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Ms. Jane Marple; Not a Usual Dedective

Updated on June 26, 2023

Agatha Cristie's dedective

I love Agatha Cristie books. Her dedectives are very unsual. Mr. Pariot is a Belgian dedective who values his waxed moustaches and his gray cells. Mrs. Oliver is a crackpot writer who sometimes solves the mystery with Pariot.

Mrs. Marple works alone. She is an extraordinary dedective. Ms. Marple appeared in twelve of Agatha Christie's books and in many short stories. She is an elderly spin sister living in a small village called st. Marry Meed. Agatha Christie created a detective form this grandmother like figure. Also I think she wanted to emphasis looks can be deceiving.

When you start to read about her, you will be surprised to see how clever she is and you will observe that she is very worldly and can analyze human character very well.

She is nearly as popular as the famous Agatha Christie detective Mr. Hercule Poriot.

The mirror cracked film

There Is a Great Deal of Wickedness in Village Life"

Ms. Marple is usually featured as a tall, thin spinster with white hair, pale blue eyes. She likes gardening and bird watching. She is a great observant and can understand someones character in a short time. She is first seen in The murder at the vicarage.

Some Novels featuring Miss Marple

  • The Murder at the Vicarage
  • The Body in the Library
  • A Murder is Announced
  • They Do It with Mirrors
  • A Pocket Full of Rye
  • The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
  • A Caribbean Mystery

Among her mysteries I like The mirror Crack'd from side to side very much.

Here is the story :

In ms. Marple's village, an ordinary woman, Heather Badcock goes to a coctail party, her favarotie actress Marina Gregg was there, she was happy, having good time and ...... and suddenly is dead!!! Died from a poisoned coctail... Who would kill a nobody in a party. Ms. Marple takes over... As Mr. Marple always says "there is a great deal of wickedness in village life"

The tittle of the book is from a poem of Lord Tennyson

Out flew the web and floated wide

The mirror crack'd from side to side

The curse is come upon me cried

The lady of Shalott

Ms. Marple appeared in films and TV series. Many artists played the role like; Gracie Fields, Margaret Rutherford, Grandine McEvan. Also Disney made an adaptation film of Agatha Cristie where Jannifer Garner played ms. Marple. My favorite is Angela Lansbury playing ms. Marple in 1980s.

Angela Lansburg as Mrs. Marble

I was agreat fan of the tv series where Angela Lansburg played Mrs. Marble. She was a sharp, lively dedective.
I was agreat fan of the tv series where Angela Lansburg played Mrs. Marble. She was a sharp, lively dedective.

Ms. Marple vs. Poirot

Poirot is very need, small, has stiff mustache, uses his "grey cells" to solve the crimes. He is very arrogant and has full confidence in himself.

Ms. Marple is an old spinster, beneath her ordinary appearance she is very clever and can understand human nature well.

Your Favorite Dedective is:

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