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Kyle Schmid

Updated on May 21, 2015
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

The Devil you know

If he doesn't grab you with his acting, (which I love especially when he gets to be 'flirty' with his lines) he most certainly will with those beady blue eyes, and devilish smile and how those eyes sparkle like the blue season in the sun when he does.

Talk about a literall twinkle in the eyes, he's got it! A blue eyed 'devil' you can just about see the horn grow as he smiles.

Born August 3, 1984 in Toronto Ontario Canada. Kyle has modeled and did commercial work from a young age; which in turn, turned into film. His first film was Virus a Canadian release (and I was not able to find it on netflix, or amazon) He's had mostly bit parts in Tv shows until (as far as I know) Blood Ties and since August of 2012 The BBC America series Copper.

He has played a vampire twice and both times with the name Henry! One being Henry Fitzroy (the son of King Henry the 8th) in Blood Ties & the other being on a 'son' of Aiden in the U.S. version of Being Human.

He's also been in at least 2 superhero shows those being Smallville as well as Arrow for at least one episode. (I do have a listing for the Arrow episode)

Kyle I have learned to know if in no other way then through his twitter feed, he love watching and playing soccer. He has a pet dog. I also found that he liked to go Mountain biking and horse back riding, & snowboards.

He likes a wide range of music Rock, Alternative, trip-hop (what is that?) The Beatles & Foo Fighters are a couple of bands I remember his referencing that he likes.

Kyle has a scar on the bottom left of his chin. I have yet to learn what its from.

Kyle Joins NBC Babylon Fields Pilot for 2014

Kyle on Syfy's Lost Girl

disclaimer image credit

Lost Girl s. 4

Rainer (the Wanderer)

Appearance: season 4 (later epiosdes)

The Rainer story arc starts around episode 8 (I think that's when he comes in, if not then its 9 or 10) though his character has been mentioned before in the show.

I don't want to put too much information and possibly ruin the mystery and story either.

I can tell you one thing for sure... Rainer is NOT Bo's father.

He in a way has history with Trick.

I'm not sure but this may be Kyle's debut episode but I'm not 100% sure.


Alley Cats Strike

THe Sandy Bottom Orchestra

The Zack Files season 1

Odyssey 5 The complete series

Fast Food High

THe Cheatah Girls

Sex and the Single Mom

THe Pacifier

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Beautiful People -Complete series


There were a few movies I was not able to find ; so check out Kyle's FULL Filmography and maybe you might have better luck . Let's see I've seen THe Thaw, Sisterhood, have the Covenant, & Joy Ride 2.

Tv is in its own section as I found very few.

Copper - 2012-2013

Copper- Robert Morehouse

Copper Started August 23 2012 on the BBC America station. The series takes place in the lower Manhattan section known as five ponts in 1865. Robert Morehouse here is part of the upper crust, living uptown. He was a Major in the war, and if I remember right Dr. Matthew Freeman & Kevin Corcoran were in his group. The three hold a secret that of which it was Dr. Freeman who actually saved Robert's life. He lost most of his right leg below the knee in the war, (I forget how) in which the unheard for the time black Doctor freeman successfully amputated. Though they usually say it is Kevin who took care of it as to not cause an uproar.

My Copper tv series lens

Kyle did the Mugshot yourself, see it here

Season 1 - Morehouse comes back a little less of himself then when he left for the war. He's talking politics with an English lady who sounds smarter than even the rich men. He's drinking to forget his pains as well as dealing with conspirators.

Season 2- I hear season 2 will focus more on Morehouse, I'm not sure how reliable that is but we'll see in a few weeks.

Access Hollywood Copper Q & A

WHY must great shows (esp. when they're different fromall the other crap on tv) have to get pulled?

Kyle Clips


Being Human U.S. version. Season 3 and a few episodes of season 4

Blood Ties - 2006

Bloodlines -Henry Fitzroy

Bloodties the tv series was based on the book series by Tanya Huff. From what I have found from

watching the show and giving a look see at some of the book titles, some if not all the episodes

are based on the book titles. Having aired on the Lifetime station.

I recently started (yet again) to rewatch the show (because I'm going through Kyle withdrawl until Copper comes back on). I love the flirty banter and joking between 'Henry' & Viki, the chemistry between the 2 actors as well as Dylan Neal (Vicki's former partner) is great. I started to think, maybe I'll give the books a try when I get the chance. I'll read one maybe 2 and see, this way I can read one that has the same title as one of the episodes as well as one that's not and see how much of the book went into the show. (Maybe HBO or AMC should pick up the rights from whoever & redo it.)

character sketches

Henry Fitzroy who is the son of King Henry the VIII, and Duke of Richmond was turned into a vampire, he explains in the show, when he had fallen in love with someone that had come to court. (Now I'm not good with History but if there is any sort of facts to the Tudors Tv series and the son I'm thinking of... he was born out of wedlock & therefore not a rightful heir, So how would he be in court? Also if he was the one born in wedlock to Lady Jane they never showed the children in court (not much anywayaside from Mary and the other daughters a few times. Rarely if ever did you see the son at court, I think Henry the 8th only visited the boy at his place.)

Detective Vicki Nelson was on the Toronto police force with her Partner Mike Salucci. SHe left the force as she has some sort of deteriorating eyesight, problem (sorry can't remember what it was called) so she's on her own having opened a Detective Agency. She ends up solving all these weird cases that frankly even if one went to the cops, they wouldn't believe them.

Corine is Vicki's assistant a Goth chick who's as student at Toronto University & her boyfriend is killed in the first episode. Has a crush on Henry (Look at him Who wouldn't? Those Blue eyes which I don't think I've ever seen a litteral twinkle in anyones til I saw those) and loves doing research.

Detective Mike Salucci is a by the book cop, doesn't believe in the supernatural but soon he may not have a choice. He & Henry are protective of Vicki and don't care for each other. (Think of it as an alpha male sort of thing only well one has fangs!)

About Blood Ties

Blood Ties Central

The Ties that bind

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