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Joel Edgerton

Updated on October 22, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

What is it with Australians?

This Yummy twinkly blue eyed Aussie 'Koala' hunk was born on June 23rd 1974 in Blacktown, of New South Wales and we've already covered its part of Australia.

His first big U.S. break was his role in Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones as Uncle Owen, and his brother Nash was the stunt double for Ewan McGregor's Obi-wan. After Star Wars came the 2003 western Ned Kelly with Orlando Blood & the legendary Heath Ledger then King Arthur as follow that up he played in Star Wars 3 as owan Lars (I'm Guessing uncle Owen again)

This adorably handsome man(or is it Handsomely Adorable?) is that an oxymoron? because I never thought I'd say that about a grown man,) currently has three movies in the works;

Felony which will be released in Australia

Jane Got a Gun which has a 2014 release (in the U.S.)

Black Mass 2014 Release (with Johnny Depp)

Joel Edgerton On Bad Movies: "I F*cking Hate Myself For This Sh*t"

This 'lens' was Blessed by SquidAngels

On Why Failure is necessary



Exodus: Gods & Kings as Rhamses

Joel plays Egyptian Pharaoh Rhamses versus Christian Bale's Moses in a cycle of plagues and parted seas!

(Likely unless someone invites me and pays to see it, I will wait for rental...Glad I did wasn't worth any price)

You can see the cast and so on here on IMDB

The Gift

The Great Gatsby ~ - as Tom Buchanan

The Great Gatsby

The movie I've heard is supposed to be faithful to the novel. Its in 3D but the smooth kind that brings you into the world, unlike those that are not Avatar or Avengers. This version focuses more on Gatsby's life with the presence of the New York underworld in it.

Character Description-Francis Scott Fitzgerald in the Great Gatsby describes the character as a man of thirty with a hard mouth and a supercilious manner, Shining arrogant eyes and a body ofenormous power


For now Joel has said this about the character

"What I don't like about him as a human being is what I like about him as a character, because his dark side makes him really interesting." He's simple practical, arrogant almost like an animal; while others around him are morally complex. He's also a victim because he's not allowed to experience true love like DAisy & Gatsby feel.

until the movie comes out, I'll have to include a couple links for the charater information

Character Analysis

On Sparknotes Character List

Great Gatsby Interview

Joel in Zero Dark Thirty

Joel in Zero Dark Thirty
Joel in Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty - He's only in it in the last half hour I'd say.

he plays scruffy Squad Team leader, Patrick

and gets face time only at the end of the movie as the Navy is called in & Team 6 is prepped for their mission.

Zero Dark thirty (dare I note) means 30 minutes after midnight.

Here's the jist I don't usually go see these kinds of movies in the theater, but this time I went to see 'The serious grown up' movie in the theater, instead of waiting for Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters to start. Why, do I usually go for these other types of movies? I usually get bored by them quickly.

Joel Zero Dark 30 interview

Bigelow wanted Joel from beginning

Joel on why he took the role

Does Zero Dark thirty have a team america vibe?

Zero Dark 30 review

Zero Dark Thirty (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + UltraViolet Digital Copy)
Zero Dark Thirty (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + UltraViolet Digital Copy)

I must have 'matured' (YEAH RIGHT!) or gotten 'old' because, it wasn't boring I got really into it! There was a part of the movie, I was getting sick of seeing Mya (Jessica's character). Yes I knew it focused on her, but still it was more paper action and interviews. Still it's worth the watch, even at I think around 3 hours long (I think that also included previews) The movie is Intense and I commend the woman behind the whole op. She IS one seriously determined bad-ass for it and may even be more so than the guys. With this movie I can see WHY Kathryn Bigelow would win any awards for it, (still don't get why she did with Hurt Locker) and agree with if she won an Oscar. Jessica Chastain should definitely win an Oscar for lead Female. She was intense, and sort of scary in parts. I swear a couple of the male actors may have just wet their pants in the board room and offices! Hell I think I know a few guys that WOULD have! Yes we all pretty much know how it ends but its the getting there part that matters. THough if you don't like torture yu might want to hold your eyes in parts! (keep in mind, what they do in this, I could have though of FAR worse to do, looks like I truly missed my calling) A


