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Michael Joseph Jackson

Updated on September 22, 2014

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died on June 25th, 2009 at 2:26 pm at UCLA Medical Center. He was 50 years old. His brother, Jermaine Jackson, gave the details of his brother's death in an emotional speech on behalf of the Jackson family. The death and legacy of this icon is right up there with Elvis and Princess Diana. "This Is It"  is a movie that celebrates the final rehearsals of his anticipated tour that never came to fruition because of Michael Jackson's sudden and tragic death.  

Michael Jackson's sudden death brought down Twitter and other social networking medias as people from all over the world scrambled to hear the news of the pop singer's death. At first it wasn't clear whether Michael Jackson had died or was in a coma. However, as the hours passed, news spread quickly that his death was confirmed by the coroner's office. Michael Jackson's life and death will always have unanswered questions. One thing is certain though, the world has suffered a great loss with the passing of one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

Michael Jackson was a man of many talents and an individual who will be missed by thousands of people from around the globe. I was listening to the radio only a few days after his passing and the DJ was listening to calls coming in from people who wanted to share any thoughts or memories about Michael Jackson. A woman called in and she said she was feeling guilty because she cried more the day Michael passed away than she had cried when her own sister passed. She said she felt like she had lost a long time friend who was always a constant why she was growing up. She broke into tears over the phone. Her voice was quivering with emotion as she exclaimed how she felt.

We all knew he was great. We all knew he was talented. We all knew we loved him. We just wonder if he really knew how many people throughout the world loved him. How many lives he touched with his music, his giving, his dancing, his smile, his shy, timid, childish ways, his sometimes dirty dancing. His iconic moonwalk sent the crowds into a frenzy. I think he knew how much he was loved. I hope he knew how much he will be missed.


Released December 14, 2010 "Michael"


Product Description

MICHAEL is the much anticipated album of newly completed recordings from Michael Jackson. The creative process never stopped for the King of Pop who was always planning for his next album; unbeknownst to many fans around the world Michael Jackson was writing and recording songs continuously everywhere from a friend’s home in New Jersey to studios in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with a small group of handpicked collaborators. Now, through the unique stories that will be told about the songs that comprise MICHAEL, fans will get mind-blowing insight into how this artist worked and a chance to hear the songs he most recently created along with tracks that Michael had a desire to bring to fruition.


Three reasons to love Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is and always will be:

1) The 10 year old boy who won the hearts of all as the lead singer of the Jackson Five.

2) The creative and artistic singer and dancer of the mini-movie and hit seller Thriller.

3) The eccentric, talented, yet lonely, and misunderstood man who never had a normal child hood, and in the end, died way before his time.

"This Is It" - Get the Best Movie Ever - Michael Jackson's "This Is It"

It's hard not to watch This Is It without feeling a mixture of sorrow and elation. When he passed away in the summer of 2009, Michael Jackson was in the midst of rehearsals for his final tour, an ambitious 50-date engagement. In editing 120 hours of rehearsal footage together, Jackson producer Kenny Ortega proves that it would've been an event for the ages. Michael performs material that spans his career, from a Motown medley to multi-platinum hits from Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad. Though he hadn't toured in 10 years, it becomes instantly apparent, despite rumors to the contrary, that Jackson was still in full possession of that unmistakable voice--high-pitched whoops and all--and that he still had the gravity-defying moves of a man half his age. Jackson and Ortega also collaborated on some real showstoppers, such as a graveyard-set "Thriller"; an imposing "They Don't Care About Us," in which several dancers appear to morph into thousands; and a film noir sequence in which the singer slides in and out of Gilda and other black-and-white classics, singing "Smooth Criminal" all the while. Not everything works, like the Jackson 5 numbers, in which he flubs a few lyrics, claiming that his earpiece isn't working properly, but as he readily acknowledges, "That's what rehearsal is for." It's a tragedy that he didn't get the chance to share this dazzling show with the world, but Ortega allows fans to feel as if it actually happened--at least onscreen. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Captain Eo

Morph from "X-Men"

If Michael had a choice of a superhero to be, he would want to be Morph from "X-Men". The reason is that "he can become anything and is contantly transforming himself"!

Guinness Book of World Records

Michael Jackson is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records Eight Different Times.

1) Most Successful Entertainer of All Time with 13 Grammies and 13 Number one singles in his solo career.

2) Biggest Selling Album of All Time - "Thriller" has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide.

3) Greatest Audience - Guiness Book Of World Records

The highest-ever viewership was 133.4 million viewers watching the NBC transmission of Super Bowl XXVII on June 31, 1993. Michael Jackson was spotlighted during the half-time performance.

4) Bad Tour - Guiness Book Of World Records

Michael Jackson's world tour brought in a record gross revenue of over $124 million during September 1987-December 1988.

5) Longest span of number 1 hits by an R & B artist.

6) Best Selling Music Video

7) Highest annual earnings ever for a pop star. He earned $125 million in 1988 for his "Bad" Tour.

8) Most successful pop music family.

