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Blurred Lines Review from a quasi-feminist perspective!

Updated on July 21, 2015
Flora Crew profile image

Flo is a "professional student" with degrees in psychology and an assoc. in computer programming and operations. She grades papers online.

Robin Thicke is a sexy looking dude, no doubt about it. The question is whether or not the lyrics to "Blurred Lines" are sexy or off-putting. My sociology professor at Oakton Community College showed us a link to the video of the album so that we could judge for ourselves. The weird part about it was that I had already seen a parody of the album by some New Zealand feminists before I saw the Thicke video advertising the album. In the video advertising the album men are clothed and women more or less unclothed while the opposite happens in the Auckland parody. Another irony was that the Auckland video was pulled quite frequently but not so much the Thicke video. My professor thought women were treated disrespectfully in "Blurred Lines." Women wanted to be "good girls" but were much more sexual than men and could not be "domesticated" by their partners.

However, as my professor pointed out there is more than one feminist perspective. One feminist might be insulted while another might appreciate Thicke's advertising of her sexual nature. Intrigued by this possible dilemma, I looked up the lyrics to some of the other songs on the album. In "Feeling good" Robin asks "Would you stay for me?" or "Would you stray for me?" He sounds pretty sexy there and he is definitely acknowledging more equality than in the previous song. I decided maybe Thicke is just liberated.

"For the rest of my life" is another song on the album that might cause parents everywhere to wince. The protagonist is not yet twenty and had the girl before he could drive a car. Oh la la.

The music itself is pleasing and the lyrics a girl will just have to live with or think of her own zingers to accompany the album with, I guess. At any rate the album has gotten so much attention you might as well get a copy of it so you can decide for yourself about its politics.

Intellectually speaking...

Ok, I am going to be an egghead here. Just to give you some ideas, here are some books on the subject. Their discourse might help you see where the Oakton professor was coming from when he suggested that we students review the video. I myself am not a hardcore feminist but I do think there is a fine line between free speech and oppression. Think Duck Dynasty here. Naomi Wolfe is no prude. I heard her speak at the Evanston Library about the sexuality of women. I guess the big question is can one not be a feminist without being anti-feminist. Sexuality exists in both men and women. When men are expressing their sexuality, do they have to suppress or oppress women? Do the lyrics in Robin Thicke's album celebrate male sexuality or male oppression.

Women, Feminism and the Media: Women, Feminism and Media (Media Topics)
Women, Feminism and the Media: Women, Feminism and Media (Media Topics)

What do you think? Does one have to have a feminst perspective? By not having a feminist perspective, does one have the perspective of the oppressor?


Speaking of Marvin Gaye.....

So, as it turns out the lyrics and beat are close enough to Marvin Gaye's "got to give it up" to get the Gaye family more money in the estate. You vote on the decision after checking it out.

Check it out for yourself!

About Marvin Gaye?

Should proceeds from "Blurred Lines" be shared with Marvin Gaye's estate?

See results
The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women
The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women

Can women be eggheads and have beautiful men at their feet?


Still outrageous.

Thicke has come out with another outrageous album now. So, I guess it must be his style.

This one is funnier than the original.

Would a feminist like "Blurred Lines"?

See results

Any thoughts? I would love to hear them!

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    • Flora Crew profile imageAUTHOR

      Flora Crew 

      5 years ago from Evanston, Illinois

      @Coffee-Break: Yes, I was surprised to see women line dancing to it on television New Year's Eve night. It does have a catchy tune. Thanks for liking my review.

    • Coffee-Break profile image

      Dorian Bodnariuc 

      5 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

      Interesting perspective, I always thought that Blurred lines is a bit offensive for women.


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