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"Lost" Series Recap Seasons 1-5

Updated on February 5, 2015

Season 6 - The Final Season

As the hit television series 'Lost' heads into its sixth and final season, there were many answers that the producers of the show felt the need to provide to all the faithful viewers, who have diligently and religiously followed the series since its inception in 2005.

The 'Lost' recap would also serve to bring into the fold any casual fans, first-time fans, or people like myself; fans who have missed an episode or two along the way.

Lost on ABC - Oceanic 815

Over the course of the first five seasons, viewers were introduced to an array of interesting characters, some of which were killed off as the show progressed, while still others have become household names and faces which viewers have come to know and love with the passing of time.

Season six has been marked as the definite end of the 'Lost' series, and it would seem that fans are ready for a final resolution to the show they've come to idolize for so long. It also would seem that many serial programming has gone the way of setting definitive structural guidelines for just how long their shows will last. The obvious exceptions would be E.R. and Law & Order, just to name a couple.

The writers and producers of 'Lost' have taken viewers on an interesting roller-coaster ride through many plot twists and variations, sometimes seemingly veering in directions that even they weren't sure about.

So, what has made the show 'Lost' so popular, and what will be the fallout after the series has finally come to an end? those would seem to be the questions that fans will happily procrastinate on answering, choosing instead to simply enjoy the final ride into the jungle abyss.

Well, what seems to have made the show so popular is the characters. That probably seems like an easy or obvious answer, but this show is extremely character driven. Heck, even the island itself is a tangible character.

From the minute that Oceanic flight 815 crash-landed near the island, the audience has gotten to know just what makes every character tick; From all the major characters, right down to the cameo or minor characters that have been weaved periodically throughout the story arc.

Many of the major characters have made it through to the Season 6 final season, with two notable exceptions; Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) and Michael (Harold Perrineau). Naturally, there will have to be some casualties on a show of this nature, but if you would have asked me at the beginning of the series who would not make it, these wouldn't have been 2 characters i would have cited as 'goners.'

It simply goes to show the lengths the show's writers and producers were willing to take in order to produce quality, original content, while still involving the viewing public in the journey. As I stated, I believe the main draw of the show has been the character development that simply sucks the audience in for a walloping ride.

With so much going on story-wise, it's no wonder that the series has managed to hold the interest of the millions of rabid fans worldwide. Truly a testament to the quality of product being produced from season to season.

Lost on ABC

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Season 6

I have to admit, I've really only been a casual fan of 'Lost' since the series began way back in 2004. I watched the first season religiously, then my viewing sort of tapered off a bit. Life just got the best of me, and I had other things going on that wouldn't permit me to devote the time necessary to be in a specific place at a certain time to catch the episodes. To compound the issue, I hadn't yet discovered the joys of DVR technology or Video on Demand from Comcast(Xfinity)

Fast forward to Season 6, and the much-anticipated series finale. I have to admit, I've gone out of my way to rejuvenate my interest in the series, and it hasn't proven to be a waste of time. The story arc from week to week is captivating and progressive, to the point where the writers have almost too much to work with. With so much going on plot-wise, it's no wonder that we lose major characters like Sawyer, Sayid, Desmond, etc. for what seem to be multiple episodes at a time. And who is this Miles guy? I've been away far too long. I do miss Farraday, but mainly because I like Jeremy Davies of Private Ryan fame

All in all, Season six has been a joy to watch. Leading into the final season, I discovered a couple short pieces through Comcast's Video On Demand, which really captured the essence of the series up to the end of Season 5. Normally, I would try to go back and watch full episodes via Netflix or Fancast, but with this series I've found it difficult to do that; Mainly because the show's producers have killed off so many characters and plot-lines due to extenuating circumstances, that it just seemed a lesson in futility to invest the time necessary to fully catch up with the series.

Instead, I relied heavily on the Lost recap to handle to summation, and have found that more than satisfactory in getting up to speed with the show. And Season 6 has been nothing short of fantastic from a writing and character development perspective. the acting has been superb, and I've found myself captivated by characters that would normally have just angered me. Linus is the perfect example. He has become my favorite character. Who would'a thunk it?!

In short, if you find yourself 'wanting' in the Lost department, insofar as being a little behind on the storyline, then catch the Lost recap at Fancast or Hulu, or OnDemand, etc. You won't be disappointed. Also, click on the link near the top of the page to find out about Complete Seasons 1-5 available on DVD. Owning the complete series through Season 5 would be a great way to get yourself caught up on the goings on of the island and the survivors of Oceanic flight 815.

Heck, you could even just watch the recap right here on this page. I managed to find it on YouTube. Gotta love some YouTube... And at Fancast full episodes are always available, making it very easy to get caught up on episodes you may have missed in the past.


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