I Like the Gentle Subtle version of 3D that welcomes you to the world

(on Great Gatsby in 3d)

Joel (right) & bro Nash

Joel (right) & bro Nash
Joel (right) & bro Nash

Acting is a Great life ~ as long as you don't start believing the nonsense

The Odd Life of Timothy Green 1

Wish you were here interview

The Edgerton Brothers

The Interview screen

Note On TTV-ThHe Square.. I agree with them when they say its hard to get a title after you've started, if it doesn't come when I first start writing I usually need ideas.

On why he likes being an actor

Interview with Joel and Nash

The cast of The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Square interview with the brothers

The Thing interview

Alex O'Loughlin from Hawaii 5-0

The Warriror

Father, Physics teacher and former mixed martial Arts competitor, Brendan takes up training & boxing again for another income to catch up on payments. His father is a former boxer, and current alcoholic which trains him for the competition. Brendan's brother Tommy Conlon is a former war hero & also a competitor and the two are on course to a big tournament.

Brendan has to deal with family who with his wife they made an ageement that they wouldn't bring up their children in a home "where their, father gets beat up for a living" and work life besides training.

Did I hear Tom Right (in the interview with the Blockbuster logo on it) That he said joel is a Black Belt in karate? Apparently I did hear him right! Besides Joel's background in Martial Arts already, Joel & Tom had to train in Mai Tai (wait seriously... they were drinking for this?!?! lol) & Ju Jitsu plus the choreography and thensome.In one of the videos below Tom basically give theschedule of the training.

Joel loved doing the movie because of its "successful integration of emotional and physical demands" He ate large amounts of protein to build muscle mass,trained from monroning til afternoon for 7 days 2 months straight.

Behind the Scenes Pic

Pic with & Quote from his Warrior 'Wife'

Ok was that last bit a joke or what?

The Warrior king in the Dark

Things whisper in the Animal Kingdom

(I wish I could include at least a quarter of a bio write up here, but hard to find the info I'd like for it)

Joel was born June 23rd, 1973, and grew up in the town of Dural, and lived on the countryside near a national park . He's the younger brother of Nash Edgerton who also has a film career mostly in being a stunt double but acts as well as writes & more. The brothers have worked on several films together. While in the suburbs of Sydney Joel went to Hills Grammar school upon leaving in he attended the University of Western Sydney, Neapean Kingswood campus School and studied Drama graduating in1994. While Joel says he didn't have acting aspirations until maybe high school; his mom disagrees, and that it started at the age of 4.

This is a cute story

Even though joel has been in plenty of Movies and some TV from Australia, he started getting Nominated or Winning awards since 2009

He has divided his own career efforts between producing for his Blue Tongue Films outfit he founded, (brother Nash co-runs,and friends are all partners) writing and with a great emphasis on acting. Blue Tongue films has produced several projects a few of them being The Square, Animal Kingdom and Wish you were here. In Australia some of his earlier works were 1998's Praise, and Dogwatch and Erskineville Kings of 1999. The actor came into his own with his popular turn in The Australian soap "The Secret Life of Us" as Will McGill , after this he went on to international endeavors, mostly minor supporting role or those he co-stars. He's been in some movies stateside...(which I shall be re-watching) Ned Kelly, 2 of the star wars prequels as Anakin Skywalker's step-brother, as well as Smokin' Aces. I think he started to get noticed when Animal Kingdom came out; sadly though in the States that was only at the Sundance and Los Angeles Film Festivals. I'd say he really turned heads with his role in Warrior and is now most identified with his character Gavin O'Connor. Not only is Joel a talented actor, who though may not be good at music, but he has Written, produced & directed as well as Doing stunts for the movie Cryo & camera or electrical work for Deadline. Joel's background in karate helped him in Warrior. He did karate for 10 years then hung it up when he was 17 years of age.

