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Updated on September 19, 2010
Future Marvel movies
Future Marvel movies

A look at some future movies based upon Marvel comic book characters

There is now a light at the end of the Avengers movie tunnel. This is a hub that I wanted to hold off on writing until something more concrete or definite was known about the slate of self produced upcoming Marvel movies that are in the works. i think that it is now the right time for a summary of the different odds and ends that have come to my attention concerning all of the different live action films that Marvel Entertainment has in its schedule. Earlier this year, the big news seemed to be the fact that Marvel had publicly confirmed that it had green lighted movies based on several of its iconic characters, and that they would be developed in a series of films spread out over the next few years. This and the fact that it was reaffirmed that Marvel's intention was to finance all of these movie projects in-house. It wasn't really news that Marvel was going to go the route of assuming any potential risk and stand to reap the potential rewards - they had already outlined this self financing plan a few years back - however now we got to see confirmation that it would be put into operation. There have been several announcements from Marvel relating to the slate of future films that they will be making. To make things easier to go through, I thought that maybe it would be appropriate to present the info I do have in the form of a Marvel movie roadmap.

The future movies to expect from Marvel's own production house are the following:


  • THOR




Okay, here we go.


  This sequel to the mega successful Summer 2008 blockbuster will see Robert Downey Jr. reprise his role as Tony stark/Iron Man and see John Favreau back as Director.  There willl be some changes however; gone from this production will be the original screenwriters for Iron Man, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby: they will be replaced by Justin Theroux.  Also out of the picture is actor Terrence Howard who was not resigned to reprise his role as Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes.  The character will instead be played by actor Don Cheadle.  One can't help but wonder if the rumors concerning Howard having some friction on the set might have been - at least in part - true?  Downey Jr. is reported to have originally signed a three picture deal with Marvel, but it does not look like there wil be a third Iron Man film in the works anytime soon which has many speculating that the third film in the deal might be the upcoming Marvel Avengers movie (see below for more on the Marvel Avengers movie).    IRON MAN has a May 7th, 2010 release date.  



No matter what any Marvel comics fan might tell you I think that this Marvel character is one of the least known of those in development, and because of this the question mark factor for this project is quite huge; the potential is here for this movie project to revitalize interest in this Marvel character and garner it a new wave of fans, or consequently, this film could potentially be the biggest money sink of all the upcoming Marvel in-house productions. The Marvel Thor movie has a working release date of July 16th, 2010 and little else at this point, except for some recent reports that famous British actor and director, Kenneth Branagh (Henry V, Frankenstein) has been in talks with Marvel to handle the directing reigns for the film. This could be good news or bad news, but at least it means that the film would have a distinct style tio it. (period piece with hammers, anyone?)


   Okay, talk about little to go on at this point, and you get this Marvel movie project; the movie doesn't even have much of a tentative date beyond being scheduled for 2010. There is however a director and a screenwriter attached to it at this point: Edgar wright is set to direct and Joe Cornish is presently working on the screenplay.  



Okay this new Captain America movie looks interesting for a couple of reasons; First, it is strongly rumoured to be a period piece set during World War II, which means that either the movie itself or the subsequent Marvel Avengers movie following after it would need to deal with the events that brought Captain America to the present day. Not a big deal, I suppose, but something that has to be done if you go the period piece route. Second - and more importantly - this movie has a title that suggests ity will be haevily tied into the subsequent Avengers movie. That makes this movie a linch-pin in the Marvel comics movies franchise. Personally, I think that this movie might be the hardest to cast given the extremly iconic nature of the character. As well, this character is one of those which I have the most difficulty visualizing for any film: the costume has never turned out well on screen so far and I wonder what route they would have to go to make it work. What we do know about this film is that it has a scheduled release date of May 6th, 2011, and it has a director confirmed: Joe Johnston.


Okay, this Marvel Avengers movie is the finish line for the current crop of Marvel movies in production; sure there are more rumoured to be in the development pipeline, such as Doctor Strange, but this is the last of the current slate and by the time of this film's release Marvel will have a very clear idea of whether or not it should continue with the self financing route or not. If most of these movies end up pulling in a decent profit for Marvel or at least do more than break even, then they will also serve as a source of very desirable promotion for the Marvel brand, exposing their flagship characters to a potentially much wider audience and customer base. If the movies mostly barely make back their money (or worse) then Marvel would probably go back to taking the easier money up front by selling the movie rights to different characters to the different movie studios like before with the X-MEN and SPIDER-MAN franchises. All that has been confirmed at this point is a release date of July 15th, 2011.

