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Favorite James Bond Movies

Updated on February 6, 2017

Favorite James Bond Movies

By: Yollie and Dan Bunag

Your Majesty's Secret Service! 007

James Bond movies have a large following. We love James Bond movies from various actors like George Lazenby, the iconic Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and so far the latest, Daniel Craig. There is always the eye catching opener, the adventure, the thrill, exotic places, high tech stuff, and cool vehicles and gadgets. There's also the infamous 007 ingenuity that gets him out of trouble, escape tricks, and will power to keep coming back again. We have a collection of these movies in DVDs and have watched all of them at least one time. This list is our recommendations on which ones are our favorites.

So what are your favorite James Bond movies?

Who Do You Think the Best James Bond Actor Is?

Who Do You Think the Best James Bond Actor Is?

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The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Lewis Gilbert (Director) | Rated: PG

Nobody does it better than Bond, James Bond, and he proves it once more in this explosively entertaining adventure that takes him from the Egyptian pyramids to the ocean floor and on to a gravity-defying mountaintop ski chase! Roger Moore brings inimitable style to Agent 007. Paired with another spy (Barbara Bach), watch them both navigate world of intrigue and thrills.

The Spy Who Loved Me Trailer

Dr. No (1963)

Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Terence Young (Director) | Rated: PG

In the first of the James Bond films, Sean Connery as Agent 007 went on a mission in Jamaica and teamed up with the sexy Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder. With the help of Felix Leiter (Jack Lord), James Bond must prevail to save the world from villains.

Will James Bond be successful?

The second installment of the James Bond spy thriller is considered by many fans to be one of the best if not the best of them all. Watch and see if you agree...

James Bond is thrust into one of his most riveting adventures in this jam-packed free-for-all of outrageous stunts, passionate encounters and exciting confrontations. Roger Moore portrays Agent 007 with lethal determination in a plot that finds him racing against time to find a stolen device capable of controlling a fleet of nuclear submarines. As Bond teams with beautiful Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) and infiltrates the Greek underworld, the stage is set for nonstop action adventure including automobile chases, thrilling underwater battles and a cliffhanging assault on a magnificent mountaintop fortress.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Pierce Brosnan, Michelle Yeoh), Jonathan Pryce, Roger Spottiswoode (Director) | Rated: PG-13

Pierce Brosnan leaps into action as Agent 007 in this spectacular thrill ride of death-defying stunts and amazing high-tech gadgets. In the most electrifying Bond film yet, the unstoppable action hero must prevent a tremendous disaster ripped from tomorrow's headlines. Someone is pitting the world's superpowers against each other ? and only James Bond can stop it. When a British warship is mysteriously destroyed in Chinese waters, the world teeters on the brink of WWIII ? until 007 zeros in on the true criminal mastermind. Bond's do-or-die mission takes him to Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce), a powerful industrialist who manipulates world events as easily as he changes headlines from his global media empire. After soliciting help from Carver's sexy wife, Paris (Teri Hatcher), Bond joins forces with a stunning yet lethal Chinese agent, Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh), in a series of explosive chases, brutal confrontations and breathtaking escapes as they race to stop the presses on Carver's next planned news story: global pandemonium! With powerhouse action sequences, including a wild motorcycle pursuit through (and over!) Saigon, Tomorrow Never Dies is a thrilling action-adventure "that roars from start to finish with the throttle wide open (Gene Shalit, NBC-TV)!


In Moonraker, Agent 007 (Roger Moore) blasts into orbit in this action-packed adventure that takes him to Venice, Rio de Janeiro and outer space. Bond investigates the hijacking of an American space shuttle by power-mad industrialist Hugo Drax (Michael Lonsdale).


Pierce Brosnan ignites the screen in his first adventure as the unstoppable James Bond. When a powerful satellite system falls into the hands of a former ally-turned-enemy, only 007 can save the world from an awesome space weapon. Watch and find out.

Which James Bond Movie is the Best in Your Opinion?

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Who Is the Best Bond Girl?

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