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My American Idol Discussion Site - You can play too

Updated on October 6, 2014

Enjoy American Idol on your television set

American Idol promotion logo
American Idol promotion logo | Source

Let's look at the 2012 and 2013 seasons of the American Idol television series

2013 Top 10 determined on March 7, 2013. See below.

Phillip Phillips did win Season 11. I will keep some of the details here for a while of the various eliminations. Jessica Sanchez was runner-up.

This is a place to exchange viewpoints on the American Idol TV Show and the contestants as the 2012 season moves along, There will also be modules about past seasons and contestants as well, if you wish to talk about them as well.

Of course, I'll also express and opinion or two, as well. So can you! ;-)

See my lens on Scotty McCreery's new 2012 Christmas Album, with iTune links, below, as well! ;-)

See Top 12 and Top 13 for Season 11 on iTunes, near the end of this lenses.

2013 Idol update 3/7

Here are your new Top 10, going to the live shows for America to vote!

Lazaro Arbos, 20

Curtis Finch Jr., 24

Paul Jolley, 22

Burnell Taylor, 19

Devin Velez, 18

Janelle Arthur, 23

Candice Glover, 23

Kree Harrison, 22

Amber Holcomb, 18

Angela Miller, 18

Hope to make a separate Season 12 Idol lens, shortly! ;-)

Who was your favorite?

Phillip Philliips promotional photo
Phillip Philliips promotional photo

We are now down to the Top Two in the Finale. Not too hard to see why Phillip won. I suspect it was by a substantial margin.

Who is your favorite of the Top Two, now?

See results

Will a guy or a gal be the winner this year? - Why do you think the way you do?

You don't have to name a name... but feel free, if you wish! ;-)

Will a guy or a gal win this year?

The winner

Phillip Philliips promotional image
Phillip Philliips promotional image

Guys in Top Thirteen for 2012


Colton Dixon (T) - eliminated #7

Phillip Phillips (T)

Deandre Brackensick - eliminated as #8

Joshua Ledet* (T) - eliminated as #3

Heejun Han - eliminated as #9

Jermaine Jones (B) - dismissed from show due to outstanding warrants #12

Jeremy Rosado (B) - first elimination #13

Lyndsey Parker at Reality Rocks on Yahoo (T) Top Five (B) Bottom Three

The runner up

Jessica Sanchez promotional image
Jessica Sanchez promotional image

Girls in Top Thirteen fo 2012


Elise Testone (T) - eliminatd #6

Skylar Laine (T) - eliminated #5

Erika Van Pelt - voted off #10 - in spite of the neat new hairdo this week; it wasn't enough! ;-)

Jessica Sanchez - Runner Up

Hollie Cavanagh - eliminated as #4

Shannon Magrane (B) - voted off #11

Lyndsey Parker at Reality Rocks on Yahoo (T) Top Five (B) Bottom Three

The Top 10 Performances of Season 11

This is the link to the list. Catch them all on the iTunes list, below, and download your favorites.

My early favorite - a country singer!

Skylar Laine promotional image
Skylar Laine promotional image

My Top Five

These are mine - which are yours - leave a comment

Skylar Laine

Phillip Phillips

Joshua Ledet

Jessica Sanchez

Shannon Magrane - Oops, # 11; replace with

Hollie Cavanagh

Your Comments on this lens are appreciated! ;-)

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