I like many other comic book fans, look forward to the ride that this road map will lead us on...


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    • profile image

      chris 4 years ago

      most I see on here still missed best x men ...hellfire club battles, mutant massacre,how about start of new team where thunderbird died ....

    • profile image

      David Silva 6 years ago

      Need asilver surfer movie without fantastic 4.

    • profile image

      Paladin 6 years ago

      the thing about the Avengers movie is it's been building for close to 4yrs....yes i know they aren't going to wait another 4yrs for a Avengers II, but Disney/Marvel will want to put out a good substantial amount of movies with new characters just in case they want to change up the Avengers roster....hell they might just want to increase the Avengers numbers.... they need to build the hype between the movies it's not enough to just leave Avengers 1 with a cliff hanger...they'll have to leave Iron man III with wanting...and Thor & Cap'n America II with questions....and Wolverine was an Avenger so is Spiderman.

      maybe they'll redue Fantastic 4 and the Avengers 3 will be a large team of Avengers, plus Spiderman & the Fantastic 4...??? the Kree/Skrull War now that would be the "IT" movie of the year......

    • profile image

      BP 6 years ago

      Black panther movie ASAP

    • profile image

      Richie 6 years ago

      Lol, Did you just suggest Val Kilmer as a cheap alternative to Keanu Reeves? Have you seen what Val Kilmer looks like now? Ouch

      Agree that we need to see more Gambit! I love every single Marvel film no exceptions, it releases my inner childhood memories! I think they should defo keep all of the actors from the films. Worse case scenario break even, it will still work as an astronomical marketing ploy!

    • profile image

      tj 6 years ago

      they need to make a gambit movie, and also id like to see a iceman movie favorite marvel characters.

    • profile image

      derrick 6 years ago

      Personaly I would love to see an Alpha Flight movie

    • profile image

      Neil Roll Tide 6 years ago

      well, the Thor movie rocks as well as the X-Men First Class. Can't wait for the Captain America movie or the Avengers. I would like to see it keep the continuity of the previous movies as far as actors. That is a lot of star power(Norton, Jackson, Downy, etc.) and that might not be so cost effective. Would love to see Nick Cage as Dr. Strange, but if memory serves me correctly wasn't Ghost Rider an Avenger on several occasions? That could cause a problem, so what about Liam Neeson, or even ( part of me shudders to utter this but his acting has improved with age) Keanu Reeves, or If you are looking for a cheap alternative Val Kilmer. Just ideas, here. Anyway, I digress, I look forward to the film. I really cannot wait. Marvel Rocks and DC jocks.

    • profile image

      Aaron 6 years ago

      STORM MOvie please

    • profile image

      denny 6 years ago

      i would like to see fantastic four dealing with the inhumans now with the special effects they use these days it would be great and the thing he should be more like the hulk size wise and strength of course to a degree i read comics all my my child hood and its great that they have come as far as they have with the effects its great

    • profile image

      Snapper007 6 years ago

      I really love them all. Was surprised to see x-men (prequel) ad. There was no hype on this movie. I wish they would have kept the original actor, the original script for the new spiderman movie. More villans more action. Going back to his high school days sounds boring. Secret Wars would be way cool, though getting so many actors to play the villans and good guys would be hard and $$$. Maybe some could b computer generated. There were more members in the original Avengers, but I only see iron man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor (what about wasp and Ant man and who will play them and what about Marvel man and Ms. Marvel. They came in and out so much over the years). I woud love to write for one of these scripts. I'm all comic book interested, Marvel, DC, and even some indepentant comic books. I'm a little old school (41-years-old), but luv them all. Just can't afford the new school comic books. They don't look the same as they use to and definately higher cost. Give me, "The Flash" any day w/ any number of his villan gallary. By the way. When I was young, possibly in the 80s there was a live tv show w/ JLA charaters and it was on cbs, nbc or abc. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy of that show. Dvd would even be better. Go Hero Movies. Gotta love them.

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 7 years ago from Indiana

      instead of doing a Spiderman reboot, it would have have been cool to tackle Spider Woman or leap ahaed to the future and do the May Day version of Spider Girl.

    • profile image

      Blitzwing 7 years ago

      I am a marvel fanatic and I think that like the comics of the "Super hero civil war" they should make that movie It might cost a pretty penny but It would make

      more then it would cost to make it. plus Iv'e been wanting to see it for a couple of years

    • profile image

      tobasco pepper 7 years ago

      i think the marvel avengers movie should come out ASAP plus thor!!

