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Mark Lowry

Updated on October 10, 2014

My first Mark Lowry Concert

Recently I attended my first ever Mark Lowry concert. I laughed myself silly!

My husband and I went with about six other couples from our church. What a great fellowship outing.

We purchased out tickets months in advance of the event so we got really, really, really good seats! Not that there were any bad seats but we were in about the 6th row from the stage. Awesome!

It all started when our Pastor asked us to do more than be social at church...that we should form those friendships outside of the church too. So, one of the ladies suggested this concert and we were off and running. We met at a local restaurant and had supper together before the Mark Lowry concert and then off to Sunshine Church to see Mr. Mark Lowry, up close and personal.

I hope this lens introduces you to a great Christian commedian who also has a wonderful voice. If Mark Lowry comes to a city near you, make it a mission of yours to get a group together for a time of belly laughing, worship and music. You won't regret it.


Who is Mark Lowry?

Mark has been entertaining fthe Christian Community for almost 40 years. Singing publicly since age 11.

Mark attended Liberty College in Virginia from 1975 to 1980. In 1976 he felt God's call to the ministry and graduated in 1980 with a youth degree and began performing at independent Baptist churches.

Mark discovered his gift of comedy while filling in the "dead air" time between songs. Mark would talk about his life and give his testimoney. People laughed at the way it was presented and the rest is history.

In 1988 Mark Lowry was offered a part with the Gaither Vocal group as a baritone. Performing with them for 13 years, along with several solo performances. If you have seen any of the Gaither Homecoming video's you have probably seen Mark Lowry, he often co-hosted with Bill Gaither.

Mark Lowry Music

Great for yourself or for a gift. Treat yourself to a Mark Lowry CD. Once you listen to his beautiful voice you will be a Mark Lowry fan. Did you know he wrote the song "Mary, did you know"?


Mary, Did You Know?

Have you ever heard the song Mary, Did You Know? This was written by our very own Mark Lowry. What a beautiful song. It has been a favorite of mine for a very long time but I never knew who wrote it.

The song was inspired because Mark was asked, by his church, to write a Christmas play. Mark wrote down 6 questions that he would have liked to ask Mary, Jesus' mother and these questions were incorporated into the play.

Buddy Greene wrote the music to Mark's lyrics and in 1990 Mary, Did You Know? was born. This song has been recorded by more than 30 artist. Including Kathy Mattea, Kenny Rogers, Donny Osmmond and Clay Aiken.


More about Mark Lowry

Mr. Mark Lowry was born in Texas on June 24, 1958 to Charles and Beverly Lowry. Charles, an attorney and Beverly, a singer and speaker have 2 other children. Mike, who is married with 4 children and Melissa, also married with 2 children. Mark says " Mike is the best brother and Melissa is the best sister".

The Gaithers

Music to inspire.

A little glimpse of Mark Lowry

I'm looking for some feedback here. Have you ever seen Mark Lowry in concert. Or, do you not know who he is?? I'd love to hear from you.

Just Wondering

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