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Mac Taylor: The Magical Wizard of CSI

Updated on November 3, 2014
Gary Senise playing the guitar
Gary Senise playing the guitar | Source

Introduction: Mac Taylor Saving New York

If there was ever man who could save New York City while wearing a police badge, it'd be Lieutenant Dan (sorry Police Chief Gordon).

A few years after Lieutenant Dan received his new titanium legs, he joined the New York City police force. What else could he do? He was already a millionaire, knew one of the greatest historical figures of our era, and had all the shrimp cocktails he could eat. The only left to do was save Manhattan.

Lieutenant Dan decided it was best to change his name and wardrobe in order to fit right in with the police force. The newly labeled Mac Taylor was now ready to catch some bad guys.

What's sleep?

— Mac Taylor

Mac Taylor Having a Moment

Use your head, Stella, not your heart.

— Mac Taylor

Wizardry at it's finest

Even Harry Potter can't touch Mac Taylor

How will you define a wizard? You might say that he can be a person who can answer a question in a quickest time, or someone who can think and give rationale to his answers. There are other definitions depending of each and everyone's understanding.

Mac Taylor is a character portrayed by Gary Sinise who has been the head of the Crime Scene Investigation in New York. He defends the integrity of the crime investigation ,and let the truth and justice prevail. He believes that proofs, evidences and DNA will determine the convicts or murderers.

Furthermore, Mac Taylor is a well-rounded person with regards to his position as the boss of CSI New York. He can do ballistics test alone to match the weapon with bullets taken from the bodies of victims.

He can also get DNA samples and determine the person involved. Likewise, he can examine the bodies of victims and find out the COD or cause-of death. He gathers all the information, interrogates and examines the suspects carefully.

He is a man who is very keen in his observation. He scrutinizes every detail and invaluable information. He creates a very vivid scenario in his mind about the incident that took place. He patiently waits for strong evidences that can nail his suspects.

If you are looking for a wizard of justice, then you are looking for Mac Taylor. He will never stop until he finds you guilty.

Is he a crime fighting wizard? Who knows, but he is definitely a crime fighting maniac capable of finding the worst criminals in history, all in NYC.

Question Time!

Which one is your favorite CSI?

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Gary Sinise Profile

Born: March 17, 1955 in Blue Island, Illinois, USA

Nominated for 1 Oscar

Best Known for:
The Stand
Apollo 13
The Green Mile
Forrest Gump

Only the female of the species bites.

— Mac Taylor

Did You Know?

Gary Sinise owns Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, which is one of the largest and most well-known theater companies in the United States. He also directed several of the most notable productions. Actually, Sinise got his start in Hollywood by directing two episodes of "Crime Story" back in 1986.

Sinise Can Play It All

Gary Sinise is one of my favorite actors. He seems to be able to play it all. If you think you've seen him before, that's because he was in "Forrest Gump" as Lieutenant Dan and Stephen King's "The Stand" and "The Green Mile" as well as a host of other movies and television series.

I'm not sure if there's ever a part Sinise didn't play. I'm even betting that he, once upon a time, played a princess in some far away land and ended up marrying a handsome prince. He would have been convincing too, just like all the rest of his characters.

He isn't a big named celebrity, but people know his face. He's like the white version of Danny Trejo (although Gary is in about 60 movies per year less than Mr. Danny).

Nonetheless, Sinise is one of my favorite actors. He is convincing. And even though I love the CSI series and I'm a huge Ted Danson fan, I have to say that Senise is my favorite crime fighter of the series as well.


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