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Music in Blue Minor

Updated on April 14, 2016

OK so the term is in B Minor

But in this case it is music and entertainment about the color blue. I will try not to do to many sad songs as this is to be a happy site.

It is about things that can bring a smile to your face and a tune into your heart. Things that can make the kids happy and the parents smile just watching the kids.

And for the adults a few blue things to bring back memories and possible create some new ones. Any way you look at it blue is not always sad. And in the tune it is not always a minor part. Sometimes blue is a major part of whats being brought forth.

This image has been a background at work. For all those people that had to use the mac at my desk they got to look at Larry weather they wanted to or not. Each moth I would change the background. Most of them were also Veggie Tales images.

VeggieTales: The Blues with Larry - Silly Song

Veggie Tales - Duke and the Great Pie War

This is the DVD that has the above video on it. It is also a way to show that this sites is not all about sad songs as the blues are usually interpreted.

Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill

Most people will see this video and think one thing. I see it and go down my own path. To me this reminds me of picking berries with my grand parents. I am talking about walking along the side of the road and finding black caps that I would make into jelly. Or going to a local berry patch to pick strawberries. These would become jam or end up on pancakes. Looking back sometimes the food was better some times the time spent was better. Depending on if it was raining or not. Now a days the kids and I will pick berries. It is rare that any of them make it back to the house.

Willie Nelson - Blue Skies

Blue Skies - If all you see is blue when you look at the sky then where is the fun? Where is the Adventure? When I look at the sky I look for the clouds. Its the different shapes and forms that they can become. The way the light will penetrate them at sun rise or sun set. I have more than once pulled off to the side of the road on my way too and from work just to look at the clouds. And its amazing how they don't move but as I do they can change. Even if its just a little it is something new and interesting to look at.

Clouds on Amazon

The Cloud Collector's Handbook
The Cloud Collector's Handbook

And just because we are talking blue skies and to see them you have to look up here is a little something on clouds.

Yes I have pulled over more than once going to or from work to look at the clouds.


Blue Man Group

Usually when someone is blue they are listless and bored. I watch the Blue Man Group and I wonder if they were with out energy how are they able to do what they do? If you want encouragement they are a unique group. Going back in time there was another group that may have given them some of their inspiration. They're known as Mummenschanz. They did not tend to talk and were a bit more mellow than the Blue Man Group but were still a great inspiration and enjoyable to watch.

Blue Man Drum Bone

Blue Man Group Pipe Medley

Blue Man Group - Shake Your Booty

Baba O'Riley

Time to play favorites - From the Beatles Yellow Submarine

Blue Meanies
Blue Meanies

Who is your favorite Blue Meanie?

See results

A little something for my dad

Yes my dad is the one that first introduced me to bluegrass music. He plays the banjo. Something I never got the hang of. But it is amazing how it can take a while for somethings to click in. Sort of like the music he plays and how it has fit in with what I have listened to.

Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys - Southern Flavor

ELO - MR. Blue Sly

The memory that comes back to me on this one is from a bowling alley and a jukebox. I did not understand that music machine but I still remember the music that came from it. And the images of the bowling alley. The way it was set up. Watching the owner walk down the ally to reset the pins when they would not reset on their own. That was the most fun and the most discouraging at the same time. Waiting for the fun to continue.

Jimmy Durante - Blue Bird Of Happiness

Consider this a bonus. I found it and thought it would be a good song to end on.

STYX - Blue Color Man

Yes with my job history this song hits close to home. Although I would rather be a computer geek I have also put in my share of those "long nights" as a blue color man. And with that being said computers or janitorial, either way I am still doing "Windows".

This is the end but don't be blue - Just leave a comment and then you're through

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