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Keali'i Reichel, musician and kumu hula

Updated on June 11, 2008

Who is Keali'i Reichel?

Carleton Lewis Keali'inaniaimokuokalani Reichel (born 1962) popularly known as Keali'i Reichel, is a popular and bestselling singer, songwriter, choreographer, dancer, chanter, scholar, teacher, and personality from the State of Hawai'i. He has spent his life educating the world about Hawaiian culture through music and dance.

Keali'i (pronounced Kay-ah-LEE-ee) Reichel was born and raised on the island of Maui. Reichel grew up in the town of Lahaina where he attended Lahainaluna High School, however he spent weekends and summers with his maternal grandmother in the plantation town of Pa'ia. At the age of 24, Reichel was convicted of theft, and was sentenced to community service, which involved a study of Hawai'ian culture. This marked a turning point in his life, as he decided to devote the rest of his life to the study and promotion of Hawai'ian culture.

(From Wikipedia)

Awards Keali'i has received


Male vocalist

Album of the year

Hawaiian album

Song of the year:“Ka Nohona Pilikai”

Engineering: Jim Linkner

Graphics: Scott Johnson

Liner notes


Male vocalist

Album of the year

Hawaiian album

Favorite Entertainer

Engineering: Jim Linkner

Liner notes


Male vocalist

Hawaiian album

Haku Mele: “Ku`u Pua Mae`ole”

Favorite Entertainer

Engineering – Jim Linkner


Male vocalist

Most promising artist

Album of the year

Hawaiian album

Favorite entertainer

Keali'i Reichel YouTube Videos

Most of these are picture collages backed by Keali'i's music, but The Road That Never Ends and Maunaleo are true vids.

Maunaleo Lyrics

"Maunaleo" - Music by Keali`i Reichel

Words by Keali`i Reichel and Puakea Nogelemeier,

He aloha no `o Maunaleo

I lohia e ke kilihuna

Kohu `ahu`ao no ka uka

He kamalani kamaehu kau i ka hano e

He kamalei, kamahiwa pa i ka lani e

Po`ohina i ka `ohu kolo

Kahiko no ka poli `olu

Apo `ia e na kualono

He hi`ina, hi`ialo, aloha e

Hi`ipoli, hi`ilei, hi`ilani e

Eia ku`u lei aloha

No Maunaleo i ka nani

`Ohu`ohu i ka Malie

He kamalani kamaehu kau i ka hano e

He kamalei, hamahiwa pa i ka lani e

No Maunaleo ke aloha ku i ka la`i e

Aloha e, aloha e.



(English Translation)

Beloved indeed in Maunaleo

Sparkling in the light, wind-blown rain

A finely woven cloak for the highlands

A cherished one, respected for power and strength

Esteemed, treasured, touched by heaven

Capped by the silver of the rolling mists

An adornment for that gentle heart

Embraced by the surrounding ridges

One to hold close, to hold near, to love

One dear to the heart, precious, exalted

This is my garland of affection

For Maunaleo in its beauty

Glorified by the Malie breeze

A cherished one, respected for power and strength

Esteemed, treasured, touched by heaven

For Maunaleo is the serenity of deep love

Beloved are you, beloved indeed


Source: Keali`i Reichel album "Melelana"

Copyright 1999 Punahele, Inc.

- written for Keali`i's grandmother, Lei, she is compared to the majestic sentinel mountain, Maunaleo, who guards, comforts, nourishes and loves her people.

Malie is the gentle wind of the area.

Lyrics to The Road That Never Ends

words and music by Keali'i Reichel

Here we are

In this holy place together

Bearing witness as the two of you

Become man and wife


As you join in heart and spirit

you begin another chapter

In the book of life


Love is a circle that surrounds you

You can find it on the faces

Of your family and friends

Love, let it wrap its arms around you

And guide you on your journey

Down the road that never ends

There's a song in your hearts

You can hear it if you listen

As it whispers through the branches

High above the family tree

And as time

Lays its melody upon you

You can rest assured in knowing that

You're right where you should be

(Repeat chorus twice)

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Keali'i on Amazon

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    • APackageAtTheDoor profile image

      APackageAtTheDoor 6 years ago

      Love his "Toad Song". Brings a smile to our hearts each time we here it!


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