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Horror Movie Recommendations for Halloween

Updated on May 2, 2011

Horror Movies... My Favorite

I've always loved horror movies. They're my favorite genre of movies because of the feeling they give me...the shocking fright...brilliant blood and gory scenes... screams...

Not many horrors can scare me into sleeping with the lights on but to those that do, I tip my hat. This hub is a guide to some of my favorite horror movies.

Recipe For A Horror Movie

So what are horror movies made of. Some of them are funny while some are straight up scary, gory and frightnening. But there is always something in them to give you that bone chilling feeling.

Here are my favorite horrors... the scary ones...

The Lost Boys

A Return To Salem's Lot

1. Vampires

Vampires, those creatures of the night... you know, pale guy with the sunglasses who sleeps all day in a box or hanging upside down..

  • The Lost Boys (1988)

Keifer Sutherland is the bad boy vampire in this 1988 vampire movie which also stars Jason Gedric. Its a vampire classic and I just love the children singing "Thou shall not kill..."

  • A Return To Salem's Lot (1987)

Not that great a movie but it scared me. A man takes a vacation with his son in a town full of vampires. Stephen King wrote it.

  • Dracula's Widow (1989)

I only saw this once and saw it on a black and white tv but it scared the hell out of me... I think I was 13 and I had to sleep with the lights on for the first time. If you really need a scare then challenge this movie.

The Ring

2. Ghosts

No they don't wear white sheets over their heads and those guys and the dog in the Mystery Machine couldn't handle these supernatural beings... Who you gonna call? Better call someone to watch these with you...

  • The Ring (2002)

This movie doesn't need blood to scare, no graphic killings - just a really ugly neglected girl who got drowned in a well. This is one of the scariest horrors I've seen in recent times. Not too big on the sequel though.

When a mysterious vhs tape is watched the telephone rings and the voice on the other end says that you will die in 7 days. Now how many of you get scared when you're watching this and your phone rings?

3. Lots of Blood

Whether its dripping off the edge of the villains knife or chainsaw or the victim is bathed in it blood always makes a horror more terrifying... You gotta have blood...lots of it.

  • Hostel (2005)

Quentin Tarantino's ultra graphic shocker, this film gets bloodier by the minute. Didn't really scare me that much but it sure is bloody.

Warlock: The Armageddon

The Omen

4. The Devil

Thats a frightening guy, the devil. I wouldn't want to cross paths with him for nothing from the way he is portrayed in these movies...him and his demons.

  • Warlock: The Armageddon (1993)

Satan's son comes to earth on a full moon. The opening of the movie where the pregnant woman goes into a painful labour and the dog is pulled into the gooey mess to birth the Warlock is nasty. The movie scared me when I saw it at a young age...yes I remember running home from the theatre afraid to look back and banging on the door so ma could let me in.

  • The Omen (1976)

If you're expecting or just had a newborn then it might be a good idea to not watch this movie. Classic horror that would make you think twice about spanking a miserable child especially if he's comfortable around dogs. The Omen is about a child who is the antichrist. That part where the priest gets the church steeple still gives me goosebumps but I could never watch this movie twice... too scary.

5. Tortured Avengers

Yeah.. something happened a long time ago and they just cant forgive whoever was responsible so everyone gets it...even if you had nothing to do with it.

  • Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

Knives on his fingers, burned flesh, a face only a mother could love and deadly wit, Wes Craven's creation, Freddy Kreuger is a child killer who was set on fire by an angry mob but comes back to kill whenever they go to sleep. Freddy is responsible for sleepless nights on Elm Street and in many homes off screen.

  • Candyman (1992)

Candyman...Candyman...Candyman..dare to say it five times?

I've never been comfortable around hooks and this movie made me cringe in the dark... yes the lights stayed on while I slept for his one.

Candyman (and its two sequels) depicts in very graphic scenes, a vengeful slave who has his hand sawn off, covered in honey and left to be stung to death by bees. Anyone who says his name 5 times in the mirror will get the hook. Sweet... I mean..ouch!



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    • profile image

      Thom 7 years ago

      Good list - except for Hostel. Torture porn is gross, not scary...and the sequel was even sicker! If anyone is planning on watching some scary movies tomorrow they might want to make some home-made treats and invite some friends over. Here's a url to YouTube slide show... Kinda puts you in the mood:

    • penningl profile image

      penningl 7 years ago from U.S.

