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Jamie Bamber

Updated on December 30, 2010

Jamie Bamber: aka Lee "Apollo" Adama on Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber does an amazing job portraying a sexy, smart, and sometimes conflicted pilot and officer on the Sci-Fi series Battlestar Galactica.

Reasons to love Lee "Apollo" Adama

He loves Starbuck, but has too much integrity to cheat on his wife. Except for that one time.

He is a brilliant military strategist, and has helped save the human race from destruction by the Cylons.

He is an awesome pilot.

Even though he has trouble with his dad, he still respects his father's military and patriarchal authority, mostly.

He looks pretty good in just a towel.

No Apollo or Jamie Bamber page would be complete without it

Get to know Jamie Bamber

from Wikipedia

Early life

He was born in Hammersmith, London to a Northern Irish mother Elizabeth (Liz) and an American father Ralph. He holds American citizenship through birth.

Bamber received a first class honours degree in Modern Languages (Italian and French) at St. John's College, Cambridge, before attending the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

Battlestar Galactica

In 2003, Bamber starred as Lee 'Apollo' Adama, a Captain in the Colonial Fleet, in Ron Moore's re-make Battlestar Galactica. This miniseries effectively served as pilot for a potential TV show. A TV series was commissioned in a collaborative effort between the Sci Fi Channel (United States) and Sky TV (the British broadcaster). Battlestar Galactica is filmed mostly in Vancouver, British Columbia and as of late 2007, is currently in its fourth season.

In the role of Lee Adama, Bamber notably speaks with an American accent. He also has darkened hair, in an effort to more closely resemble Edward James Olmos, who plays his character's father.

Personal life

He married actress Kerry Norton in September 2003, and they have three daughters: Isla Elizabeth Angela Griffith, and twins Darcy and Ava.

Bamber's wife, Kerry Norton, has made several appearances as Paramedic Layne Ishay in Battlestar Galactica. (Unlike Bamber, her character retains her native English, specifically Received Pronunciation, accent.)

Interesting facts about Jamie Bamber

His first acting role was as the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz.”

He speaks Italian and French.

He played rugby while a student at St. Johns College, Cambridge University.

He loves to run. In April 2002, Jamie ran the London Marathon, finishing in just under 3 hours.

What do you think of Jamie Bamber as Apollo Adama?

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Lee Adama's relationship with Kara Thrace

Apollo and Starbuck

The relationship between Apollo and Starbuck is one of the most interesting on Battlestar Galactica. He loves her, and she jerks him around. She says she loves him, and then marries Anders. He marries Dualla.

Starbuck still wants him, and he still seems to love her, but he won't cheat on Dee, and she won't get a divorce. The emotionally charged situation makes for some major tension and explosive conflicts. I can't wait to see how this relationship ends up!

Apollo and Starbuck video

Jamie Bamber talks about Apollo

Hear him speak in his English accent!

Get your Jamie Bamber and Apollo stuff here - who wouldn't want to bring a bit of Jamie home?

For your Battlestar Galactica Halloween or costume play...

Just add a gun and a chip on your shoulder, for the perfect Apollo or Starbuck costume.

Share your stories, sightings, thoughts, rants, raves...

Have you met Jamie Bamber? Do you love Apollo? Tell us!

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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great Actor...loved him ..just want him to make more film...more action...

    • JenOfChicago LM profile image

      JenOfChicago LM 

      10 years ago

    • kerryg lm profile image

      kerryg lm 

      11 years ago

      Wow, great tribute! I loved him as Archie in Horatio Hornblower as well.

      5 stars and lensrolled to my Starbuck lens.


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