son is in high school marching band(pit) and winter percussion. I have never seen a group of harder working kids in my life! When he first started last year as freshman he came home and said, "Mom, I found my people!" btw thanks for visiting my LOD yesterday:)