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Lucy Spraggan - X Factor UK 2012 Finalist

Updated on July 25, 2013

Lucy Spraggan - X Factor UK 2012 Finalist

Lucy Spraggan has made quite an impact on series9 of the X Factor UK 2012. Winning a place in Tulisa's category, in the GIRLS group, Lucy Spraggan has made quite a name for herself, by performing and singing her own songs.

It's quite controversial for a contestant to perform their own songs, because disputes of an unfair advantage on those that don't have their own songs, but who cares right?

Lucy Spraggan's songs are brilliant! I loved her audition songs and also the way she's mixing up songs that Lucy didn't write herself - such as Kanye West's Gold Digger.

No matter what happens with the X Factor, Lucy Spraggan definitely has a musical career waiting for her!

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Lucy Spraggan: ""I am gutted not to be able to continue on this journey but I'm not well enough to perform. To accept another free pass having missed last weekend would not be fair on the others in the competition. I wish them all well. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who has supported me. There is no way that this setback will prevent me from fulfilling my ambition. You'll be hearing from me again very soon."

Is Lucy Spraggan a breath of Fresh Air for a show like the X Factor?

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Lucy Spraggan's X Factor Boot Camp Audition of TEA & TOAST

One of the most touching songs you will have heard in a long time. Lucy Spraggan performs her own song "Tea and Toast", for her X Factor Boot Camp, final audition.

Lucy Spraggan in more detail...

Home town:Buxton. Age: 20

Musically compared to: Kate Nash, Lily Allen

Follow Lucy Spraggan on twitter here

Read Lucy Spraggan's biography here

See Lucy Spraggan's first audition here

You can also see the official video for "Beer Fear" performed by Lucy Spraggan here

Check out Lucy Spraggan's perform her last audition at Boot Camp here - sensational!

Watch Lucy Spraggan's Week5 performance:

Download Lucy Spraggan's Week5performance here

Lucy Spraggan didn't perform in Week4 due to illness

There is no Week4 performance for Lucy Spraggan to download...get well soon, Lucy

Watch Lucy Spraggan's Week3 performance: David Guetta's TITANIUM

Lucy Spraggan's Week3 performance is not available for download...shame

Watch Lucy Spraggan's Week2 performance: Kanye West's GOLD DIGGER

Download Lucy Spraggan's Week2 performance here

Watch Lucy Spraggan's Week1 performance: Her own song!!!... MOUNTAINS

Download Lucy Spraggan's Week1 performance here

Lucy Spraggan singing her own gorgeous song, MOUNTAINS, on the first live show of X Factor UK 2012

Is it fair for X Factor contestants to sing their own songs?

Should contestants sing their own songs on X Factor?

Lucy Spraggan's Official video for BEER FEAR

Lucy Spraggan has had a quasi-musical career - it looks like she has tried to do it on her own, without much backing from a record company...but here's what she can do...hopefully the X Factor will help catapult her into the music industry!

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