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Kenny Wizz

Updated on August 23, 2017

Who is Kenny Wizz?

The shortest answer one could give to this question is: Kenny Wizz is a Michael Jackson tribute artist. But this short answer certainly would not do him justice. This is why I dedicate this lens to Kenny Wizz and what he is doing. Whether you come here and already are a fan or whether you come here as someone who has no clue about who Kenny Wizz is, I hope you will enjoy this lens.

It's all for L.O.V.E.

Always respect other people and try to be the best you can be without putting other people down.

What do we know about Kenny Wizz?

Unlike other tribute artists, Kenny Wizz is a very private person. He does a very good job with keeping his job and his private life well separated. So what do we know about him? In his interviews (for some examples see the YouTube links further below) he tells us that he had been a street dancer when people told him he looked like Michael Jackson (this was in the Thriller era). From that time on, he dedicated a lot of time and energy to becoming a very good Michael Jackson tribute artist.

When Michael Jackson died, Kenny was one of the millions of people who suffered - and for him it was a question of whether he should continue with what he was doing or not. Fortunately, he decided to continue and many people are very grateful for this because he is giving them a chance to see what a Michael Jackson concert might have been like. With his performances, Kenny also helps a lot of people to deal with MJ's death. Quite a few people have tears in their eyes when Kenny performs the song "Gone too soon" close to the end of his concert.

Kenny Wizz live

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Kenny Wizz during Billie Jean

Kenny Wizz  during Billie Jean
Kenny Wizz during Billie Jean

Kenny on the internet

Here are a few links you could visit if you would like to learn more about Kenny.

Tribute artists - yes or no?

What do you think about tribute artists?

Kenny and me
Kenny and me

What is my connection to Kenny Wizz?

I have only learnt about Kenny in late 2010 when my flatmate told me "a Michael Jackson guy was coming to town". I checked what he was talking about online and first did not really know what to think about Kenny. I looked at some homepages and checked out some of the videos on YouTube. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. But I bought a ticket because my flatmate told me about Kenny just a few minutes after I had sat at the kitchen table and thought: "Give me a sign. I don't know what to do." I wasn't a very happy person and I did take this as a sign - even though I had no idea what this meant.

A few months later it was time for the concert - and I was still skeptical, but also hoped that something good would happen. I had a seat in the first row and was surprised about how close to the stage I was. I was a little intimidated because I had never been to a concert in my life (when Michael was close to where I lived, my mother did not allow me to go because I was "only" 15) and felt a little lost among all the other people. Then the show started. When Kenny appeared on stage, I was a little shocked because in the light of the stage and his outfit, he looked so very much like Michael. And then he moved, and started to sing. He was so much more than I had expected.

I am not a Christian but I believe in a higher power, in a universal energy, and also in angels. So during the first few songs, I was very moved and I suddenly had one thought in my head: "Let him choose me." For what and why, I really didn't have a clue at all. One thing you need to know about me and Michael: I never saw like many other fans do. I saw him as a family member, like a brother - not as someone "hot" or someone I would like to end up in bed with.

As the concert went on, he performed many of Michael's songs and he put so much emotion into it. It was just beautiful. During the break, I talked to the nice ladies that were sitting next to me and one of them had seen Michael live a few times. She also loved Kenny's performance. I still had that odd thought in my head. Then the show went on and after "I just can't stop loving you", the tunes of "She's out of my life" started. Suddenly my thought made sense - but then I told myself off. I was sure, he would never ever choose me when there are hundreds of other people in the room. I was wrong, he went down the stairs and came straight to me. Maybe it's true that everyone sends out vibes and maybe Kenny had felt my "choose me" vibes or maybe my flatmate is right. He said: "Maybe Michael sent him to you."

It was a very unreal experience. I tried so often to put it into words - but even now, so many months after it happened, I still could not find the right words to describe what I felt and still feel. I feel like his eyes had drawn me into an ocean and I still have not been able to get out of it. And I don't know whether I am swimming in that ocean or whether I am slowly drowning.

After the concert ended, I walked home at the side of the river (I did not know he'd come out after the show). I ended up going to some more of his shows that he had in New Zealand - and I am so silly. You know, I have been learning English since I was eight years old. I only started this because my thought was: "One day I will meet Michael and then I need to be able to tell him something." I never had the chance to talk to Michael and I think, Kenny would have been the right person to talk. I did not dare to, I was too scared - and now Kenny is gone. I missed my chance and I regret this.

I know, he is not Michael. I know that very well and see the differences. I also know that I know virtually nothing about him. But for some reason, I wish I would know him.

My wish (2016)

It has been 5.5 years since I've seen Kenny for the last time. I am now in the UK - and I wish Kenny would come here for a tour. We do have tribute artists in the UK, but seeing Kenny again would be the most special experience.

What do you think?

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