One of the World's Best Sellers by Michael Jackson

The Man In The Mirror

Michael Jackson's sudden and tragic death brings back 40 years of music, songs, dances such as the moonwalk, controversy over child molestation charges and mystery. Who was Michael Jackson? Who was the Man In the Mirror as his song title suggested. He was somewhat naive, almost childlike in his adult life as he surrounded himself with animals and young children at his Neverland Ranch. He was accused of child sexual abuse by a 13 year old boy in 1993 and the case was settled out of court.

Several years later he was accused again in 2005 by a 14 year old. Elizabeth Taylor defended Michael Jackson on the Larry King Live show and after an examination from a mental health examiner, Michael Jackson was said to have regressed to the mental state of a ten year old. He was acquitted in May of 2005 of all counts against him.

Michael jackson was a star from the time he was ten years old. He was always working with his brothers during the early Jackson Five years and never had a childhood of his own. He was at times a lonely, sad, and misunderstood man. He admitted in a 90 minute interview with Oprah in 1993 that he was a victim of his father's abuse. His lack of a normal childhood lead to his misunderstood adult life.

Overall though, Michael Jackson's life was extraordinary. He made contributions to the music world that can never be equaled. His famous Moonwalk was amazing. He aimed for perfection in everything he did. He was loved by many because of his sincere heart and warm felt gestures towards all of mankind. His legacy and memories will live in our hearts forever.

The Man in the Mirror


I'm Gonna Make A Change

For Once In My Life

It's Gonna Feel Real Good

Gonna Make A Difference

Gonna Make It Right...

As I, Turn Up The Collar On

My Favorite Winter Coat

This Wind Is Blowin' My Mind

I See The Kids In The Street

With Not Enough To Eat

Who Am I, To Be Blind?

Pretending Not To See Their Needs

A Summer's Disregard

A Broken Bottle Top

And A One Man's Soul

They Follow Each Other On

The Wind Ya' Know

'Cause They Got Nowhere To Go

That's Why I Want You To Know

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror

I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways

And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place

(If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place)

Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change

(Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change)

(Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na, Na Nah)

I've Been A Victim Of

A Selfish Kind Of Love

It's Time That I Realize

That There Are Some With No Home

Not A Nickel To Loan

Could It Be Really Me

Pretending That They're Not Alone?

A Willow Deeply Scarred

Somebody's Broken Heart

And A Washed-Out Dream

(Washed-Out Dream)

They Follow The Pattern Of

The Wind, Ya' See

Cause They Got No Place To Be

That's Why I'm Starting With Me

(Starting With Me!)

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror


I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways


And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place

(If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place)

Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change

(Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change)

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror

(Ooh!)v I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways

(Change His Ways-Ooh!)

And No Message Could've Been Any Clearer

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place

(If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place)

Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make That...

(Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make That...)


I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror

(Man In The Mirror-Oh Yeah!)

I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways

(Better Change!)

No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer

(If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place)

(Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make The Change)

(You Gotta Get It Right, While You Got The Time)

('Cause When You Close Your Heart)

You Can't Close Your...Your Mind!

(Then You Close Your...Mind!)

That Man, That Man, That Man, That Man

With That Man In The Mirror

(Man In The Mirror, Oh Yeah!)

That Man, That Man, That Man

I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways

(Better Change!)

You Know...That Man

No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place

(If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place)

Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change

(Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change)

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na, Na Nah

(Oh Yeah!)

Gonna Feel Real Good Now!

Yeah Yeah! Yeah Yeah! Yeah Yeah!

Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na, Na Nah


Oh No, No No....

I'm Gonna Make A Change

It's Gonna Feel Real Good!

Come On!

(Change ...)

Just Lift Yourself

You Know

You've Got To Stop It.


(Yeah!-Make That Change!)

I've Got To Make That Change, Today!


(Man In The Mirror)

You Got To

You Got To Not Let Yourself...Brother...


(Yeah!-Make That Change!)

You Know-I've Got To Get That Man, That Man...

(Man In The Mirror)

You've Got To

You've Got To Move! Come On! Come On!

You Got To...

Stand Up! Stand Up! Stand Up!

(Yeah-Make That Change)

Stand Up And Lift Yourself, Now!

(Man In The Mirror)

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!


(Yeah-Make That Change)

Gonna Make That Change...

Come On! (Man In The Mirror)

You Know It!

You Know It!

You Know It!

You Know...


Make That Change

How to Moonwalk

Quick, what do you think of Michael Jackson?

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Jermaine Jackson

The brother who once told the media that he could have been as big as Michael.

Man with a Heart

From 1985 to 1990, Michael Jackson donated $500,000 to the United Negro Fund

King of Giving

Michael Jackson was a man with a big heart. Throughout his career, he made an incredible amount of money, but he also made donations to a number of charities. Here are just a few of his contributions to help the world.

Jackson gave his $1.5 million settlement from PepsiCola for his hair burning incident in 1984 to the "Michael Jackson Burn Center" which was a piece of new technology to help people with severe burns.

On May 14, 1984, Jackson was invited to the White House to receive an award presented by American President Ronald Reagan. The award was given for Jackson's support of charities that helped people overcome alcohol and drug abuse.