The Square was the first film he and his brother worked on together, with Nash doing the directing and 'bossing around his younger brother'. Joel has been planning first time in the director's chair, with a psychological thriller.

Noticeable Features

the twinkly piercing blue eyed squint smile

NickNames: I have no idea what anyone calls him nor do I care.. because I call him 'Koala Face'



On Stage


Joel's hobby is music but has said he's "low-grade' and ' unfortunately massacres music, you don't want to see me do that" I've heard he sings in the movie The Waiting City

Vouge Italy describes him as "a force of nature: six feet of muscle, testosterone & hyperactivity" To this Joel confessedHe has a hard time sitting still and relaxing.

Had somewhat of culture (or set) shock from filming the Great Gatsby to going to the dessert to film Zero Dark Thirty. He says where on 'Gatsby that you are treated like a king and have a trailer fresh flowers in there...and then filming 0 Dark 30 and sharing a 'cubicle' with 5 other guys half military with equipment"

Joel founded the movie company called "Blue Tongue films'

As a child he spent a lot of time outdoors, and still does.

Was learning to play Polo

His go to Karoke song is "Eye of the Tiger" and says he got in trouble for it the last time that he can do all weird and crazy things on film, but when it comes to real life.. he really needs to be drunk to get up in front of people to do things like that.

In the same interview above, (in the time notes) we learn that the most takes he's ever done was in Wish you were Here was between 13-16 takes for one scene.

A man after my heart... Joel said in the Collider interview that "When I walk into a bookstore, it freaks me out, and want to read them all & know I don't have the time to do it"

Joel & brother Nash are 2 different personalities

Joel is Good Natured, humorous, & vulnerable

The Sydney Morning Herald said "More Physically imposing in th flesh than on screen. He possesses an Everyman appeal and bags of Boisterous Charm'

Says He'd like to work with Phillip Seymore Hoffman & Kate Winslet

Ben Affleck was originally supposed to play Joel's role in the Great Gatsby.


Joel Talks Great Gatsby & more with Collider

Vogue Italy article

Roughneck directors dream response

Not enough of Information here for you yet? I understand so click here

Joel may look tough

but in videos & quotes I've heard and seen

3 things are being repeated...

"He has a deep resivour of

Humor, decency & vulnerability"

His eyes also show a sweet & Vulnerable soul -Vouge-It

I've got that ADHD high frequency head. I can't just sit around on set and do nothing

Through the Open Window

Through the Open Window
Through the Open Window

Handsomly adorable - adorably Handsome?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Yummyt! & an Aussie Cowboy!
Yummyt! & an Aussie Cowboy!
Yummyt! & an Aussie Cowboy!

The Greatest thing Hollywood likes

about Australian actors, is that

Oz men are 200 percent male

-Aussie Director Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games)

(I think us females might agree!)

Miscellany Character Sketches

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Cindy & Jim Green Played by (well If you don't know then you really need to read this page!), yours truly; Joel Edgerton & Jennifer Garner (Affleck). The couple has been trying to have a child, and this time they hopes were squashed.

To move on the couple air out & write down all of what they'd want in a child (brave, athlete etc.) including names into a box and bury it in the garden...

Joel's Filmography via

Great Gatsby Trailer

Smokin Aces


King Arthur Gawain

Ned Kelly

You are now Departing... - please leave any comments

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    • opatoday profile image


      5 years ago

      Amazing Thank You

    • jmsp206 profile image

      Julia M S Pearce 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      He is going from strength to strength. One more of our great Aussie actors!

    • Jukebox LM profile image

      Jukebox LM 

      5 years ago

      Can't wait to see The Great Gatsby.


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