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Iron Maiden Peace of mind Eddie Mask

Updated on June 8, 2014

Iron Maiden Eddie Mask from Piece of Mind

Yikes! Its the gruesome monster that follows metal heroes Iron Maiden around on stage, roars like a wounded lion and frightens small children! Eddie comes to life for anyone who wants it with this amazing latex mask that you can wear to amaze, scare or cheese off your friends!

What more can I say about this incredible attraction bringer? Just wear some old, worn out clothes, put on the mask and you can become the center of attraction at any heavy metal party. That is unless everyone else has the same idea. Which is probably not likely, but you never know!

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Eddie is of course the band's mascot and a giant figure runs onto stage during their live concerts to signal the start of the band's signature song, "Iron Maiden". It totally rocks!

Iron Maiden Latex Mask Eddie Piece of Mind Review

This is my own personal take on this extremely cool mask of my favourite heavy metal band mascot, Eddie!

NECA Iron Maiden Eddie Piece Of Mind Costume Latex Mask 33791
NECA Iron Maiden Eddie Piece Of Mind Costume Latex Mask 33791

This mask is based on the cover of the now classic 1983 album Piece of Mind that featured Eddie with his head shaved and trying to escape from a straight jacket!

It does justice to the original artwork and looks amazingly gruesome when worn. You can choose to wear it to a costume party, a themed gig or just to try and scare the living daylights our of your girlfriend... or girlfriend's little sister if she annoys you!

The mask is made out of latex and is pretty comfortable to wear, although you probably wouldn't want to get too inebriated and fall asleep wearing it! Its a great talking point at any gathering of metal fans!

For sad blokes, you could even get a mannequin dress it up in suitable gear and put the mask on it and carry it around like it's your best friend. Ok, don't do that!


Gotta Love Maiden!

When I first saw these guys in the Ruskin Arms in East Ham (East London) I was blown away. It was back in something like 1978 (the dates will be a little fuzzy as most of the time, reality was a little fuzzy around that time...) and I only chanced upon one of their gigs as I didn't tend to head out east much, preferring the music bars of North London nearer to where I lived.

The pub itself as I remember was a bit of a shithole, but then most music pubs that hosted rock bands tended to be pretty basic. Not all that big either, so when Maiden came on, the volume was deafening! They were a bit rough round the edges, but the music was original and I hadn't heard anything like it before. It had a hard edge with Steve Harris's driving toppy bass really driving it along. I was playing a bit of bass even back then, so I was accustomed to listening to the music I was hearing and tuning into each instrument. Still do now.

Maiden were amazing and I remember leaving the boozer a lot happier than I went in. And nothing to do with the watered down piss I was drinking either...

I'm listing the early albums up to 1984 because after that they started doing what they said they would never do - they used a synth! Gaaaarrrrhhh

Ok, it was a guitar synth, but what happened to "No synthesizers or ulterior motives"? Anyhow, the first 5 albums were the best in my opinion anyway!

What's Yer Favourite Early Maiden Album?

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Great Eddie Masks on Amazon - Buy Iron Maiden Eddie Mask Amazon!

Iron Maiden Aces High 1985 - This Rocks!

Iron Maiden: Rime of the Ancient Mariner Live

This has to be my favourite Maiden track live. Steve Harris is sooo busy on bass and that slow break in the middle is pure genius!

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