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Natalie Cole - Still Unforgettable

Updated on December 9, 2012

Natalie Cole - Living Legend

Natalie Cole's singing career now spans over 38 years. The daughter of the legendary Nat King Cole tried to escape the shadow of her famous father for the first fifteen years of her career. Her first album "Inseperable" was released in 1975 resulting in two Grammy awards and several hit singles.

She becaming a star in her own right before creating a tribute album to her father in 1991, recording 22 of his songs. "Unforgettable" also featured an engineered duet with Nat King Cole. It is her most succesful album to date, achieving platinum sales 14 times over.

Natlaie's repertoire includes Jazz, R&B, Pop and Soul. Over the span of her career she has released multiple hit singles and albums and is the winner of 9 Grammy awards so far.

Trully Unforgettable Duets - Natalie and Nat King Cole - Unforgettable

This was Natalie's first tribute to her father and featured on her "Unforgettable... With Love" Album. Their voices really do sound brilliant together. She has since recorded two more virtual duets with the great Nat King Cole.

Natalie and Nat King Cole - When I Fall In Love

Natalie Cole's second virtual duet with her father was released on her "Stardust" album in 1997

Natalie and Nat King Cole - Walking My Baby Back Home

The third of Natalie's virtual duets featured on her album "Still Unforgettable" in 2008. You have to click through to YouTube for this one but it's worth it.

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Natalie's Autobiography

Angel on My Shoulder: An Autobiography
Angel on My Shoulder: An Autobiography

Natalie Cole, versatile superstar singer and daughter of the unforgettable Nat "King" Cole, chronicles her amazing life in this autobiography.This is a book by a woman that has shown us not only can she sing but she can act as well. Now we see she's a writer too! It had me shaking my head that one person could go through so much and still be here to talk about it! She is truly an open person when it came to sharing her life with us.


Natalie Cole Music Albums

1975 Inseparable

1976 Natalie

1977 Unpredictable

1977 Thankful

1979 I Love You So

1979 We're the Best of Friends

1980 Don't Look Back

1981 Happy Love

1983 I'm Ready

1985 Dangerous

1987 Everlasting

1989 Good to Be Back

1991 Unforgettable... with Love

1993 Take a Look

1996 Stardust

1999 Snowfall on the Sahara

2002 Ask a Woman Who Knows

2006 Leavin'

2008 Still Unforgettable

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