      Very awesome list, enjoyed reading and will definitely check out a few of the ones I haven't seen. You seem to have good taste in horror films(besides hostile of course, lol). Great hub, enjoyed reading.

    • profile image

      Mikayla Maherg 7 years ago

      i love horror movies their my favorite

    • profile image

      lamu 8 years ago

      pissing my pants..

    • Attractive52081 profile image

      Attractive52081 8 years ago from Muskegon, Michigan

      This list is fantastic. I love true crime so naturally I will love horror as well.

    • profile image

      Horror fan 8 years ago

      A very nice list.

      The movie that really scared the sh*t out of me was

      "The Ring"

    • Headstonecity profile image

      Headstonecity 9 years ago

      Best Vampire movies are Near Dark and Fright Night!!!

    • christine almaraz profile image

      christine almaraz 9 years ago from colorado springs

      The Ruins completely grossed me out. That's why I liked it. There are very few films that have me cringing and The Ruins was one of them. Hostel and Cabin Fever are another pair that made me cover my mouth.

    • imadork profile image

      imadork 9 years ago from St. Peters, MO

      I like your list. Take a lot at my horror movie list if you want to.

    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 9 years ago from ~~~

      Thanks Samhin. From Dusk Til Dawn was a good movie, more funny to me than scary though.

    • samhin925 profile image

      samhin925 9 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Interesting list. Here's a few more recommendations:


      From Dusk til Dawn

      Lots of Blood:

      Zombie - The eyeball scene will make your skin crawl

      Dead Alive

      The Devil:

      Prince of Darkness - Interesting take on the subject

    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 9 years ago from ~~~

      Cool. Still haven't watched it as yet. I might watch it on the weekend. Thanks for the input.

    • profile image

      DaMaGeD_GooDz 9 years ago

      Wooohooo! Another horror movie fan! I've been watching them since I was 5 and still love them! Candyman is good as well as Warlock. The Omen was good but strangely the re-make was better. That's probably because it stayed true to the original and just amped it up a bit. I would have to agree with Shailini that Ringu is WAY better than the Ring.

    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 9 years ago from ~~~

      Great recommendations. I actually got lazy and didn't finish the hub but some of the movies on your list was supposed to be on this.

      I think what scared me about Hostel was the thought that there might actually exist secret societies like those in the movie. Yeah I know the movie isn't really that scary but I guess I mentioned it as I'd seen it at the time I was writing the hub. It DOES have a lot of blood though.

    • profile image

      Adam B 9 years ago

      Hello, I read your hub and agree with some of your recommendations so here are some of my recommendations:


      The Hamiltons, John Carpenters Vampires, Interview with a Vampire, 30 Days of Night & Innocent Blood


      Darkness Falls, The Changeling & Gothica

      Lots of Blood:

      Frontier(s), Bad Taste, the Machine Girl, The Ruins, Wrong Turn & Feast

      The Devil:

      Stigmata, The Exorcist, Devil's Advocate & Event Horizon,

      Tortured Avengers:

      Friday the 13th, Halloween & Jeepers Creepers,

      I am sure you've seen most of them, but they all belong on your list except for Hostel...Boooo. I guess it does have lots of blood, too bad the movie sucked.

    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 9 years ago from ~~~

      Yeah, so I heard but I haven't seen it as yet.

    • shailini profile image

      shailini 9 years ago from Bangalore, India

      the Ringu the japanese original is really, really scary

    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 10 years ago from ~~~

      lol...yeah you gotta admit that was pretty nasty. Not too sure about the evil dust bunnies but Clive's good!

    • teeray profile image

      teeray 10 years ago from Canada

      "Eeeeeeeeek" I was brave enough 'til I saw that last 'Candyman' photo! I'm going now to crawl under the bed...Clive's movies scare me a lot. The rest, I'm pretty much okay with. Hmmm wait a minute, isn't there an evil dust-bunnie under the bed in one of Clive's other movies...?

    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 10 years ago from ~~~

      Clive Barker's Candyman...yes! He's one of the masters of horror. Glad you liked the hub.

    • Salome Toums profile image

      Salome Toums 10 years ago

      Great list! My fiancee had Hostel, and we watched it on our first date for lack of anything better to watch. Creeped me out and got me snuggling with him. Candyman I've never seen, and I'd heard somewhere that it was a Clive Barker film. Owning his cheesier movies Hellraiser I & II and Nightbreed, this has always been on my list of movies to watch. It's time for my beau and I to bust out the Blockbuster card.