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Miss Platnum

Updated on April 14, 2014

The Romanian with Attitude

Miss Platnum is the flamboyant persona of twenty-seven year old singer, songwriter and musician Ruth Renner. Renner is Romanian born but has lived in Germany since 1989. She started off her musical career singing in the school choir after her family immigrated to West Germany. This was followed by church choir, school musicals and a stint as an apprentice to Jocelyn B. Smith. She worked as a back up singer for German bands like Moabeat and Cultured Pearls. Since the late 90s she's been writing, and performing her own music; first as Platnum, then in her new morphed form of Miss Platnum. Her voice is so versatile it allows her to play with a sophisticated range of musical styles from rhythm and blues, to jazz and soul, to hip hop and pop to Balkan folk.

I first came into contact with Miss Platnum's music through a YouTube video for a single off the Chefa album Give Me the Food. It is an rhythm and blues parody about a woman who wants to be left to eat what she wants to eat without anyone nagging her about it. It has grown in popularity abroad and in North America, thanks to it's dispersion through YouTube, blogs and other social networking avenues. Despite being tongue in cheek it's even garnished a following from the fat acceptance movement (and not because they all want to be left to fill their faces). There's another underlying message: Accept me as I am!

Myself, I instantly fell in love with Miss Platnum because she has one hell-of-a voice but also because of her gorgeous curves and her quirky mischievousness. Like that shown in Come Marry Me when she marries German rap artist Pete Fox so she can get away from her family. Or in Mercedes Benz when she wines about wanting the extravagant car because everyone else has one. Miss Platnum is not alone in her musical foray. She shares the stage with Vanessa Mason and Grace Risch.

As for the woman behind this gregarious persona, I get the impression she's a little quieter and subdued from the German interviews I've seen on YouTube (now if only I could interpret them). I look forward to watching this creative artist blossom into an international success and household name.


Rock Me


The Sweetest Hangover

Three reasons to love Miss Platnum

She's a curvy chic.

She's got a curvy attitude.

She makes curvalicious music.

"What I do is really different, because I don't try to offend anyone."

Miss Platnum's Latest Single - She Moved In

The Sweetest Hangover

She Moved in
She Moved in
She Moved In, Miss Platnum's first single off The Sweetest Hangover, will be available for download from Amazon August 18.

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Miss Platnum Music Videos

Live in Berlin

"I am a woman, no skinny doll"

~ From Give Me the Food

Big Fat Lies: The Truth about Your Weight and Your Health

Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health
Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health
"In this authoritative, easy-to-read book, Glenn Gaesser, an exercise physiologist, challenges the conventional wisdom that excess body fat poses a danger to health. He explains that it is the fat in your diet - not your weight - that is harmful, and presents scientific evidence of the benefits of body fat. In addition, Gaesser presents a "20/20 program" for achieving optimal health and metabolic fitness through 20 minutes of daily moderate exercise and a complex-carbohydrate eating plan. This edition includes a new introduction and updated research."

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Give Me Food is available for MP3 download from Amazon as is Mercedes Benz.

Chefa, Give Me Food, Mercedes Benz and Come Marry Me are available for MP3 download from iTunes Store Music.

"I don't care what people say about my weight."

~ From Give Me the Food

The Fat Girl's Guide to Life

The Fat Girl's Guide to Life
The Fat Girl's Guide to Life
"Vibrant, vivacious, and gorgeous, Wendy Shanker is a fat girl who has simply had enough-enough of family, friends, co-workers, women's magazines, even strangers on the street all trying (and failing) to make her thin. Written in Wendy's wonderfully funny and candid voice, The Fat Girl's Guide to Life provides thought-provoking insights, statistics, and body-image resources intended to restore a realistic standard of beauty and self-acceptance to the 68 percent of American women who wear a size 12 or larger. The Fat Girl's Guide to Life invites you to step off the scale and weigh the issues for yourself."

Miss Platnum Performing Butter

Why Did You Do It?

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