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Krysten Ritter

Updated on February 5, 2015

Actress Krysten Ritter

Born in Pennsylvania in 1981, television and film actress Krysten Ritter has amassed long list of diverse acting accomplishments. While Krysten began her professional life as a model during her high school years, she is now fully focused on her acting career. Currently, Krysten Ritter (no relation to the late actor John Ritter) stars as 'Chloe' in the sitcom Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 airing on ABC television.

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Quick Krysten Career Bio

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After five years of modelling (mostly in New York City), Krysten caught the acting bug and decided to get serious about it. Ritter hired famed acting coach Marjorie Ballentine, and soon scored several small film roles beginning in 2001. While juggling careers as an actor, writer, and musician, Krysten got a big break appearing in All This Intimacy, a popular Off Broadway play.

Ritter soon landed several guest starring spots on television, appearing on the shows; Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and the Fox sitcom 'Til Death. Krysten also co-starred on the second season of AMC's television drama Breaking Bad, and in the 2010 TV series Gravity, the Starz channel's comedy/drama focusing a group of out-patient suicide survivors.

Krysten stars in the 2011 romantic comedy Vamps, (along with Alicia Silverstone), playing a New York City socialite changed into a vampire by a vampire queen (Sigourney Weaver). She will also be seen in the independent comedy BFF & Baby, with Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth. Co-written by Ritter with director Kat Coiro, the film is about two best friends coping with the pregnancy and motherhood of Ritter's character. The movie began filming in Los Angeles in late 2010. Krysten made a return to television in Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 as Chloe, a con artist who successfully rips off her new roommate shortly after she moves in with her.

Ritter currently resides in Los Angeles, and when not busy acting, Krysten likes to pursue her "hobby" performing with her band "Ex Vivian".

Krysten Quote

"I love comedy but I also enjoy all kinds of drama. 'They' do say comedy is harder than drama, but I don't consider it to be that way". - Krysten Ritter

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"My goal is to do a little of everything in my career. In reality, I'm pretty greedy for work - so in truth I would like to do A LOT of everything." - Krysten Ritter

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    • profile image

      Thunchanok 3 years ago

      or the company until I saw a rnceet post by our favorite Darwinian Fail, Krysten. We've done heroic adventuring with her before on this site. She's a welcome face in these

    • HantheSav profile image

      HantheSav 5 years ago

      I just starting watching Krysten Ritter's works! She's such a great actress, I remember liking her in Confessions of a Shopaholic but it wasn't until Breaking Bad that I really became a fan. Krysten just favourited a tweet I sent actually I'm quite happy! Haha Great Lens Twmarsh! Lot's of info, now to watch some more of her stuff!