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Jesse Colin Young

Updated on January 16, 2015

Jesse Colin Young is best known for his song "Get Together"

With a truly unique voice and a terrific talent for writing and playing, Jesse Colin Young founded The Youngbloods, as well as showing prowess as a solo artist and gave us great songs like "Get Together", "Josianne", "Darkness, Darkness", "Sunlight" and "Ridgetop".

I never saw The Youngbloods, though we lived on their music, however I was fortunate enough to see Jesse at the old Boston Garden during his solo tour with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, after the release of his Crazy Boy album. His and his band's performance that night ranks among the finest I've ever witnessed by anyone, anywhere!

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So, tell us a story about the time YOU saw and/or heard Jesse Colin Young...

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    • Bob Druwing profile image

      Bob Druwing 4 years ago from Van Nuys, CA

      @geoffhoff: Good for you!

      And you probably know you can get nearly anything on Amazon and often used and really cheap.

      Bob Druwing*

    • geoffhoff profile image

      geoffhoff 4 years ago

      @Bob Druwing: Oh, my. Just tried it with that snippet of lyric and found it. It's by Country Joe and the Fish, not Jesse Colin Young! No wonder I couldn't ever find it. It was on the I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixen-To-Die album. Ah, well. At least I found it.

    • Bob Druwing profile image

      Bob Druwing 4 years ago from Van Nuys, CA

      @geoffhoff: Try YouTube. I find stuff there all the time that I've searched for for years.

      Bob Druwing

    • geoffhoff profile image

      geoffhoff 5 years ago

      My brother had an early Jesse Colin Young album way back when and there was a song on it that still haunts me about Janis Joplin - I think it was simply called Janis - that I haven't found since. It starts something like, "into my eyes on waves of electrical site... " or some such surreal imagery. I'd love to find it again.