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Is AEW Going to Overtake WWE?

Updated on July 14, 2019

What makes AEW different?

Unlike the WWE, AEW is led by someone who is a big wrestling geek himself. Tony Khan and Vince McMahon couldn't be more different from one another. Vince's way of running the show is best described by the phrase that has become common on screen; doing what's ''best for business''. Tony Khan, on the other hand, seems to be giving his wrestlers more freedom to create the best product possible for a wrestling fan.

WWE fans have long complained about the lack of extremeness in their product, especially compared to the Attitude Era. They want more violence, blood and gore. They want more controversial storylines. From what we've seen so far in this new company, they are willing to fulfil all these fantasies.

The likes of Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley (known in WWE as Dean Ambrose), have all complained of the creative process in WWE. The lack of creative freedom given to the wrestlers had become suffocating. Everything was decided in advance without much consulting with the performers. These wrestlers aim to make AEW much better in comparison. They don't want a competition, but they do want to create a better alternative for the fans. We can hope they succeed.

Cody and Dustin after their bloody contest

Could this be the next ''Monday Night Wars''?

The era of competition between WCW and WWE was one of the most memorable times in sports entertainment history. Weekly competition brought the best out of both companies. WWE was pushed into a corner, and that only made them better. Their product improved in quality and entertainment. So the question arises, could we have something similar happening again?

AEW begins it's weekly TV Show in October after getting a contract from TNT. Although it won't be on the same day as WWE's Raw, a ratings war is almost guaranteed. WWE's ratings have been falling dramatically in recent years. They have gone below the three million mark and still continue in their rapid descent. If AEW manages to get a decent audience for itself, this could soon turn into a competition.

With both companies fighting for viewers, we could have high quality wrestling every week. It's a win-win situation for the fans!

''That's when WWE could really start worrying about a serious competitor on the rise.''

AEW is off to a good start

AEW's first two Pay Per View's, Double or Nothing and Fyter Fest both received mostly positive reviews from fans. They also showed the extent AEW's performers were willing to go in order to create a good product, as best displayed by the extreme match between Jon Moxley and Joey Janela that ended the second show.

AEW has hired many top names from the wrestling industry. This is not limited to just the wrestlers themselves, but even commentators like Jim Ross. A casual fan who only knew wrestling through WWE will not feel out of place watching the new brand. But will this success continue and allow it to overtake WWE?

It's a bit early to make any conclusions yet, but the success of the major upcoming event All Out in Chicago (Cm Punk?), could really elevate AEW before their weekly TV show debuts in October. That's when WWE could really start worrying about a serious competitor on the rise. Until then, AEW has to make sure to continue it's success and not make the same mistakes that caused the failure of several other wrestling companies in the past.

Jon Moxley debuts at Double or Nothing


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