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lee thompson young’s death; a notable sign for holly wood

Updated on August 27, 2013
the holly wood entertainer
the holly wood entertainer

Lee Thompson young’s death; a notable sign for holly wood

The holly wood star Lee Thompson Young’s who was confirmed dead by his driver was a shocking surprise for most people. A 29 year old young star with a promising future ahead of him. The evidence of his great future in the film industry can be seen in reality from his comportment, personality and display of uncommon skills in his films. A rare gem who headlined the famous Jet Jackson (1998-2011) and his other public featuring was indeed a film genius.

He was said to have committed suicide in his own resident in Los Angeles. The questions of what could have driven him to this illicit act keep ringing and bubbling in the mind of his fans all over the world. The endless questions of whether he was murdered and feigned to have died by suicide or he actually committed suicide.

did he actually committ sucide or was murdered?

Basically, we may need to dwell on certain propositions of whether he actually died by suicide. What could have made a man strong with zeal and vigor in his chosen career to commit suicide? We may certainly need to first consider the things that may make life seems not worth living to him. Of course, one may want to think about his career or profession as a major area to consider since career is a major aspect of the life of an individual. The following questions may be asked: was Youngs not happy doing what he was doing as a career? That is, was he not fulfilled as an actor? Well, i may be too quick to give the answer No to that question. Certainly NO, for the true answer to this question can be clearly gotten when you watch any of his movies.

The next question is did he meet any dissatisfaction or odd situation in holly wood during his period of acting? Well, that is left for him and the holly wood group to answer. The issue we must take note of is that for everything we do in life, we will definitely meet challenges and obstacles but our ability to take courage and fight it shows evidence that we are still alive.

if it was suicide, why?

Furthermore, we may still want to pose more that: was the reason for his suicidal act somewhat related to his personal life? Well this proposition looks a lot more valid because statistic have shown that most suicide death in the United state are as a result of mental distortion due to ego; young adults and mid-adults taking larger percentages of occurrence. Youngs who is just 29 years may have esperienced some kind of disappointment in his private life that posed threat on his ego. Really, the most difficult but easy thing to do now is to pin point exactly what could have caused it? Well. His girl friend and wife is there to give answers to that question.

my conclusion

Sincerely, we have to now go down to fact, should death be part of the option for anyone in life? Death was never made to be an alternative to facing the realities of life. Death was only meant to come naturally or accidentally. It is an aberration of nature and a sin when it comes by intention.

Something we must still put into consideration as we conclude is the much case of death that now frequently occurs in the holly wood. Some of which were attached to a cause, others to suicide. The question i would like to conclude with is that are these death cases a display of the reality of the things they act in the movies or this movies had some magical or spiritual implications on them?

any similarity? you can answer for yourself

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