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Bob Druwing as Jimmy Reese

Updated on January 16, 2015

Bob Druwing as Jimmy Reese in the movie Leaving Scars

This picture of Bob Druwing as Jimmy Reese, from Brad Jacques' first feature length film Leaving Scars, was taken at his home in Maine.


It was Bob's first appearance in a film as a blonde.

Bob has thus far appeared in seven films directed by Jacques.

Bob Druwing in Leaving Scars

The first feature length film by director Brad Jacques.

The 1997 release "Leaving Scars" was the first collaboration between writer/producer Marc Johnson and director Brad Jacques. Shot in 1995, it was the fifth pairing of Druwing and Jacques, having worked together on short films beginning in 1989. It starred Lisa Boyle.

Jacques and Johnson would later team up to make "Pray For Power" with a very similar cast including Boyle and Druwing.

Jimmy Reese

Jimmy Reese
Jimmy Reese

Bob Druwing's current resume reel

As of February of 2008, this is Bob Druwing's film resume reel, including a clip from "Leaving Scars" featuring Bob as Jimmy Reese.

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