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Image To Sexy Do They Get What They Deserve What Image Do They Portray

Updated on March 20, 2012

Where Do You Draw the Line Between Sexy and Asking For It?

Do they get assaulted because they dressed to sexy? What image do we give them? Maybe they got what we taught them by the image we gave them to portray.

I was hopping through some hubs the other day and came across one that ruffled my feathers along with some comments. If you haven’t had the opportunity please go to “ The slut walk in Toronto” it's a great hub with videos.

There are very few things that get me “fired up” in life any more and this was one. When a police officer gets in front of students and tells them not to dress like sluts and they won’t be sexually harassed or assaulted, it is something that pulls the trigger pretty quick.
Then when the comments give a morsel of significance to the fact they get what they deserve, validated by the way they dress, I just had to write this article

Society and Image

We live in a society where if you are young, (realize I’m 50++ so that qualifies anyone under 30) you have an image to portray.  Whether it is one that is gothic in nature, gang influenced, nerd related, stuffy, jock, preppy, etc. it is one that labels them to that entity.   It also gives a name to their style.  Example- I was in the mall the other day and two young men and what appeared to be one of their girlfriends walked by.  As they passed I heard one say “Hey, you’ve got some sweet cheeks, don’t you?”  I turned and glared knowing that they weren’t talking about me, but just the comment, and then felt like an idiot.  They stopped and were standing in front of Victoria Secret which had these huge pictures of models in lingerie with the logo “Sweet Cheeks”.  Lesson one noted and put in the think tank.  Then as I was walking past the other stores there was “The Body Shop, Spencers, and all these other department stores whose windows were filled with some of the most provocative clothing imaginable, all knowing that it was what would attract the public to come inside.

Take a look at some of the models and the clothing they’re modeling its not like their getting ready for a game of chess.  Then take a look at some of the stars, it’s all about image.

Most of Us Strive for Their Bodies Whether We Wear the Clothes Or Not

Most of us strive for the bodies to wear the clothes, just take a look at the multi billion dollar diet industry. It doesn’t mean were going to wear them, so many just want to know they could if they wanted to.

How is it that we criticize the images we gave them to portray. Like it or not it’s on the news, videos, movies, new tv shows, etc., etc.. Take a look at the reality shows today, America’s Next Top Model, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Biggest Loser, etc., all striving for that image or to get there. It doesn’t matter if it’s your clothes, hair, make up, accessories, we all strive for that certain image or look, whether your 5, 15, 25, or 55 etc.

I’m the first to admit when I’m hanging around a friend of mine and she has on a tank top tucked in, and some low rise jeans (should have been a model) I’m the first to say “You are such a AAAAhhh” and I am so jealous. It’s reality. We all want attention otherwise the entire clothing, hair and make up industry would be out of business. Do I wear tank tops, shorts (Capri‘s for me), low rise jeans, etc? Of course not. Why? Because I don’t want everyone to see my jiggle wiggle when I walk, but that’s my choice. Would I wear them if I had her body? You bet your *#* I would, in a heartbeat.


Th Fact Is

Sexual assault and rape is not about sex  It’s about power, dominance, control, and sometimes about the inconceivable sick abuse they have encountered themselves.  If you watched the first video in the hub I referenced earlier, you hear the news commentator talk about two men breaking into the girls dorm room and raping them.  At what point does that have anything to do with what they were wearing. 

There is not an individual on the face of this earth that ever deserves to be raped, ever!

People write about it, talk about it, make videos about it, tv shows about it, radio shows, it’s on the news, sex, sex, sex, and image, image, image.   You’ve got the best dressed, the worst dressed, and the “What were you thinking?”  People make millions of dollars on images everyday, it's the image that feeds their family, some just choose to ignore it when it gets personal..

Think of all the topless or nude beaches, models, stars, etc., are they all asking for it?

Food for Thought   Have an Incredible Day


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