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What Meditation Music Can do for You

Updated on August 23, 2013

Let it all hang out with yoga before you meditate

What to look for in meditation music

There is a kind of quiet rhythm that goes with a good yoga cd. Kundalini yoga mantra is always a solid choice, but whatever type of music for yoga you choose (heck, it can even be zen music or spa music) the important question to ask yourself is: What is meditation.
When we contemplate the greatness of the universe, we can sing Wahe Guru, which literally means that god is great, even if you don’t believe that it still works!

From Overload to Overjoyed!

There can be no doubt that meditation works. This has been demonstrated scientifically, many times and by many different sources and set ups. The reason is simple. We are experiencing information overload, and meditation helps to reduce the stress of this overload.

Types of Meditation: What should I Choose?

There are many kinds of mediation: quiet meditation, standing meditation, walking meditation and dancing meditation. But by far the best kind of meditation is done with music. After a nice set of yoga kundalini or another kind like power yoga, mediation is great because you are all relaxed and are open for a soothing music that calms the mind. Meditation music also comes in many forms. One of the best is sadhana music. Sadhana is spiritual discipline, and is often means getting up really early in the morning. All the sense are open, the glands are secreting, and the kundalini energy is rising. We sing along with simple mantras or participate in guided meditations. It can be Osho music, which is invigorating, but it can also be calming music.

Stretch, then meditate!

Consciousness pouring out

If you are looking for a meditation music free download then there are many sources, and it is nice to just sit and watch this excellent youtube video with calming nature, and after a while you can really get into it, and let your consciousness pour out from your should and travel, inside to destinations that you have never experienced before. That is the power of kundalini yoga mantra, where the snake like energy that lies at the base of the spine travels upwards and reaches the shiva point at the top of the head. Boom! Enlightenment!

Underway to Sadhana - Kundalini Yoga Mantras for the Aquarian Age
Underway to Sadhana - Kundalini Yoga Mantras for the Aquarian Age

This is calming music that will heal you. It comes highly recommended for both experienced meditators and those who are new to mindfulness meditation


Relaxation music with kundalini yoga mantras

Guided Mediation

It is a clever use of guided imagery or guided meditation that can give you that all important state of mindfulness meditation, you know the one that chopra and tara brach advocate.
It is best to take classes to learn this though, so if you are looking for a kundalini yoga dvd, you are welcome, there are many great ones out there, but the real spiritual energy is transferred via the shakti (female power) of a teacher only. The teacher can be male or female however.

Love yourself (And Others!)

Not all music is equal

Not all Yoga Musik is created equal but a sadhana cd like Gurprakash his “Underway to Sadhana” is a great place to start. It is soothing music, calming music, it is the best meditation music especially if you chant along, which is the intention behind the music.

Becoming stress-less, you will feel less dis-ease
And you will see that it is easy to become stress-free, and have a happy healthy and meditative life that will also show those around you how easy it is to become truly free of distractions and you can be listening to relaxation music all day long! It is an almost hypnotic experience. Believe me, I’ve tried!


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