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Why Bother Going to a Movie Theater?

Updated on June 30, 2016
Kryssy OSullivan profile image

Kryssy is a stay-at-home wife, a mother of two boys, and is happily enjoying every second of her chaotic life.

Do You Remember Your First Time?

You love going to see a movie at a theater. That's okay. A lot of people do. But what about those who hate to go and just gave up going for the rest of their life? You don't hear that everyday. In fact, you hear more about attending than not attending. So what is it like to hear the opposite for once, that someone doesn't want to go? Believe it or not, there is always another reason that isn't typical than your average reasons, as to why I have given up going to a movie theater.

I remember the first time I ever went to see a movie at the theater. It was in 2001, and I just received tickets to the movie theater as an 8th grade graduation gift. And in my 8th grader state of mind, I was so ecstatic! I could finally see that Tomb Raider movie that came out! I was so excited that I wouldn't stop bugging my mother to take me to see it. But it came with a catch: I had to share my extra ticket with my sister, and pay for my other two sisters to see it with me. Quite honestly, I didn't mind bringing them. But when I paid, I really had to pay. I will never forget, after everything we bought, from two extra tickets to popcorn and drinks, we had spent at least $40. I was stunned. What a lesson in money that was!

After buying our popcorn and drinks, and whatever else was wanted, we made our way into the theater room, which was dark due to the movie starting, and across the sticky floors and into our seats. I was grossed out at this point, because I had sandals on. I should of worn my sneakers, because I didn't want my feet touching the floor. As I pulled my seat bottom down to sit into, someone was kind enough to leave a bottle of water jammed in there. Everyone was settled into their seats except for me. Just my luck! Now to enjoy the movie... Or so I thought. I ended up missing parts of the movie, and feel as if I wasted my ticket. My sisters needed the bathroom several times. I really had no idea what was going on, and later ended up renting the movie. I was frustrated. I really didn't want to go ever again. What a first time experience that was, and a waste of money.

If At First You Don't Succeed... Or Like It... Maybe Try Again?

Time passed, and I found myself gifted with movie tickets again. This time, my sisters received their own as a gift. Which was a nice gift for Christmas, I admit. So we all took a trip to the movies. This time, we got free popcorn and a drink. We all were so excited. It was an amazing gift. All expenses paid, pretty much. But, I came across the familiar of past experiences... You could only imagine, right? Well, I was prepared this time with sneakers. We all sat down to the movie, and I felt prepared because I had read the books. So I didn't care much for what movie we had seen. It was as if it was a treat to see how comparable to the books it was. I helped with bathroom runs and any sort of care that needed to be taken care of. Less frustration this time. But I had to tell one of my sisters to be quiet, as we were in a theater and people were getting upset over her talking, and needing to understand what was going on. The grumbles and groans of fellow movie-goers was pretty frustrating.

But you know what? I'm sure you really don't want to hear about each time I went to a movie theater and had a bad time. Not all of them were bad, gross times. Some were pretty good, despite the cleanliness. I really noticed that some places just don't care how clean they are or how dirty. I have been to one where they cleaned up quickly after each viewing, and I have been to a few where they just don't care if it's clean. It seems as if some people just clean a little, and get their hours in for the pay, and that's it. And some have seemed to resort to an odd method... Carpets. Why put a carpet in a movie theater if people spill their drinks and whatnot? I could imagine that being harder for people to clean.

Other than cleanliness, I have an issue with comfort. Sure, some places come up with the idea of recliners. But I wasn't convinced. Comfortable, but more hard work for the workers to clean. It also just doesn't have that "at home" sort of feel. I do give credit for the idea though. It was strange for me to try. But, it's not that, which bothers me either.

Nope, it's not so much the cost either. Although, it is quite over priced now a days. A recent trip to the movie theater with my fiancé and our son had cost us almost $70. I almost died of shock when we heard the price. And all that was for us was the tickets, 2 drinks (the kind with the 1 free refill), one popcorn, and some candy. Quite obnoxious, if you ask me. Imagine all the things you could buy with $70! That could be a DVD, pizza and wings, drinks and dessert, and have some money left over, if I wanted to. I'm frugal. If you put me up to a challenge with money, I will make the most out of it.

The Little Things in Life...

So, you may be wondering now. What bothers me about movie theaters? What am I even talking about? If it's not the cost, not comfort, not the uncleanliness, what is it? What am I missing? If you're really wondering what it is, or even if you're not, don't worry. I will tell you.

This is what goes through my head: A lot of people don't realize that we all forget the intimate time we can spend with people. The personal moments we can share with family and friends while at home. Sure, this may save money and comfort, but I'm a mother. This is why I gave up going to the movie theater. It doesn't have the feel of being close to people. My son cannot cuddle up to me, and it's uncomfortable for my fiancé to put his arm around me, when we are at the movie theater. And importantly, at least as a mother, and oldest out of my sisters, we can pause the movie for whatever reason arises. I really put a lot of thought into why I chose not to go anymore.

I know, there is the "What if I love to go alone?"... Not many are brave enough to go alone. I applaud those actually do. There is a lot of criticism over those who go alone to a theater. But if you are one of those people, I'm sure that you as well may find it better to be in the comfort of your own home, than a theater. It's a nice treat out, but I noticed that it seems so odd being there alone. I couldn't do it again. I had a lot of people looking at me strange. So what if a movie is a big deal right now. Ask yourself, what are you really missing by staying home and waiting? Is it worth it to go and spend the money for a big screen and less comfort?

Be it with friends, family, a date, or just alone, there is just something about staying home that not many people can grasp. I'm not saying that it's not something anyone can grasp. Anyone can grasp the idea, the something that makes home so much better than viewing at a movie theater. Be it a video from a video store, buying a movie at a store, or viewing online, can actually be a fun experience. Which brings me to...

There is something else that I love, which inspired me to give up theaters some more. There are more movies out there that we don't see advertised. There are the B-movies, sure, but there are movies from other countries that we don't see advertised like we do with movie theaters. I love taking that little trip through a video rental store to find something new. I love flipping through the movies which we can stream through. These are like the little hidden treasures we don't see everyday in our movie theaters. Some of these little hidden treasures of a movie are actually quite worth it. Some, not so much. Everyone has different opinions, yes. So what you may find inside these places, is up to you. I've expanded my love of movies by doing this. Movie theaters have become an impersonal bore, now.

In all, I really do not think it's worth it to go to a movie theater. But, this is my opinion. I don't mind missing out attending a movie during a theater. I am not a major movie review critic. I am not a director, or an actor. I am of no importance except that I am just a viewer and nothing more. And I will always believe that staying home, with the comfort of my friends and family, the intimacy, the closeness, the movie pausing, and frugalness of my ways, will always be better than attending a movie viewing at a theater. And so are these "hidden treasures" of movies, that are out there. I will always believe that that right there will always be more important and special.

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i don't go for movie theatres anymore since I gave birth to my kids 20 years ago. Too expensive and troublesome

    • Farawaytree profile image

      Michelle Zunter 2 years ago from California

      Totally agree. We only go to the movies very rarely anymore. With larger TV's and more streaming movies at home, why get your wallet violated? ;)

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Excellent comments and interesting viewpoints. Awesome hub, I really enjoyed it. Linda