    • profile image

      sal 7 years ago

      although it may not be related to marvel i wanna watch transformers 3. the trailer looks absolutely amazing.

      Also just checked out the trailer for thor and i am sooooooo hyped up about it.

    • profile image

      Allaric 7 years ago

      The Thor trailer looks awesome. The actor playing Thor looks more like Thor than some of the comic books. The movie looks awesome , Asgard , SHIELD , Destroyer , Loki , its got a lot of stuff in it from the comic series , a great cast too , cant wait to see it !

    • profile image

      jese 7 years ago

      Even @ my 20's, I still like watching these characters.

    • profile image

      Jese 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Jace 7 years ago

      I think that tey should make an Elektra 2, or a Daredevil 2 or possibly a third Iron Man. Now that would be something I would want to see.

    • profile image

      nelson 7 years ago

      actually the guy playing thors name is Chris Hemsworth and i think they did a good job with casting... some people were saying that Triple H should've been Thor but that would've been a huge mistake.. yeah he has the build but he dosen't have the acting chops...

    • profile image

      timbot 7 years ago

      Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish involved in Ant-Man??! Bizarre...can't wait to hear more though!

    • profile image

      exclamation point 7 years ago

      i think they should focus on heroes that are really known like justice league, and other really known heroes.

    • profile image

      question 7 years ago

      marvel must show alot in effects

    • profile image

      marvelo1 7 years ago

      I think marvel should get a move on, they have so many characters and story lines. Make movies like Luke Cage, blade upgrade, iron fist. I also think they should re-do wolverine origins, i liked the movie but i think they should have added a few things. They shouldn't have put in some things, like sabertooth being related to wolverine and the whole deadpool creation thing was wrong and so was the adimantium bonding process. I also think they should make an age of apocalypse saga. A juggernut movie would be nice. The dark Pheniox saga. The silver surfer. a re-do fantastic four. a planet hulk would ge good as well. A blob and nightcrawler movie would be nice. the rise of the sentinals.days of a future past timeline from x-men would be awesome. A warbird(ms. marvel) would be goood.

      I also think they should make a black panther movie. An x-force and x-factor movie would be good.

      I personally think they should make a civil war movie as well... although there would have to be a lot of actors to have to play the characters needed, soo i think they should make it an animated movie.

    • profile image

      kris 7 years ago

      marvel needs to get a move on. Make movies like Luke Cage(power man), blade upgrade, iron fist. I also think they should re-do wolverine origins, i liked the movie but i think they should have added a few things. They shouldn't of put in some things, like sabertooth being related to wolverine. age of apocalypse saga. A colasuss movie would be good, and so would a juggernut movie. The dark Pheniox saga. The silver surfer. a re-do fantastic four. an upgrade on spiderman, i also think think they should re-do spiderman. a planet hulk would ge good as well. A blob and nightcrawler movie would be nice. the rise of the sentinals.days of a future past timeline from x-men would be awesome. A warbird(ms. marvel) would be goood.

    • profile image

      yoyo 7 years ago

      I think too much thinkin into the movies just stresses people out, let it ride! And see what happens. Everyones opinion counts! But I think that directors will do there best to get as close possible with marvel comics storys.

    • profile image

      Deathlok Movie 7 years ago

      There will be a Deathlok movie in 2011 as I read at I really want to see this movie

    • profile image

      Chris 8 years ago

      Is there going to be a Hulk 2?

    • profile image

      shawn 8 years ago

      it seems to me the movies that FOX studois do don’t follow much of the actual story we are use to reading about. it is like they hear the story by ear say” hey that can make a movie” then do it that The dark Knight ( and for all who habve not read the dark Knight series …. yes there was an actual series of comics that were named Dark Knight…read it the Joker is a twisted S.O.B) was a great idea they stopped with the cheesy T.V. show gags and went to the Batman. The Batman that crime feared, they do need to get into the fact he is the worlds greastest detective although. Now on to Spidey…i can not discribe the jovialty that spang feorom my heart when i first heard they would be doing a spider-man movie in 1995 when stan lee was on a morning news program in NYC. and yes i went to school really late that day. then i can not tell you the pure enthusiasm i felt in 2000 ( five years later) when i found out i will actually have a chance to see it. Then …. i saw it. I was still happy but come on . the real allure in the comics to spidey is not just that , his life is worst then most regular people and still has to fight crime everynight. Did we forget Peter Parker was a genious. oh yea some might forget cause in the movie is webbing spang from his wrist not his web shooters.

