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'Mad Men' iTunes Glitch? 'My Old Kentucky Home' Arrives Early

Updated on April 20, 2015

Premature debut for episode 3 of 'Mad Men'?

Screen shot of my iTunes queue / E. A. Wright, 2009
Screen shot of my iTunes queue / E. A. Wright, 2009
Screen shot of AMC's scheduled air date for "My Old Kentucky Home." / E. A. Wright
Screen shot of AMC's scheduled air date for "My Old Kentucky Home." / E. A. Wright

"Warm Regards"

Screen shot of iTunes notification / E. A. Wright
Screen shot of iTunes notification / E. A. Wright

"My Old Kentucky Home"

As a fan of the AMC show Mad Men, I couldn't be happier about getting to watch two new episodes of the brand new third season in one week.

The trouble is, I'm not sure why or how I received what appears to the be the season's third episode, "My Old Kentucky Home," a full 13 days before it was scheduled to air.

That's right. Somehow, I've already seen the first and the third episodes.

An e-mail from iTunes just before midnight on Tuesday notified me with "warm regards" that the show's "latest episode" was ready and waiting.

According to the AMC schedule, that episode isn't supposed to air on cable until August 30.

For all the supposed secrecy surrounding the twists and turns involved in each Mad Men episode, this seemed very odd.

So I did what I had to — I watched. (And, thank goodness, "My Old Kentucky Home" was better than the slightly dull premiere.)

Perhaps this premature release is some kind of mean trick or hoax on fans. Perhaps — oh, the joy of possibly having a spoiler to spill — Peggy never was meant to insist on getting high with her co-workers while sporting a proto-beehive.

But I'm guessing this early "gift" is more likely an iTunes glitch, some kind of error in which future episodes were accidentally delivered to queues of season pass holders.

Others have noticed

Clearly I'm not the only one to have discovered this new episode. (See iTunes Error? Unaired Mad Men Episode Now Playing.)

At this rate, who needs a television?

As someone happily living life without a television, there are only a few shows like Mad Men that I love enough to follow and watch online.

Doing so requires low expectations and an always-hopeful attitude that my kind of viewership won't be given second-class status by the show's distributor. I am accustomed to long waits and finicky availability schedules, patching together episodes from iTunes, hulu and network sites.

I bit the bullet and bought a season pass to the third season of "Mad Men" on the premiere night, Sunday, August 16, still doubting that iTunes would make episodes available within, say, the 24 hours after the show's airtime.

This week, iTunes has clearly exceeded my expectations.

I'll gladly endure having watching the season out of order, if it means I can learn tidbits like these: Sally Draper is dabbling in petty larceny.

But I doubt these early episodes continue.

As Sally's grandfather put it while bidding her good night: "Just wait, all hell's going to break loose."

For now, I'm just waiting for Episode 2: "Love Among the Ruins."

Have you seen the episode?

Have you already watched

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An update ...

It's now Sunday, August 30. No sense in not adding a few more tidbits about the third episode.

The most memorable moments

  • The new Mrs. "I Keep Losing Weight" Sterling's syrupy-mean encounter with Joan.
  • Sally Draper learning how to pronounce "licentiousness" during a little bedtime story reading with her grandfather.
  • Joan's at-home conflict management strategy. "I don't want to have a fight right now." Joan: "Then stop talking."
  • The social desperation of Harry's wife at the party, Jane's drunkenness, and Pete Campbell's dancing.
  • Don's story of how he used to "relieve himself" in the car trunks of "fancy people." (And it's not a flashback.)


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    • E. A. Wright profile imageAUTHOR

      E. A. Wright 

      9 years ago from New York City

      Tried to hold back on the spoilers, but as the "real" release date draws closer, I may add more.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      it's amazing - betty is so beautiful that she can even attract attention when preggers. she looked stunning.

      and OMG - i think the most startling thing was richard sterling and his singing "makeup". different times yet not so different at times.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Got the email notification but just missed it.


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