He donated his $5 million share from the Victory Tour in 1984 to charity.

During his "Bad" Tour, he invited underprivileged children to watch for free and gave donations to hospitals, orphanages and other charities.

Jackson co-wrote the charity single "We Are the World" with Lionel Richie, which was released worldwide to aid the poor in Africa and the US. He was one of 39 music celebrities who performed on the record. The single became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 20 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief.

From 1985 to 1990, Jackson donated $500,000 to the United Negro College Fund, and all of the profits from his single "Man in the Mirror" went to charity.

Jackson founded the "Heal the World Foundation" in 1992. The charity organization brought underprivileged children to Jackson's ranch, to go on theme park rides that Jackson had built on the property after he purchased it. The foundation also sent millions of dollars around the globe to help children threatened by war and disease. The Dangerous World Tour began on June 27, 1992, and finished on November 11, 1993. Jackson performed to 3.5 million people in 67 concerts. All profits from the concerts went to the "Heal the World Foundation", raising millions of dollars in relief.

Following the illness and death of Ryan White, Jackson helped draw public attention to HIV/AIDS, something that was still controversial at the time. He publicly pleaded with the Clinton Administration at Bill Clinton's Inaugural Gala to give more money to HIV/AIDS charities and research.

All data taken from Wikepidia.

Michael's Animals

He had several pets:

Louie the Llama

Crusher the Python

Mr. Tibbs the Ram

and, of course...

Bubbles the Chimp

So, you think you know everything about Michael Jackson?

This quiz is the ultimate Michael Jackson quiz. If you're a diehard Michael Jackson fan and you think you know absolutely everything about him, this may be the quiz you've been looking for!

Play Quiz: The Michael Jackson Quiz now!

Michael Live in Bucharest - Bad Concert - This is some of his best work.

Michael Jackson:  Live in Bucharest -The Dangerous Tour
Michael Jackson: Live in Bucharest -The Dangerous Tour

By John P. Thiel "John T." (Astoria, Queens, New York City)


Yesterday. I enter Circuit City at Union Square in NYC with my wife, who is from Japan, and this DVD is on three modestly sized plasma TVs a the top of the escalator--which is crowded with mesmorized viewers.

We could not help it. The show was so awesome that we found ourselves standing there, entranced.

My wife put it correctly when she said to me in Japanese, "Whatever he does in life, people will always be facinated with his performances," meaning no matter what freakish things he does to or with his body, it just plain wont effect the fact that he truly is the King of Pop (though I must then appoint Prince as the Emperor of Pop--sorry Michael).

That really summed it up; we were watching one of the all time great masters of performance, and indeed were lucky to be alive when his career was in full swing.

Michael Jackson is one of the all time greats--like Harry Houdini, Fred Astaire, Jimmy Hendrix, or Miles Davis. He's a master of the stage, and--though I protest with myself--has a fantastic musical ability that can't help but mesmorize.

On this DVD, there is of course a lot of lip synching. This isn't so much a music concert as a stage show. And as a stage show, it's one of the greatest of all time. Just seeing Jackson dance to his own music is worth your money.

*****There was one musical break that was facinating, though it wasn't performed by Jackson. At one point in the performance, he shares the stage with a solo guitarist--apparrently just for effect--but the guitarist completely takes over the stage. Jackson points him out to a stage hand, who tries to stop the solo, and the guitarist just keeps going with a fantastic, mad, crazy solo.

It's pretty rare to see a solo like that unless you're in the biz. I immediately thought of Mike Stern--who this was not--totally dominating the show. Jackson should have let him go a bit longer, but instead started the next bit and had the guitarist's plug pulled.

Bottom Line: I suppose that says a lot about Jackson's way of performing--he's a perfectionist; it's all planned out, and it follows the plan exactly. Other performers would have played counterpoint to that solo (as the guitarist was starting to do when Jackson 'interrupted), shared the limelight, and acknowledged that this is what musical performance is really all about--that there's really no such thing as a solo artist, unless of course you're Michael Jackson.

Anyway, I can't help but give this DVD 5 stars on sheer greatness.


Michael's Memorial - Staple's Center in Los Angeles on 7-7-09

I wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket to Michael Jackson's Memorial at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA., but I did register. I have the e-mail that says," sorry you didn't get chosen". I made the best of it and heard about 30 minutes of the service during my lunch break. I listened as the children sang "We Are The World" as the finale. I had to head back into work so I missed most of it live. I did however, log on to the internet that night and I watched the more than 90 minutes of video. I put my head phones on and sat there and watched and laughed and cried and remembered. I always felt a special something to Michael Jackson and I think that same sentiment is found throughout the world. Michael Jackson was a remarkable human with a spirit unmatched. His love for the children and those who suffered, such as the sick and the poor, was intense. He shared his wealth, his music, his life and his total being. I remember a comment made in the memorial that summed it up. He gave everything that God gave him and he held nothing back. Rest In Peace Michael Joseph Jackson, King of Pop, and truly the Best Entertainer in the World, now and forever.

Share your stories, sightings, thoughts, rants, raves...

Shout Out For Michael Jackson! - The King of Pop will live on forever.

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