      how many times have we read a spidey com-book and he is in the middle of a fight for his life and he runs out of webbing. anyway they need to do a redo…and do it write….i was on line reading a story Psycho Bob starring in the Celsetial Collar google it if you want to read some good story telling. the guy must have been high as hell, not just because of the stories …lol…but the typos…NUFF SAID

    • profile image

      Bob 8 years ago

      Hey guys, I rarely post on these things but I have to agree with a Marvel CivilWar movie. I think that would be amazing. All the superheroes from all the movies playing a good part. It's be hard to give the actors the on screen time they want but the fans want to see all of them I'm sure. Think about all the Marvel heroes and all the villains. I'm thinking something along the lines of apocalypse or galactus vs. Xmen, Daredevil, Electra, Blade, Ghost Rider, Spiderman, fantastic four, The avengers... Even if there parts were small and placed throughout the movie it would still be good. I'm hoping in the avengers movie there will be a large amount of cameos

    • profile image

      Andre  8 years ago

      Gotta have a Civil War movie

    • dreamscaper profile image

      dreamscaper 8 years ago from Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Stevennix2001 - Yep, along with many others, I heard about the Disney take over of Marvel and think it will make for some interesting future possibilities in movie making, such as possibly more resources being made available for animated Marvel features.

    • profile image

      Jeff Childers 8 years ago

      The son of Odin the mighty thor is who I want to see on the big screen. He is the most powerful in the marvel universe as long as he does not hold back like when he was fighting the hulk.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 8 years ago

      Dreamscaper says: "If the movies mostly barely make back their money (or worse) then Marvel would probably go back to taking the easier money up front by selling the movie rights to different characters to the different movie studios like before with the X-MEN and SPIDER-MAN franchises. All that has been confirmed at this point is a release date of July 15th, 2011."

      Actually, I don't know if you heard the news recently. Walt Disney bought the entire Marvel Studios and Comic book franchise, for 4 billion dollars, so if the marvel films don't pan out well, then it's more likely Disney will just get more hands on with the productions and allow less creative freedom on Marvel Studios part.

      However, it's also reported that this buy out won't affect the Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four movie franchises, since they're still contractually owned by Fox and Sony respectively.

      Anyway, I do agree with you on everything else though. I hope this will be a huge hit. Personally, I would've loved a Justice League movie more, but Avengers could be cool if done right.

    • profile image

      ftcj 8 years ago

      i think marvel could go with the thanos option with the ff, you could do a ton of stuff with the avengers ( iron man, spider man maybe ) , i think marvel could use the x men still, the origins could have sequels and they havent used house of m, or go with a cable/ bisop story.

    • iamJstyle profile image

      J Starling 8 years ago from Idaho

      I would really enjoy seeing an Origins movie on Jean-Grey or Storm, there's a lot of focus on the male heroes. Yes, Elektra came out but I think that it was a mediocre attempt. I wrote a hub on X-Men and it's Evolution read it here if you'd like.

    • dreamscaper profile image

      dreamscaper 8 years ago from Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Funny you should ask about the Green Lantern movie because I literally just finished ahub on the subject last night!

      You can find it here:


    • jbounds profile image

      jbounds 8 years ago

      Thanks for the heads up, I'm a huge marvel fan and can't wait to see how that Captain America movie comes along. I know its not a marvel flick, but any thoughts on the Green Lantern movie on its way?

    • profile image

      shamaninsac 8 years ago

      I recently saw that they have chosen the actor to play THOR.

      All I can say is that I have decided I WILL NOT go see the movie now. I, like many people I talked to, was stoked about a THOR movie.

      Apparently, they decided to let the lame looking guy who played KIRK's dad in the STAR TREK movie play the part.

      What's next? PAUL REUBENS cast as CAPTAIN AMERICA?!?!?!

    • profile image

      leborn 8 years ago

      I hope they end up making and Avengers 2 our at least a movie with all super heros and super villans in a battel

    • profile image

      eaasi3574 8 years ago

      This is really good information.

    • profile image

      eaasi3574 8 years ago

      This is really good information.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      I'm a marvel head,and I think that if marvel can get Doctor Strange right they could have huge box office sucess with could go zombies,vampires,werewolves,you could just about go anywhere with it.

    • profile image

      curtis 9 years ago

      marvel needs to get a move on! also needs to look at other projects like deathlock the cyborg, maybe even looking at the dark pheonix saga when they battled the imperial guard!? or even looking at when galactus created a herald like terrex the tamer?