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Is Your Taste In Music Linked To Your I.Q.?

Updated on November 21, 2014

This Is Your Brain On Music.

There has been a study done by Virgil Griffith, who is supposedly "One of the smartest computer people on the planet ".He showed a correlation between SAT scores and the musical tastes of college students.

LIL' WAYNE..Are You The Weakest Link?

How The Listeners Of This 8 Time Grammy Nominee Scored.

There has been a study done by Virgil Griffith, who is supposedly "One of the smartest computer people on the planet ".He showed a correlation between SAT scores and the musical tastes of college students. First and foremost,this study is not taken serious by me.In my opinion,there are too many variables to skew the results.Lil' Wayne(who was an 8 time grammy nominee last year)had listeners that scored the lowest on their SAT'S,and the highest score went to those listening to Beethoven. I'm not a fan of Lil'Wayne,but a lot of people I know actually think he is the greatest rapper alive.I can understand the results, but I don't totally agree with them. I listen to all kinds of music,and I'm not the dullest nail in the pack.I'm not the sharpest tack either,but to me that says one variable not taken into consideration is a persons overall exposure to music. I grew up in a household that loved to listen to all forms of music.Maybe Mr. Griffith should have racially separated the test takers,because the SAT'S covertly do just that..but that is another story altogether. At least there was a good score for those who listened to Andre the way where is his 8 grammy nominations.

Is Your Taste In Music Linked To Your I.Q.?

Do You Agree or Disagree with This Hypothesis

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Is Your Taste In Jazz Linked To Your I.Q.


How Many of You Listen To

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Cory Gunnz The Undumbed Down Version - Cory Killin It At Def Jam Cypher

The Speed and complexity of Cory Gunnz is amazing.He is one of the hottest "lyricist" is the YMCM camp..the others being Drake Wayne and Tyga...IN THAT ORDER..LOL!

Hot New Heat-Platnum Status - New Single "The One" (NEO)

Hot New Heat-Platnum Status

Words from Platnum Status :"It's all well and good being able to sing or rap but I wanted to go that bit further and home in on the music business so I could have in-depth creative knowledge of how the industry worked , I'm always looking to come up with fresh new sounds".

Platnum Status is a 23 year old Melodic Lyricist/Songwriter born in South West London (Tooting).He spent most of his career reppin many areas in London from Brighton to Essex.First handed the microphone at the age of 9 and many summer holidays among senior DJ's and local Artists in Brighton him no stranger to the music scene.

At around age 13, Platnum became a member of the group "Sickness Legion"; where he played a large part in the mix CD "Name Behind The Reputation".

Platnum decided at age 16 to learn the ins and outs of his craft so he pursued a degree in

Music Business/Music Technology..

By the age 18, Platnum had musically matured and released "By My Side" (2007) and "Dance In The Club" (2010) which both had great coastal support and helped to build his fan base immensely

.Having spent the last 6 years seriously writing and making numerous appearances in:

  • Worthing
  • Brighton
  • and Essex London nightclubs and parties

As well as being featured on:

  • BBC Introducing (BBC Essex)
  • PlayVybz FM
  • Upfront Magazine
  • and a recent write up at JamsPhere Magazine

2013 will be a busy year for Platnum Status.

The Video for his new hit "The One"(NEO) can be seen on Youtube

For More Information On Platnum Status follow him on:




Please come and review my lens.I think you will enjoy the many issues this issue ponders.Sign and give me your feedback,as well as favorite my lens.I appreciate your support.ThanX

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    • profile image

      aprilmay22 6 years ago

      Pretty interesting..I think the study has variables that were not taken into consideration also.Great Lense..hope to read more from you.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago


      My name is JP and I live in Mexico. I saw this study because im a magazine editor concert promoter in my country and I have recently been questioning people's taste and now, I am very aware that MOST people follow trends (hyped artists), instead of following an honest response to music they really like. Most of the time I've seen people don't even wanting to listen to something new if its not hyped. Hype is something hard to understand since nobody REALLY knows where its coming from. It just happens. Its like an exponential phenomena that if more people supposedly like something more people will follow. Its something like a collective unconscious tendency to go where most people go or what's considered cool by most people. I personally have a VERY eclectic taste, but mostly I like rock. Most of the time I look for an emotional connection with the music. Something that stirs up good feelings (sometimes even a feeling that brings tears to my eyes). From the test: I think this test is not very accurate based on sources and taking as an Axiom that if you do well on SATs you are smart. I took the test and I got something around 1200. I think it is a so so score considering i have an IQ of 126 and i speak english as a second language. Also, eclectic music taste will not show on those charts because it consists of well known artist and people who do not like popular artists or indie obscure bands will not show on the graph because of too few hits. I believe this guy should put on the graph all the people that named unknown artists and I believe they would show around the 1300s, since smarter people are info junkies they expand their knowledge constantly and history has proven that smart people go against the flow they focus on things that most people don't even consider worth looking at. IMHO pop is dumb and "experimental" less popular music is smart and this quality WONT show on the graph.