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Mitsubishi Laservue Fascinating Wave of Laser 3D Technology

Updated on February 24, 2011

Mitsubishi Laservue 3D Ready TV

Mitsubishi Laservue is a must see it to believe it TV, almost anyone who owns a Laservue 3D TV gives it a 5 star rating without hesitating.

If you want the world's greatest television the Mitsubishi Laservue TV will be the right choice for you.

The World First Laser Powered Television

This TV is 3d Ready

3D televisions a fasciniating wave of 3D technology to enjoy at the comfort of your home. If you are interesting in Mitsubishi 3D TV let us take a look at Laservue L65-A90.

Mitsubishi Laservue L65-A90
Mitsubishi Laservue L65-A90

Mitsubishi LaserVue L65-A90

The laser view from Mitsubishi will deliver an amazing 160 degree viewing angle. The laser view TV displays more intense colors than the traditional HD TVs;

  • Pioneer Kuro Gen 2
  • Panasonic TH-65VX100
  • Led Back - Lit Lcds

The laservue L65-A90 there are no speckling, has the ability to resolve dark details and not bury it into black like other TVs do. With the L65-A90 you can expect twice the color of any other display devise, 1080 p resolution, lasers always delivers a constant light source and cannot decay.

Lasers is the purest light source available, so it produces the widest range of colors than any other technology, the laservue colors are red, blue and green are very pure and precise, each fire sequentially 28 times the frame rate, resulting in freedom from color breakup .

Energy Efficient

One of the great benefits of the Laservue TV is, it consumes a low level of power, compared to other HDTV technologies. Its energy efficient,

The Laservue consumes approx. a little under a 100 watts (94 watt average) in full operating mode.

LCD and Plasma flat panels typically use 3-4 times (or more) power.


Mitsubishi Laservue L75-A91
Mitsubishi Laservue L75-A91

Mitisubishi LaserVue L75-A91

Mitsubishi has added another 3D TV, the Mitsubishi Laservue L75-A91. It is the first ever Cinema Color mode and Stream TV Internet media.

The laser light enables the new 75-inch Laservue TV to be eco-friendly and it also measures over 50 percent better than Energy Star qualifications.

The Mitsubishi laservue also features a full 1080p resolution and 75 inch screen.

It uses laser beams to give you the best lighting source available.

The laservue comes with twice the amount of colors, better view of contrast and skin tones.

Its 3D ready and comes with build in emitter for the active 3D glasses.

This laservue also features stream Internet TV media which allows viewers to stream movies direct to TV.

Get some popcorn and enjoy 1080p movies or you can listen to music, and enjoy photos from Picasa etc.


The Mitsubishi LaserVue L75-A91 is 3D-ready, you can StreamTV Internet Media, its 20Hz, Energy Star 4.0 Qualified, Clear Contrast Panel, Plush 1080p® 5G 12-bit Digital Video Processing, of 6-Color ProcessorTM, 4 HDMI, Deep ColorTM and x.v.ColorTM, Easy ConnectTM, USB media input, wired IR input, EdgeEnhanceTM, DeepField ImagerTM and advanced video calibration.


Componets Needed to Enjoy Mitsubishi 3D TV

In order to enjoy Mitsubishi laservue TV certain components are necessities for watching 3D at home.

  • 3D Television
  • 3D Glasses
  • One of these 3D sources; 3D blue-ray player, 3D cable box or 3d statelite box.


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